Looking for work

My navi and I are bored and looking for things to do, so we're requesting a mission. Preferably something that would suit a navi with a ton of hidden weapons, although we'd be open to just about anything.

Requesting a DoubleJump chip as a reward.

-Siri Lundgren
Ms. Lundgren-

Please see the mission outlined below. It may suit your qualifications.

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Greetings, my name is Twin. I have just recently been employed a head maid for the SuccessMan manor. My employment comes following the termination of the tutor employed to train young SuccessMan the Third. The former tutor has left quite a shadow over the manor for the past day and I must be out of the mansion. For that reason, I would like you to address the two concerns:

1) The maid watching the house will give you instructions on making sure that each maid is properly prepared to "deal with" the terminated tutor, in case she stages an intrusion... which I fear that she may. Please come armed yourself as well.

2) The tutor has left certain bad habits and behaviors with the young master. I wish for you to join him in addressing a checklist of complaints that the staff have lodged in regards to his behavior as of yesterday. Additionally, I would like for you to fix any dubious behavior you spot apart from those noted.

If you can fulfill the first requirement and make a delivery to each of the maids, I will award you a DoubleJump chip. I will pay zenny for any of the other checklist issues you manage to address.

Please post again if you wish to accept and receive mission coordinates.

-Global Network Administration

Seems reasonable enough. I'll do it.
Very well. Please accept the coordinates along with a key to access the SuccessMan manor homepage. We will send word ahead to your employer.

-Global Network Administration

*Coordinates.DAT and SuccessKey.DAT attached*

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