.SP Mission.

~Transmission Incoming...~


~Decoding... Please Wait...~

~Done. Message Reads:~

From: Destin Obscura
To: Mission BBS
Subject: .SP Mission
Message: Greetings. A colleague and I wish to make a request for our first .SP Mission. Thank you for your time.

~Message Ends.~

[Hold for Paladin.]
"Indeed my new partner is quite correct, an SP mission would be highly rewarding, as added help can only benefit in the long run. We shall await your response.

[Holding for Paladin]
Greetings to the four of you.

I am a member of the GNA's Netopian Administration Division. Following your request for the previous network clearing campaign, I have kept tabs on your activities. The failure of your previous endeavor is regrettable, however your motives for taking such an outre assignment were not lost upon me, nor was your performance in carrying it out. This brings me to a mutually beneficial request... Namely, I would like you to travel to the Netopian national network, and clear out one of the old NetCastles that resides within my district of viruses and other malware. We frankly have no use for the locale itself, as the company that had it programmed went out of business following a viral incursion that wiped out their databases. Nobody who wants it will pay our fees to have it cleaned, and everyone else already has access to something better suited to their ventures.

The old server is now becoming a nuisance thanks to the viruses and malware mentioned earlier. My division is responsible for the area, but we are not authorized to expend GNA resources to clear it out. As such, I unfortunately do not have anything to offer you as compensation for taking on this assignment, should you choose to do so. You may, however, keep anything you find in the NetCastle. As for the castle itself.... Do what you will with it. Your presence there cannot possibly be worse than the colony of viruses that resides there now.

If you are interested in my offer, simply travel to the network address attached to this post.

Thank you for your time.
-- M. Faraday

<<Attached: NetCastle D-119 Net Address>>
"We accept your request and shall depart momentarily."