Detective Looking for Work

Salutations! My name is Sleuth.EXE and I am a detective by trade. I specialize in dust-ups, wrap-ups, follow-ups, any other such ups one might come up with. I am also skilled in boxing, fencing, markmanship, fishing, swimming, wordplay, creative thinking, standard thinking, and generally anything that requires a degree of thinking.

I should also mention that I have found my profession one that benefits from a bit of companionship, to provide an outlet for some of my musings. If at all possible, I would love to share my experience with another bright and eager mind and, as such, have opened this position posting for public view, so that any interested parties may apply. I will accept any and all takers, for the only qualifier is curiosity, which I believe exists in even the basest of the net's creatures. I can guarantee that we will leave out of the mission richer in knowledge than when we entered on my word as a detective.

Speaking of riches, I'd also like to be compensated with a pair of NCPs: ShadowShoes and Block. Since my latest transfer, I have found myself wanting these old amenities. It is so confounding to ruin perfectly good evidence for lack of watching where one's feet are placing themselves; the closer one can come to weightlessness, the better one can avoid that embarrassing situation.

I await your response! And please, make it a mission for two, if you will.

((Waiting for Goroke too))
Mata.EXE present. I'll be accompanying Miss Sleuth with her mission.

I wasn't planning to get rewarded for doing this, but if so, I would like the Shadowshoe and First Barrier NCP...Please.

Greetings Miss Sleuth.EXE, as it turns out your particular skills will be of great assistance, after reviewing your request along with your partner we have a job that seems to be right up your alley.

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Recently my NetNavi has been leaving his P.E.T. without warning and disappearing for short amounts of time while I am away at school or otherwise busy, I might not be concerned but when he returns he's usually badly damaged and refuses to go into detail as to why, usually passing it off as small virus encounters. But I'm worried there might be something else going on.

We have received numerous claims all with similar problems, we'd like the two of you two investigate this matter, should you accept we are prepared to reward you both with the requested NCP parts. If this is acceptable please respond and we will give you further details.

-Global Network Administration
How intriguing! It will be my pleasure to lend my considerable talents as a detective to this mystery. Given the subject matter, I must try not to let my excitement become too evident if we have to speak to any of the aforementioned missing navi reporters. Where would you like us to start on the trail? Or is there no trail at all? That would be another interesting challenge altogether!

Additionally, I'm certain my partner has no complaints with the arrangement.

An investigation operation? If it's to find information...Fake or not, it's what I do best. I have no qualms about this mission, in fact, I'll be glad to do actual work.

Thank you both for your reply. After contacting the client we have arranged a quick meeting with the navi in question so that more details can be discussed. Coordinates to follow.

-Global Network Administration

((Topic opening soon in NetSquare))
We across a small problem while we were undergoing the mission. Quick to the point, the NetPolice intervened us before we were able to go on further, but we were able to know more about how and why the navi was getting hurt without the operator's knowledge...Though, he would probably know this by now with the NetPolice holding the said navi in custody.

We apologize for this sudden...change of event in the mission, but we should at least tell you everything that happened.

All is as my partner described. I do hope we can still expect payment, despite the complication towards the end!

After receiving word from both the client, as well as the NetPolice regarding the nature of your mission's end. We were informed that your assistance was of great aid in clearing up the client's worries. As such, you will be receiving full payment for a successful mission.

-Global Network Administration

(Attached for Sleuth: ShadowShoes NCP, Block NCP)
(Attached for Mata: ShadowShoes NCP, First Barrier NCP)