Mission Request (Chip Reward)

Hello, my name is Shirai Satou and my Navi is called VenusMan. I'm working on improving my Navi's buster, but it could use a little more power. If you have any chips available that deal with strengthening the Navi's buster and a suitable mission for us, we will take it.

For reward I'd like BusterSword, BusterPunch, BusterBomb or Navi+20.
There is one mission that is offering buster-related prizes. It is only fair to warn you, however, that the mission's host is a known member of the NetMafia's Teksqp family with violent tendencies. While the GNA sponsors both their hunt for mission applicants and their recruitment drive, we cannot be held responsible for what happens to your navi. If you would like to take the mission regardless, however, please let us know.

Quote ()

"This is Gala, of the Teksqp family. I offer an open invitation for all interested parties to join the Flora Allura, my very own botany festival, in the garden of my mansion. Don't worry about what you've heard, I promise that you will be far enough out of the way so as to nullify any worries about any of my nasty traps or machines!

You will be asked to organize floral arrangements. Tools and vegetation will both be provided, although you will be free to use your own as well.

No formal gardening, botany, or floral arrangement skills are necessary, though recommended. The grand prize is a chip of one's choosing: BusterSword, BusterPunch, or BusterBomb. Everyone who passes the preliminary entry will receive a small zenny prize for their efforts. You may drop out at any time."

Please reply promptly. Thank you.

-Global Network Administration
This sounds like something we could do. I'm not aware of VenusMan's skill in floral arrangements, but I do know he's knowledgeable about flowers. Provide us with a location and we will be there shortly.
Good, then. The garden is located in Electopia net, just beside the mansion. It's in a public area, but you will likely need the coordinates to locate it. We have attached them to this post. Take care.

-Global Network Administration

*Coordinates.DAT attached*

((Topic opening soon in Electown Net))
Understood. We will be there shortly.