Battlechip Mission Request

Hello. My name is Destin Obscura and I wish to request a mission for the reward of a ElecShock battlechip.

-- Destin.

The following is a bulletin left with us; as we understand, two out of three Neo-Shogun Army applicants have already applied and there is space for one more. Please respond if interested.

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Welcome to the Showbizz Friendly Feud!

Friends and family face off against the unknown in the friendly feud! The competitors will need all of their wits, coordination, and photogenic charm to come out on top in these challenges! Bonds of trust, depth of intimacy, and limitations set by scruples will all be tested! The winning team will get an ElecShock battle chip and 5000 zenny! Do you have what it takes to hold the short attention span of modern audiences? Find out! Apply now!

Currently looking for: Neo-Shogun Army applicants

If you are interested, please respond.

-Global Network Administration
"Bring it on. I will show them my power!"

-- DragonierMan

Looks like we accept.

-- Destin.
Thank you for your reply. The employer has been sent a message telling them that DragonierMan is on his way. Please report to the location specified by the attached coordinates as soon as you can manage.

-Global Network Administration

*Coordinates.DAT attached*

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DragonierMan appeared at the mission kiosk with his SPs Aya and Suzume just as they had finished transferring servers. He walked up to the desk and addressed the receptionist behind it. "We are back! How did you like the show?"
The receptionist turned to DragonierMan, wearing an expression like he'd been caught in the act at something. "I wasn't watching anything! Oh, wait, you're the one from the Showbizz special that was just on? Dragon something!" he exclaimed. "Ahem, wait, you caught me off guard. I have to put on my GNA face," he murmured, then set his face into an utterly passive frown.

"We understand that the mission was a success and that your reward has already been transferred. In addition, the Shogun sends his commendation and, with the blessings of his general, awards you 5 faction points."

((DragonierMan receives 5 faction points!))