Anything of Interest?

H-hello there. I am Aida Ambridge...m-my navi has gone into an u-upset mood eversince...well, we'll just say "accident".

This "Accident" has left her feeling somewhat angered and down. If y-you have any mission that would spark her interest please sign us up. She...umm...she e-enjoys...I suppose she likes a good fight. S-someone she can po-possibly get into a good match with...though NOTHING TOO POWERFUL! She i-is still slightly damaged from the previous b-battle and I worry...yet I want her to be joyful ag-gain.

Th-those n-new capacity upgrades may be up h-her ally. If I can...I would like t-to try that!

Huh boy, we seem to be getting quite a few requests lately, let me see if we have anything left.

Ah, yes. This may not be perfect for your request, but it's the best we got. You see, a navi we believe to be an escaped netmafia experiment has gotten loose recently and taken out an entire squad of our guys, as well as caused damage to several neutral networks. Its attack pattern seems to indicate its actions are uncontrolled, so the sooner someone takes it down the better.

The navi was last seen in Sharo network, so I suggest you start there.

Do you accept? Y/N


((Moderator: Asator))
N-Netmafia? Of cou-course! W-we'll take it a-and get on i-it as s-soon as p-po-ossible!

M-mission accomplished. We managed to locate the navi a-and d-defeat it. I-it was deleted in battle...p-poor thing. Certainly loo-oked like it went through som-me horrid th-things.....

I see. Regrettable that it had to be deleted, but you have our thanks.

Incidentally, we have also recently received an e-mail of thanks from a Gambler.EXE for clearing it out of his homepage.

Attached is your reward. Take it to Suitachi's shop to get your PET expansion.


Attached: Expansion Voucher