SP request

Hello there.

This is Rei Tylien, requesting a mission to aquire a Support Program for my navi. However, there are just a few things i would like to note. I would prefer something that can help my navi grow, both in strength and experience. She's a spider navi by the name of Sylk, fairly diverse in her abilities, and in need of some guidance or assistance so as to improve quicker. If you can find something you need done, that could possibly benefit her in any way, please let us know. She's still fairly young, but we are confident in our ability to complete anything you may send our way.

Thanks in advance,

- Rei Tylien.
A spider is it? We've had a spider navi make requests on here a few times recently, actually. There might be something relevant up...

Ah, here we go. This mission comes from Arachne.EXE, who is requesting assistance in deleting several bug programs that have run rampant in a greenhouse area of Dentech's network. This should satisfy your request.

Do you accept?
Sounds Interesting.

This should do just fine, we'll gladly take this mission. We shall head out as soon as possible.

-Rei Tylien
Rei Tylien, reporting in.

The mission has been dealt with successfully, with little trouble.

There is however, one thing i would like to add. If possible, i would ask that you revise our reward. After some thought and discussion, I'm not sure myself or my Navi would be capable of raising an SP properly at this moment in time. This may be an odd request, but if its possible we would accept anything else you might seem fit.

When and if we are ready in the future, we will gladly head off for a mission once more at your discretion. It was a bit of a rash decision, and I apologize for any inconvenient this may cause.

Thank you for your time.

-Rei Tylien
Good work. As for your reward change, I believe we can manage that. Let me run the data...


Alright. Here you go.


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Thank you very much. I am grateful to you.

- Rei Tylien