A Mission Request

I'd like to formally request a mission for my Navi, SharpMan. Your database has his specs, so I shouldn't need to state them here. For a reward, I would like one or more of the following BattleChips:

- Any Sword type chip besides Sword and the elemental knives
- Boomerang series
- QuickBoomerang series
- IceSlasher series
- YoYo series
- WhiteWeb series
- RingZap series
- Invis series
- Shadow series
- Recover series (50 or higher only)
- BusterSword
- BugRiseSword
- AntiDamage
- AntiSword
- AreaGrab
- Pawn
- PanelReturn

I await your favorable reply.

- Hector Guerrero

Take a look at this mission and tell us if you're interested. The clients have been contacted and agreed to provide a PanelReturn and a QuickBoomerang1 upon the mission's successful completion:

Quote ()

My coworker and I recently ended up working for the Neo-Shogun Empire thanks to a contract made by my actual employer. We have a few months left on it but we both need to leave out of of immediately, for various reasons. We can't walk out without breaking our contract, however.

A clause in our contract says that if we meet conditions unspecified as significant concerns by the employer and are caused a degree of undue stress or trauma, we can choose to terminate the agreement without liability. To that end, I need a navi to approach us and cause said stress. I can reward you with chips if you do the job.

Our goal is to have the surveillance camera capture the happenings, but we don't want a supervisor to actually be present, so please be sure that the only two girls you see are a tall girl with red hair and a shorter one with black before you start. It will be imperative that you act quickly and then escape before a supervisor arrives. I would also recommend you hide your identity in some fashion and have attached a blank .GMO to that end. Remember that while we may pretend to attack you to preserve authenticity, we have no intention of harming you. Please avoid injuring us too heavily as well, however you choose to operate.

Thank you, and I hope none of the conditions will rub you the wrong way.


If you are interested, respond and I will provide the coordinates and blank .GMO.

-Global Network Administration
Unfortunately, my Navi has a deep seeded, irrational hatred of GMOs, for reasons even I am not entirely aware of. Contact the Navi and ask if it would be acceptable for him to simply appear as-is. If so, we will accept. If not, we must respectfully decline, and request a different mission.

- Hector Guerrero

The navi expresses that failure to hide your identity would in no way compromise the mission, but may lead to bad relations between you and the Neo-Shogun Empire. This is assuming that you have no prior history of misdemeanord against the NS. In the employer's own words, she "doesn't want to start anything." Please let us know if you would like the mission or would rather search our database for another.

-Global Network Administration
I'm afraid to say that, for reasons I won't bore you with, that would be very undesirable from our perspective. Thus, I would like to request a different mission.

- Hector Guerrero

Hector's Navi here. The NeoShogunate is one of the largest well-known NetNavi organizations in the world...and so it would be a highly desirable employer in the future. But, by angering them now, it could very well result in them not hiring me for various missions, and ultimately it would cost me a lot of income, despite the short term gain. We must look at potential future business interests, as well as

...Heh, besides, I've heard some of the higher ups are super hot. If that's true, and I get them all mad, it'll take more than swarthy Whazzapian charm to...what, Hector?! Wha? What about the transcriber program? Wait, what are you doi

- SharpMan.EXE, posted by Hector Guerrero
Hector, SharpMan-

Understood; we will withhold your information from the employer and ask that you keep quiet about the mission details you heard, unless you have any other potential candidates to refer.

Let's try another mission. Tell us if this will suit you:

Quote ()

Hello! My name is Memora; I'm a collector of items related to war, violence, and all that rot. I've got a little problem: my collection has come under attack by a small group of terrorists, who wish to take the weaponry, ballistics, and so forth for themselves. They've brought along an armored vehicle, a makeshift encampment, a mortar, and all that nonsense. I'm not looking for you to skewer them, kill them, or any of that business. Indeed, they are more valuable if they're living and pursuing their work. I simply want you to take as many of their weapons, uniforms, and other belongings as possible, so that I can add them to my collection! If it stops their mortar attack too, that'd be just dandy!

Please report to my museum. I'll speak with you more there.

P.S. Please do not accept this mission if you are adverse to the sound of mortars. Me, I love it, so it'll almost be a shame to stop them~

Payment has been left in the form of a Yo-Yo2, as well as a detailed primer on the history of the Yo-Yo and its implications towards netbattling. If you wish for further payment, you can most likely negotiate with the employer. If you're interested, please respond and we will provide you with mission coordinates.

-Global Network Administration
After consideration, that mission is entirely within our realm. We accept, and will not speak of the other mission to anyone else.

- Hector Guerrero

Very good. Please accept the mission coordinates. Because of the nature of the mission, you may beam down under fire, so be prepared. We'll inform the client you're coming.

-Global Network Administration

*Coordinates.DAT attached*

((Opening soon in homepages))