Attention Neo-Shogunate Organization

"Attention Neo-Shogunate Organization, It has recently come to my navi's and myself's attention that there is a certain archer in your affiliation. While I'm perfectly fine with this, my navi seems to have taken an interest in this person."

"Yeah! I want to kick her glorious golden ass!"

"Right, well disregarding the navi's outburst, it also appears certain allies of ours are members, as such, we'd like to request a membership. And since I've heard your organization also allows mission requests, we'd like to request a mission that both satisfies membership qualification, and offers the reward of a Support Program. With any luck, we should be having a companion coming along to give assistance, who's already a member of your faction, should they accept our request as well."

"We look forward to hearing from you."


P.S. "I'm coming for you goldielocks!"
"That would be me, of course~. Sylk.EXE reporting in, and fully prepared to assist in this mission. I suppose I should also request an SP as well, it would be so much fun I'm sure, hmmhmmhmm."

- The Venomous, Multi-Armed Predator, Arachnid Lady Sylk.EXE
Greetings, Vincent and Sylk,

The following mission is offered via the Neo-Shogun's board. The listed reward is two SP bases but membership into the NS is likely negotiable. The member you're looking for, Arch, is the woman who placed it. Please let us know if this suits your interests and we will provide the coordinates.

Quote ()

"Hello, Neo-Shogun associates. We are looking for women to assist us in another publicity opportunity from the Showbizz foundation. Apparently the role will involve showmanship (not surprising) and competition, as well as some degree of athletic activity. Myself and Escort have volunteered and would be pleased if you would join us.


-Global Network Administration
"That will do us just fine I believe, should our partner agree. Lucia seems to always have boundless energy to spare, so I'm sure she'll make, at least some form of impression."

Showmanship huh? Well Sylk does love competing and showing off so I guess my little spider will be enjoying herself this time.

Mmmm, i can't wait. It sounds so exhilarating, I'm excited to get started all ready.

- Adrian & Sylk
Vincent, Adrian-

Very well. Please accept the mission coordinates for the Star Ring private homepage and report to Showbizz when you get there. You may or may not see your associate, the client, upon your navis' arrival; if not, you may wish to speak to Showbizz about it, should she leave it unclear. We will send word ahead that your navis are coming.

-Global Network Administration

*Coordinates.DAT and StarRingKey.DAT attached*

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