GMO Request

U-umm ... I would like to request a new GMO file if it is not too much trouble, please...

- Kamoku Tereya
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((Is to lazy to switch accounts and mess up his chat session.))

Well, okay. Let's see if I have anything simple here...

Aha! Here's one.

It seems that there's a request here at the NPD for a special delivery. It seems a famous retired baker is selling his world-known cookie recipe to a private citizen in ACDC town. Normally, we'd send someone on the force, since it's been labeled a Level 3 priority package, but since we're pretty booked, and it's only a cookie recipe, I think that a private CustomNavi should be able to get it there.

The area you'll be meeting the buyer's Navi isn't too far from the Netsquare portal, so there shouldn't be too much trouble. Exact coordinates, as well as the recipe, will be sent to you upon your acceptance of this mission.

-From the Office of the Net Police Department
Th-thank you, Officer. I will take on this mission.

- Kamoku Tereya
((Forgot the NetPolice password.))

Okay then. Sending data.

Good luck.

ATTACHMENT: Coordinates, RecipeData.DTA
Although we were delayed by Virii and an odd fiery being, we have successfully delivered the data. Both the virii and being have been neutralized, also.

- Shinokami

U-um, Mr Officer? Sh-shinokami things the data was m-malfunctioning.

- Kamoku Tereya

Yes, that is also true. Forgive me for forgetting to mention it in my earlier post. The data seemed to emanate the scent of baked cookies, however the client was satisfied it would still be functional.

- Shinokami
Well, that seems strange.
Anyway, your reward is due for. Here you are.

And have a nice day.

-Net Police-

[Attached: Level 3 .GMO]