A Missing Link

We have recieved a distress call from an IDT (Investigative Dispatch Team) sent to discover the source of a large, unregistered viral entity. According to the S.O.S. signal, they have been bombarded by waves of "crazed viruses" ever since they arrived. Due to the NetPolice's recent lack of resources, we ask for several experienced netbattlers, keen in mind and sharp in skill, to aid them in their task.

The NetPolice will reward those who successfully complete this task, but keep in mind that the NetPolice does not take responsibility for any loss incurred.

Experienced Netbattlers, eh?
I suppose we qualify. Count us in.

-Shigeru Yamada & Voltman.EXE
Huh...this sounds interesting! And I bet we count as experienced now! Count me and my Navi in!

-Sabrina Jetto & SplashMan
The NetPolice wish to thank you for accepting. The IDT have set up a distress beacon, so you will be able to jack in to roughly their location.

Netfrica Mission: Locate the IDT team and aid them in their task.

Good luck, don't take on anything too risky.
It would appear that the IDT operatives were able to get what data they needed. The viruses seemed attracted to the structure that they were investigating, however, and as such we had to fight off quite a few of them before your people left. For all we know, they're still coming, but we're not about to stick around and find out.

Mission Complete.

-Shigeru Yamada
(Super Ultra...
Double Buuump!)
Thank you for checking it out, but most of the data we received from them was at the very least partially corrupted.

Here is your reward:

Sabrina Jetto: 750z, .GMO file.
Shigeru Yamada: 750z, .GMO file.
Um...I really hate to sound picky, but is there any way I can just get some extra cash instead of a GMO, like regular missions? I mean, my Navi can't even use GMOs, what with the possibility of Net flooding if he ever did.

-Sabrina Jetto