Mission Request!

Okay, so, now that I've got some free time, I'm thinking taking one of these mission things might be fun! Let's see...my Navi's good at manipulating wind, putting up with sometimes annoying people, and having one of the greatest beards ever! Or, if you need some help out in the real world, I'm an expert with just about any air based vehicle, a pretty good cook, and lots of people seem to think I'd have been a great lingerie model if the whole pilot thing never worked out. But, we'll take just about anything you throw at us!

Oh, and you can request the kind of reward you'll get, right? In that case, I think we'd like...a good wind-based chip. Just the kind of thing ZephyrMan would love!

- Ariel Fuujimoto
Please see below and decide if you are interested. We have passed your qualifications but no aspects of your identity on to the employer and they chose to offer you the opportunity.

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I'm looking for a last minute replacement for a fashion show based on the works of Cornelia Craft, author of the Starborn comic series. You will model three or more outfits designed as lingerie/nightwear. MUST have cupsize DD, no exceptions will be made as there is no time remaining for alterations. No experience is necessary but you must be capable of following work instructions. Pay will be based on performance, chip reward(s) negotiable.

I'm also looking for a navi to serve as a contest judge. No experience necessary. No qualifications for consideration.

If you're interested in filling BOTH positions, please return contact with the GNA.

-Bill Fawkes, PR Manager for Cornelia Craft

Please let us know if you're interested.

-Global Network Administration

What a coincidence, I'm a DD! Sounds fun, so sign us up!

- Ariel Fuujimoto
Very well. The event is taking place at the Stanley Court Mall in Electown Net. Look for a superhero-themed event taking place at the east wing of the mall, near Velc's Family Apparel. Your point of contact, Mr. Fawkes, has been told to expect you.He will likely have instructions for where to jack in your navi.

-Global Network Administration

((Topic opening soon in Electown))