Suddenly, Team Mission!

Has the GNA got anything for two female aqua Navis? Their power levels are still pretty f*ckin' awful but they'll do whatever.

I'm interested in money. The other Navi's operator ought to post in a sec and let you know what she wants.

Money would be an acceptable reward.

- Katran.exe
Greetings Lyn, Katran-

You may be interested to read this new posting, offered by Officer Dune of the Beach Patrol. Please let us know if you would like to accept.

Quote ()

My fellow officer and I are having difficulties keeping watch over our jurisdiction lately. Disturbing photographs are escaping onto the web, all featuring locations from our patrol, but we can never catch any of the culprits in the act! We want to try a testrun using four patrols and see if that makes a difference.We will pay for time and performance. Please inquire with the GNA. Thank you!

More details will be provided by the employer, should you accept.

-Global Network Administration
The beach?


Eh, whatever. Yeah, my half accepts.

This is also acceptable.

- Katran.EXE
Lyn, Katran-

Please report to the attached coordinates in BeachNet. The employer has been informed of your acceptance and should be expecting you.

-Global Network Administration

*Coordinates.DAT attached*

((Topic opening soon in BeachNet))