Stealthy Mission Request #2

Once again, I find myself looking for some work. Pretty much anything will do, provided said work isn't anything particularly...legally ambiguous. As for payment...well, I've always wanted an AntiDamage BattleChip. It'd be perfect for a Navi like me. So, one of those will suffice.

- Shuri.EXE
Please take a look at the mission below and let us know if you are interested. If so, we will send you the mission coordinates.

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Offering battlechip rewards for an assistant with a discrete problem. Name your own price. I don't care who you are so long as you're not affiliated with the Mafia as a member and you can keep quiet about privileged information. I will accept one applicant only and the mission must be handled quickly. Due to the needs of the mission, active NP officers should also refrain from applying.

-Jon Baton

-Global Network Administration
My operator's not too thrilled about the vagueness, but I've convinced her. Send the coordinates, please.

- Shuri.EXE
Very well. Please accept these coordinates. As we understand, they should allow you access to a private sector of the Netpolice HQ webspace.

-Global Network Administration

*Coordinates.DAT attached*

((Topic opening soon in Netpolice HQ))
The problem has been dealt with, and I'm sure the requester would agree with that. And so I await payment.

- Shuri.EXE
The employer wishes to address you personally in a private message:

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Thank you for your participation. It's clear from the events I witnessed that you parted an integral part not only in freeing the navis captured by PantheonMan, but also in assisting my navi personally to minimize the harm done by the bug. I only wish we could have held on to the perpetrator for questioning... at present, the Tech guys well just have to do their best to come up with a countermeasure despite limited information. I also wish that I hadn't learned that so many officers were endangered while attending a clandestine special interests assembly like that...

On that last note, please understand the importance of keeping tonight's events a secret. No one will benefit from this kind of travesty being brought to public light and, I assure you, we will do everything in our power to see that it doesn't happen again. Secrecy seems to come naturally to you, so I trust you well continue to comply with that request. And for the love of God and Queen, please try not to mention anything about these events to my navi... she seems, thankfully, to have forgotten tonight's proceedings.

You have my thanks, as does your operator. I will welcome the opportunity to utilize your services in the future, should you wish to offer them.

I don't expect the mafia to have eyes on you due to this event, but if you have any concern that you may be in danger, notify the NetPolice Department of Public Safety post haste and they will assist.

Good day to you both.
Jon Baton

The AntiDamage chip you requested has been attached.

-Global Network Administration

*AntiDamage battlechip attached*