SP mission request

Ummm, this is Kedamono and I was wondering if you had any SP missions lieing around, I have been wanting to obtain one for my navi, so, do you have any missions for a lower level navi to take?
Why am I always stuck with these guys?

*ahem* Sorry, but we are unable to give an SP mission to a navi of such a low level. There are certain liability issues involved with allowing volunteers to get in way over their heads when it could be avoided that we would rather not have to deal with.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

My net navi is the required level for an SP mission now, I wish to request one.
-Kedamono Kodarashi
Alright, everything checks out, it looks like you're strong enough to tackle a mission.

Here's the mission detail: There is a case of mysterious disappearance of Navis in the YumLand Net area during night time. This has been going on for a week and already 3 navis disappeared. We need you to investigate the area for any type of clue that can give us a good lead, and possibly the capture of the one who's behind this. We will send a NetPolice representative with you to help with the investigation.

We will attach the mission data along with this message, please download it if you are to accept this mission.



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yes. I will take this mission.
-Kedamono Kodarashi

The mission is complete. The navi that was kidnapping others went under the name of Lestat, Hesselius was captured and infected as well but both navis corrupted by Lestat and Hesselius are both fine, you may find all the data in this disk that Hesselius gave me. Now if you will excuse me...I have to recover from my wounds...

I am downloading the data to you now, I will receive the SP data when you are good and ready.
-Kedamono Kodarashi

Attached: Hesselius' Note
We received the note that you attached as well as the report done by Dr. Hesselius. Though it seems like the one who's responsible disappeared, we still rescued the three kidnapped navis safely. We have attached the Support Program Base created by the scraps of data from the "Lestat" Navi. We hope that you use it in good hands.


Thank you. It...wasn't easy.

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