Looking for work.

Hi there,

My navi and i are looking for some part time work to earn a decent pay right now. We're uh... a bit low on funds with too many things to purchase, heh. We're looking for a job or two that might pay well, and we're pretty open to the kind of work we're given. My navi's biggest asset is her power, but she's pretty flexible as far as her skills are concerned. If you happen to have any jobs which might be suitable, please give us a response ASAP.

Thank you for your time.

- Rei Tylien
Mr. Tylien,

You're a member of the NeoShogun Army faction, are you not? As such, we'll search their database for relevant jobs first.

Your navi is Sylk.EXE, correct? There is one waiting job with her name specifically mentioned. Tell us if you're interested:

Quote (Job Posting)

For The Venomous, Multi-Armed Predator, Arachnid Lady Sylk.EXE:

An unfamiliar navi named Meridian, claiming to be from the Techari family, has been asking for our cooperation recently. She's heard of you somehow and specifically requests your services. If you're interested, please meet up with General Yasu at the Neo-Shogun HQ and seek further details. I've been told that you would be paid handsomely for your efforts and General Yasu seems to have a special interest in the project.

I'd join you, but I'm in the middle of some urgent business. If you've got the time, please consider lending the general your service.


If you're interested, reply and we will send a message to let them know you're coming.

-Global Network Administration
That sounds perfect. Sylk and i will gladly take the job then. Can't turn down something specifically for her, after all.

We'll make arrangements and head over to the designated place right away. Thank you.

- Rei Tylien
A message was sent ahead of you. Good luck.

-Global Network Administration