Mission Request

Hi! My name is Martia, and I'd like to take up a mission. I guess I'm up for anything, but since I'm pretty new to NetBattling, I guess something without much fighting might be a better choice?

...Oh, right, need to give her a reward. Um...how about a GutPunch for a reward? I could definitely use something nice like that!

- Martia.EXE

Assuming you meet other listed requirements, you may wish to apply for the following job.

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Are you physically fit? Want to help other be physically fit? Want to appear briefly on TV? The Showbizz Foundation asks you to stretch your legs for a good cause. We're looking for navis to help develop effective workout techniques. You'll also be contributing to our marketing research and most importantly working for a good cause: navi health!

Interested applicants should apply through the GNA. Participants can win a variety of suitably athletic prizes such as DoubleJump, GutPunch, or DashAttack!

Disclaimer: Showbizz Foundation does not claim scientific backing of statement that navis receive positive benefits from aerobics or exercise.

If you are interested, please respond.

-Global Network Administration
Sound perfect for he-uh, me! Sign me up!

- Martia.EXE
Good. The filming is taking place at the Showbizz Foundation Headquarters in Netopia Net. You will be provided with a temporary key granting access to designated guest areas of the facility, as well as the homepage coordinates. We hope that you will carry out the mission to the employer's satisfaction and receive your reward.

-Global Network Administration

*Coordinates.DAT & GuestPass.DAT attached*

((Showbizz Foundation HQ will be updated with a set-up post))