An SP mission please

Uhm, this is Kedamono and I wish to request an SP. My former navi, Koumori, has been put into storage and her SP was incomparable with my new navi, I wish to take another mission in order to replace my old one.

-Kedamono Kodarashi
Ah, Mr.Kedamono, I remember last time I assigned your last SP mission. It's unfortunate that you don't have the navi from last time, but I guess the say "live and let live" comes into play right now.

Anyhow, we've made this post to let you know about a mission available in the Sharo Area. It's a scouting mission...but it may require heavy combat situation. However, you will be accompanied by a familiar NetPolice officer in case things go wry. We will warn you, this mission may be increasingly difficult in a flash, so think twice before accepting this mission.