SP mission

Hey, I'm looking for a job for an SP. Does anyone need a hand?

- Damian
((I'll be taking your mission. However, I don't have anything special planned for right now...I'll post when I have the time))
((ah, sorry... shutting up...))
Excuse us for the late response, but we are posting this to let you know that a mission is available for you.

All over the net, there has been an unsettling rumor in Dentech about a vigilante navi who is taking justice at his/her own hands. Though we do appreciate this type of service from the citizen of the net, we still haven't confirmed if the navi is a hostile or not.

The mission objective is simple: Do what you can to get a communication with the vigilante navi. We will provide you with two NCP that will help you with the mission, but it is your own decision to use it or not.

First, [NaviVision] will create a small, invisible proximity around your navi. Within the proximity, any viruses will start to look like a custom navi, making an illusion of your navi terrorizing other navis, who is actually just normal viruses. Second is the [DarkMind], which will also create an impenetrable illusion that makes your navi look much more menacing than they are.

You may choose not to use the methods we provided you, but we have already tried to contact the vigilante with every methods possible and we couldn't even get a single contact. We wish you good luck on the mission


-NaviVision.NCP [10 Points]
-BlackMind.NCP [10 Points]

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