Job and Chip Hunting

"Title says most of it. I am looking for a mission, and if at all possible would like a BugBomb or something similar as a reward. Thanks in advance."

Interestingly, we have four job openings that fit those conditions. Please let me know if one of these is to your liking and we will contact the appropriate party. Note that all three are time sensitive.

Quote (Offer 1)

Hello! My name is TaxidermyMan and I'm one of the NetMafia's humble servants, employed by Teksqp. A complex sequence of events that I won't bore you with has transpired, and suffice to say, I need to investigate some data preserved from dead navis by an associate of mine, an unaffiliated navi named Bury. I only need you to oversee the process of collecting the specimens, which I will provide to you in a list. Please let me know if you're interested! Because you will be working with "dead bodies" in a "graveyard," you may want to avoid this one if you're squeamish. The reward for a job well done will be a Marublaster2 and 500z per listed specimen returned in usable condition.

Quote (Offer 2)

I am an NP officer with a confidential mission. A known mafia associate who acts as a "gravekeeper" for the remnant data of deleted navis is planning some sort of meetup with an associate to hand over data. I would like you to monitor the activity and intercept the data, then bring it to me. I think I know how we can pull it off. In the event of successful completion, you will be rewarded with a BugBomb and 2500z.

Quote (Offer 3)


My name is Inky; I am a reporter and writer for the World News Server. I believe a big story is about to unfold in a "navi graveyard" as strange as that may sound. If you souls like to assist me in collecting details, I will reward you with a Bugbomb and a Marublaster2 upon completion. Thank you.

Quote (Offer 4)

My name is Shok; I am a psychiatrist being wrongfully imprisoned by the NetMafia. Some dark dealings are about to take place in a location called "Derrot Yard." which holds the preserved remains of deleted navis. Certain parties are looking for data that could be dangerous in the wrong hands. I need you to destroy the data before they can recover it... I don't care how much you have to destroy to accomplish your goal. If all parties leave empty-handed, I will reward you with one BugDeathThunder, but if even one navi leaves with preserved data, I can promise you only a consolation prize.

Please let us know if one of these suits your fancy.

-Global Network Administration
"Offer 2 seems like the best fit for what I want. I'll take that one."

Very well. We've sent word ahead that you're coming. The client asks that you meet her by the tombs to the west of the graveyard and that you do not speak to anyone before meeting her. She will be dressed in red and yellow. Please use the attached coordinates to reach Bury's graveyard.

-Global Network Administration

*Coordinates.DAT attached*

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