Stealthy Mission Request

Hello, I'm sure your records have the past work of a Navi by the name of Shuri, and the stellar quality she achieved. Well, I'm back in business, and now I'm looking for an SP. It doesn't matter what kind of work it is, so long as it doesn't require operator input, since mine's busy at work. Well then, I look forward to whatever you come up with!

- Shuri.EXE

Yes, our history shows that you identify yourself as a ninja. With that in mind, you may wish to accept the following opportunity:

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I'm looking for an authentic, experienced female ninja to assist with a secret mission. I can provide no details here, but know that you will be rewarded generously for your service. I can provide money, chips, SP bases, Neo-Shogun membership, whatever suits your fancy.

-Dee.EXE, Neo-Shogun General

If you are interested, please let us know. Note that while you are free to decline if the missions goals are not agreeable to you, the GNA nor your employer will be obligated to render payment. We will, however, locate another mission for you, if you wish.

-Global Network Administration
Identify?! I AM a ninja, thank you very much! But, back to the matter at hand...the client sounds like my kind of employer: one that can give me whatever I desire. I accept.

- Shuri.EXE
Very good. Please report to the Neo-Shogun Associate Headquarters. The employer will meet you there. Full disclosure: please remember that the Neo-Shogun Empire is a militaristic group that have attacked open, non-faction territories and their inhabitants in the past and conduct several operations against other factions. We cannot assure their motivations for this mission will not run counter to another organizations.

Please accept the attached coordinates and meet with the employer as soon as possible. They are informed of your acceptance and will be expecting you.

-Global Network Administration

*Coordinates.DAT attached*

((Topic opening soon in Neo-Shogun Associate HQ))