To whom it may concern (ie. anyone posting and desiring a mod's response):

For a long time now, the forum has had a "mod pad" set up for use by both players and mods. This pad is a communal sort of note pad, well organized to allow players to add their threads to the appropriate section and indicate that they require modding. In turn, mods can easily scan this list and respond in kind. It has normal battle threads, mission requests, registration, shopmods; everything you could possibly need modding for is there, and so I implore you to please make use of this resource that can (and should) make everyone's experience here much more streamlined.

Keep in mind that it is not mandatory, if you have some kind of conscientious objection toward efficiency (or a less joking reason), but it is certainly the best way to get modded quickly. You are also still entitled to any sort of bumping procedures, including PMing mods in chat when a sufficient time period has elapsed. If you haven't been making use of it because you didn't know it was still used, it is.

At the very least, I believe it is a great system that should be utilized, and I will be watching it. The pad can be found at here.
Alternatively an easy link is made for the Moderation Pad. You can access it from any page on the forum.

As a final note, as with the Chat, you must be logged in to use it.

Credit goes to Shuryou for installing the ModPad on our forum.