Mission time again.

helo there again net police, i would like to be given a mission, my last navi was put into a coma of sorts and i need to break in my new navi some, if you have anything that is in the ACDC area, that would be great, and i would like a wood elemental battle chip as my reward for a successful mission if you would.

*Siren.EXE is in battle*
You wish for a mission?


There is several available. The others are all too low. Hmmm... Here's one. It's a bit too easy for someone of your level, according to our records. You want it? It's just a routine patrol run along with a volunteer or two, and one of our actually ranked navis. You'd be filling up one of our gaps, because a couple of our navis seem to have taken a day off for some reason. It is our guess some sort of glitch bug is floating around.

-Seva Nicouten
hmmm......this WOULD be a good way to break in my new navi, alright, i'll tell siren and we will be there soon.

*siren is currently collecting rewards from her battle*
All right.

Go to Netfrica net. You should be able to meet our ranked man there, and he'll have been notified as to your registration in the squad.

You can identify him as "Mezzo", if need be.

[size0]I do hope the ones out sick are well and come back soon, or we'll be forced to hire even more civilians...[/size]

-Seva Nicouten