Rapid+1/Charge+1 for Sell

Um, hello. My Navi has no real need for our Charge+1 or Rapid+1 at this time. So, I think I'll sell them off in the hopes of building up zenny for upgrades or new BattleChips.

So, from checking around, I suppose a good starting price would be 1,500z for each. This price is, of course, negotiable if you want to substitute some of the zenny for a chip or even throw in a rarer chip in loo of zenny all together.

- Enjolie
Okay...how about 1000z and a Vulcan1 for the Rapid+1?

-Sabrina Jetto
That sounds just fine, Sabrina. My Navi is really fond of ranged BattleChips. Alright, lets do this then.

- Enjolie

[Attached: Rapid+1]
Oh! Slow it down there love! You know I am interested in you too, yes?

Rather that Charge Program you have on your hand. I'm no liar after all. I believe your asking price was a good 1,500 Zenny, yes? I would certainly put up that amount. For that chip. How about it?

Excuse my fingers, they are operating my dear navi as well as fiddling some business with you.

Oh! I never thought I'd receive another reply so fast! And from such a...Spirited individual. Yes. 1,500z will be just fine for my Charge+1. Thank you.

- Enjolie

[Attached: Charge+1]
Great, we've got a deal!

-Sabrina Jetto
ATTACHMENT: 1000z, Vulcan1 Battlechip data
Such a compromise, but don't make me blush!

A deal it is.


[ATTACHED: 1500z]
Hmmm, it seems that I also have an Attack+1 that isn't really needed. Would either of you like to purchase it? 1,600z would be good.

- Enjolie
Attack+1 sounds spiffy. Count me in!

-Sabrina Jetto
That works for me.

- Enjolie

[Attached: Attack+1]
Meh. Another day. Another trade...or in this case, trades.

Enjolie Gets: 4100z & Vulcan1 Battle Chip

Sadowess Gets: Charge+1 NCP

Sabrina Gets: Attack+1 & Rapid+1 NCP's

There. Done. Now I have nothing to do.

Hee hee! I appreciate your help Tempoman and my partner client. It is however a shame that I missed out on getting that Attack +1 because of my insufficient funds at that moment, as well as my focus on a prickly situation involving myself and my netnavi.

Oh well! I should be thankful for what I have, yes?