Seeking mission

To whom it may concern,

Names Rei Tylien. Me and my partner curseman here are looking to kill some time and are looking for a decent job to occupy us for a while. We're ready for what ever you got to throw at us, and we're always up for any challenge so bring it on! heheh, we look forward to hearing a reply soon.


- Rei Tylien

nyaaa, and make sure to keep it interesting, k? i dont need something thats over in a couple seconds. See ya.

- curseman
Good evening Mr. Tylien,
We do have something we would like you to do. There have been reports of a strange light coming from behind one of the books in the DentechNet Cyberspace Library. The library admins would normally take care of the matter themselves, but they are currently in the process of copying their entire archives and saving them in a separate location at the moment. Do you accept the mission?
Eerie light coming from a library, huh? sounds like some ghost story or something. It seems pretty interesting, so i think we will take you up on your job. I'll have curseman head over there ASAP, and we'll take a look into the cause.

mission accepted.

-Rei Tylien.
Good to hear. Please investigate the matter as soon as possible, and try not to get in the way of the library staff.

((Mod: Grim))

the problem's been dealt with.

the strange light seems to have dissapeared... along with a few other things.

either way, this should be sufficient, yes?

- Rei Tylien

I see. I'm glad you were able to accomplish the mission successfully. Your reward is attached below.


Attached: ElementalRage2, 500z