Rare Chip Request

After the previous mission, it appears that my Navi became quite accustomed to non-basic swords over the years. As such, I request a mission with a stated reward of a powerful but high-technique BattleChip, CustomSword.

- Hector Guerrero
You're in luck. A spot just opened. Take a peek and see if it interests you:

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I need help, fast! There's a conspiracy going on; somebody's sabotaging my show, and I don't know who they are. They're ruthless, thorough, and secretive. I need help desperately! Recruiting good men and women to help protect my assets. If we can make it through the show, I will pay the entirety of the profit to my helpers for the safety of my reputation. I can immediately provide you with a customsword, a magnum, or even a blackbomb, no questions asked. If we fail, however, I can't pay only the smallest pittance. My reputation will be so far ruined that I'll never work in this business again. Please, help!


There's a degree of urgency involved in this request, as you can see. It's what you'd call one of our "hot ones." We can only leave the offer on the table for a few hours before we have to retract it. If you're not interested, please inform us as quickly as possible so that we can look for another interested party.

-Global Network Administration
It shall be done. Please give us the coordinates.

- Hector Guerrero
The homepage coordinates for the meetup are attached. Good luck.

-Global Network Administration

*Coordinates attached*

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While it was by no means a flawless victory, we have successfully completed the objectives, and now request our reward.

- Hector Guerrero
Mr. Guerrero,

Here is your CustomSword, as provided by the employer.

-Global Network Administration

*CustomSword attached*