Mission Request

Keeping it short and simple, I, Eternalis.EXE, am in need of a mission to train my skills as a virus buster. Highly appreciated would be a very simple mission, since I am still quite a novice and need to familiarize myself with this mission system. Thank you.

Operator: Harke
We have a mission that may be perfect for you. There has been multiple reports of an unknown virus at the SciLab area. May it be a stray virus or a new strain, we need you to take care of it. If you are to accept this mission, please download the following attachment from this message


Poster: Eternalis.EXE

As requested, we have dealt with the offending virus. Harke and I will gladly cooperate with the administration should another mission be available.

- Eternalis.EXE
> Operator: Harke
Thank you for taking care of the problem. It turns out to be a virus hybrid created with one of the SciLab Laboratory. The one who created this were quickly dealt with.

Also, we happen to piece together this data from the remnants of the deleted virus. We hope that you put it to good use.


[RageClaw2] Battlechip