SP Mission

I'm looking to snag an SP unit. My navi has flight capabilities and he should have another navi accompanying him (she can't fly, though). Give us whatever you have that needs done and we should be able to finish it fairly quickly.

I c-confirm that I and my navi w-will be cooperating with this mission. Thank you.

Ohhh...ummm...I-If you wouldn't mind, M-Might I tag along on this? M-My navi might not have any real skills of n-note, b-but, I want to help if it will better the net in some way. I-I do require something else a-as a reward th-though, I-I already have an SP from helping out in the Lestat incident.
-Kedamono Kodarashi

N-No skills of note!? T-That was mean auntie Kedamono! Mama has lots of skills! Take that back!

It's true, Momo, I don't really have much of note, but, if you need any extra help, and I know this isn't the place to ask, but I'm willing to help, for maybe cash or a battle chip equivalent to the cost of an SP, I get the feeling that they're not cheap.
Fine with me, though whether you die or not isn't my navi's problem.

A SP unit?

That sounds quite interesting there, hun. Those things are quite hard to come by, and I can imagine that they would be located in some pretty interesting tight little spots within the net; tight little spots that I would like to squeeze in myself, yes?

Excuse me for being rude! I know I may not come off too trusting because of my reputation as a bounty hunter, but I am on your side, and I think I will be all yours for this mission as well. Sounds good?

How about it? Care to let me cooperate with you for this search, hun? You can have all the "booty" that is rightfully yours, of course! I just want to have a little fun. Honest!

As with the other one, joining is fine, though my navi's priority is himself and the person I originally arranged as his partner. If you can't hold your own, you get left behind.


Oh yeah, and avoiding saying booty around my navi.
Oh! Fine! That's fine, hun! My dear navi can hold her own! As said before, I am just tagging alone. It may be interesting!

...and duely noted. As much as it would amuse me to know why such a strange request, I think I get the idea.

((I'm claiming this mission. But since Majin keeps recruiting more people into it, I'm not posting one until given the go-ahead.))
I am sorry to do this, but I am going to opt out of this, I don't think I could make it if a mission is given to the group. I am so sorry, but I am currently too busy with upgrading my navi to make sure she is completely combat ready in case something huge comes up. Again, I am sorry. If you wish to contact me later, I'll leave my E-mail here. Kedamonokodarashi@YokaZoo.net