2nd SP Mission Request

Na'im bin Shaitan and Djinni.EXE request a mission to attain a second SP unit.

A second SP mission? Let's see... Yes, here's two contracts that have yet to be assigned. Completing either one of them should suffice for you to earn your SP unit.

The first option involves a pretty isolated part of the network. It's pretty worse for wear and the bandwidth is low. Because of that, two factions have formed in the area and are warring over control of the bandwidth. The request is to put an end to the fighting, although it doesn't suggest a specific means to do so. I guess that means it's up to you. This normally would've gone to a large group, but the poor quality of the network there prevents any significantly sized force from moving it. As a result, the danger level is high, so caution should be exercised.

The other option... well, the danger level is minimal to the point that you shouldn't worry about an EJO. However, in my own opinion, the success chance is actually lower than the other one. In short, the client wants you to enter and win a small, but elite, Netball tournament, win the grand prize, and deliver it to the client. The client will remain anonymous up to that point, so it'd be best just to focus on winning first. I'm not really too familiar with the rules of Netball, but I know it borrows a lot from the real world's basketball. Unless you have some previous experience with it, you'll have to figure out the rules and plays as you go, and all while competing against some of the best players of the sport. You can see why I'm putting the success rate so low.

In the end, which task you take is your choice, and I have nothing but confidence that you can do either.
I will do both your missions, one at a time, for an SP unit each. Tell me which you prefer me to do first.

Err... Well, I'm sorry, but that's not really possible. Both these requests are on a similiar limited time frame, and doing both one after the other would be impossible. I'm not sure these requests have been approved to give out 3rd SPs, either. So if you could just take one for now, that'd be great. I really don't want to have to call my superior for instructions...
Netball tournament. Give me instructions.

Alright, I'll give you the coordinates for the location... Oh. They rented out the Netsquare for today. Well, that makes your travel easy. The instructions say to give you this pass so you can register to play, but aside from that, there really isn't much. I guess you should just go there and see if you can grill the referee before you get thrown into a match. Good luck.

(Attached: Netball Pass, Netsquare location)