Mission Request

My Navi has become a bit...displeased with standard virus busting for the time being, so I believe the time has come...I request a mission for him. I care not what kind of mission, nor who our employer is, provided they provide us satisfactory reward. We will complete our task thoroughly and professionally, regardless of whatever it may be.

As for a reward, my Navi is a sword specialist, but due to certain...behaviors as of late, I feel an urge to spite him. Thus, my request for a reward is the low level PanelGrab BattleChip. I understand if there are no requests with such a 'rare' stated reward, but that is my preference, and it shall not change.

- Hector Guerrero
Due to your unique situation, we think you may be a good candidate for the following request, left with one of our representatives recently:

Quote ()

so i've been thinking lately that it's kinda weird people don't do what they want to on the net
don't you think it's kinda stupid that we have all of these powers and shit and we don't use them to do the cool stuff we always wanted to for generations
i need somebody to help me make dreams come true in a big way
i've got big ambitions for this
big dreamers needed
weak guys need not apply
tools of the man need not apply
stuffed shirts need not apply
chicks need not apply
history makers and big dreamers need apply

The requester has offered, in exchange for help on an unspecified task, PanelGrabs. In his words:

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i've got a bag of panel grabs

If you're interested, please inquire further. We'll send you the coordinates.

-Global Network Administration
As I stated, we will complete whatever mission is assigned. If that is what we are charged with, it will be done. Give the coordinates at will.

- Hector Guerrero
Very well, thank you for your professionalism. The employer's navi is waiting in ACDC.

-Global Network Administration

*coordinates attached*

((Mission topic will be up soon))