Charge +1 NaviCust up for trade

I'm willing to accept a number different trades, any combination of zenny or chips. However, I don't want more NaviCust pieces, so don't waste time trying to offer it.

For starting offers... just plain zenny is around 1500z for the Charge. I think that's reasonable, but I'm up for negotiation, or bidding.

Chips... well... I'll see what you've got.

--Ceres Notara
On second thought, I am offering up three NaviCust pieces.
Attack +1
Charge +1
Rapid +1
Each goes to the best offer. We'll start at... well, I don't know. Zenny is preferable to chips, however.

--Ceres Notara

You're bent on crippling me, aren't you...?

I will offer two heatshots for the rapid.

Well, I see that you do have a lot of them...
However, I'd prefer to do half-chips half-zenny, if that's possible.

--Ceres Notara
I am prepared to offer 1000z, two heatshots, and a shotgun for the attack +1 and rapid +1 together or 800z and a heatshot for just the rapid+1. I have very little zenny at the moment therefore I can't use it as readily as you might like.
It sounds good for the both together.

As of now, there seem to be no better offers, so...
Done and done!


ATTACHED: Rapid +1, Attack +1
EXPECTED: Heatshot x2, Shotgun x1, 1000z

Nice doing business with you.

--Ceres Notara

OK, so it wasn't so bad.


OOC: I think this will be effective for me, at least, after my current busting thread, correct?
((Yes, that is basically correct))



Attached: Heatshot x2, Shotgun x1, 1000z
Two trades in such a short time. I guess I'll pull through. Maybe the boards will get more crowded soon. I'll initiate the transfer now.

Chad gets: 1x Rapid +1; 1x Attack +1.
Ceres gets: 2x Heatshot; 1x Shotgun; 1000z.

Is this all?
That's all for now; there've been no offers for the Charge +1 just yet.
However, I think it'll be a while until anyone DOES offer, so, yes, thank you, that is all for now.

Yo, 1700z for your Charge thing.



--Ceres Notara
better offer came along. sorry