Requesting a SP mission

To whom it may concern,
My Navi, SP and I are looking for any sort of tasks we can help with. Please let us know if we could be of any help. Thank you and have a good night.

Mazer Patrovski, and Machman.EXE & Aera.SP
Ah, great timing. We've recently received a couple other similar requests, but we're more comfortable sending a larger group for this mission, so we're going to add you in with them. The client for this mission reported following a "path where water ran as though on a slope, despite there not being one" during a busting run in Netopia, then ending up at a road "leading to darkness, seemingly without end". One of our personnel investigated while mapping out the target area and confirmed that her description is....accurate, at least.

What you'll need to do is accompany the client in an exploration of whatever lies beyond this road. Our scans detected heavy virus activity beyond, so you are urged to remain as a group whenever possible.

The navi you will be meeting is called Rainfall.EXE. Trust us when we say you CAN'T miss her. The other two takers we don't have descriptions on, but their names are Arachne.EXE and Aegir.APP.

Understood, we accept the mission, and will be on our way. Shall we meet the rest of the group in NetopiaNet?

-Mazer Patrovski
Yes. They should be getting there around the same time you do.


((Lazy, pretend I'm on the GNA account))
Machman, along with Rainfall, Aegir, and Arachne found the source of the void, and nullified the threat. The void is still open, and may pose a danger to other programs, so a repair team would be highly recommended.

-Mazer Patrovski
Understood. We thank you for your assistance. The client sends her thanks as well.

Don't worry about the void, we'll have SciLabs close it up as soon as they can get to it.

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