Mission Request

Yo, MeleeMan here. I'm looking to take a mission, and not just any mission. I need a mission that's as manly as I am. If you're thinking of asking me to round up some bunnies or feed the elderly, look elsewhere, cause I'm not taking small-time, no-spine jobs like that. I want action. REAL action.


All that's not really necessary, we really just want some work. I trust we can get paid for this sort of thing, right?

-Rania Firebrand
((Relogging sucks. Pretend I'm Netpolice.))

I think we've got something for you. A navi has recently put in a request for an escort...well, the request was for an ally, but we're treating it as an escort mission.

You are to meet up with her and...accompany her in whatever the hell she's doing.

According to the request, the navi's name is Mieli.exe, and she's currently waiting in the netcafe in Netopia Net. Look for a female navi in a black bodysuit, with glasses.

Ah, protecting some weak girl with glasses. That's something I can do very well; consider it done.

Rania doesn't really feel like typing right now, so I'm telling you myself: we finished that mission. It took a long time and thanks to you guys, we got no briefing to help us out with it. But it's finished, alright?

We apologize for the inconvenience that you were placed on such a mission and know that that particular mission does not represent the views of the Netpolice as a whole. Thank you for completing the mission even with the vague specifications and no briefing and/or real limits.

-Trevor R. Public Relations Division