Cindy and Elementkid (E-Kid)


Name: Cindy Wen

Age: 9

Gender: Female

Appearance: Cindy is a very timid girl, she has brown hair, blue eyes, and light-white skin. She has a speical pearl neckless with silver stringing and sides. Her everyday outfit is always white in some way, mostly white dresses and skirts. She also has silver and pearl rings as well.

Personality: Timid, mood swings to super angry at rare times.

PET Modifications: Silver-white with auto-chip storing area on bottom (no effect on battle-chips, just a easy to use chip storage.). Search Program, (no use in battle unless I want to do an army style take out battle in my RPG if I run out of things to say.) and basic round hold. (To like, say attach it on my wrist so I don't have to hold it.)


Name: Rainbowkid (R-Kid) /Cosmic-name-changed

Gender: Male (or boy to be more exact)

Element: Normal (or something like that, I don't know what 'Elemental" fit in the element area)

Type: Cursor

Appearance: R-Kid is a boy NAVI with white colored armor, search lens, grayish under-armor suit, lots of gems that look like theres rainbowish glowing goo inside them, And a rainbow-power crystal on his chest. He also has a rainbow-jet on his back. (like a jet-pack that leaves behind a rainbow that lasts a few seconds instead of smoke.)

Personality: Timid, likes to be around bigger NAVI.

Custom Weapon: The Rainbow Cystal on his chest, and all fire/wood/water/ and elec chips can also be used as a power source to use a element blast form his crystal based on the chip effect and element.

Signature Attack: Rainbow Flash, 5 cooldown
60 dmg to one enemy,
or Blind one enemy

Everyone starts off with 0 zenny, 100 HP, a basic chipset of Cannon Shotgun and Rageclaw, and a basic navicust pack consisting of an Undershirt, Attack+1, Charge+1, and a Rapid+1.

And I would like to transfer my sword and two HP memory, a heatshot, and a.... um... ermmm........ minibomb?
A few things. First, you're going to need to put your descriptions into sentence form. Second, since you're using ranged attacks and having him equipped with a 'search lens', I'd say he sounds like a Cursor type. Third, for element he can either be Heat, Aqua, Elec, Wood, or Normal, which I'm guessing you're going with the normal option. Fourth, what does the Search Program do exactly? Fifth, for the storage of chips PET option: I think this will be fine as long as you don't use it to use chips while your navi is unop-ed. Sixth, you were from RE:CN, correct? If so, you can carry over some 'legacy items'. See here for details:
Opps, changed the sig when you posted, anyways

1. will do

2. kk

3. yep

4. search and hide, thats it, it would look kinda like seachmans thing, but more basic.

5. fine by me.

6. Ok, I'll do that.

Cut the options on your Sig down to 2, unless you want to take a damage cap cut. ;p

Simply put, you're trying to do too much with one attack.
ok, 3 choices and 5 cooldown.
Might just want to say 60 splittable damage and make it a three turn CD. 10 to all plus blind is a bit much for a level one sig.

... your first and 3rd option can just be worded as a single thing.
And we're not taking "hit all" attacks until... at least Process Upgrade Level 3.
oh..... changed to 2 choices and 4 cooldown
Is ElementKid an acceptable name when there is an ElementMan in MMBN6?
Cosmetic name-change to RainbowKid? XD
And there's still the "10 to all+blind" attack. That's still not doable for a lvl 1 sig.

Quote ()

Signature Attack: Rainbow Flash, 4 cooldown
70 dmg to one enemy,
Blind two enemy (5th try)

What's the fifth try thing mean, exactly?
Nothing, it just mean That the 5th change in the sig attack, just for me to remeber, you can ignore it
Okay, it all loks fine. Now back to the subject of legacy items. Is an HP memory and Sword all you want? By two things on the list it was meant that you can choose two bullets. In other words, if you had at least two HP memories, you can transfer two. Also for the chips, you can transfer two more, as long as their value in the chip shop ain't over 5000z when combined with the sword's price.

ok, two HP memory, a sword, guard, and heatshot would be good.
Majin, are you sure you're OK with that attack as a 1st level with no upgrades?
True, 70 damage + effect = over the 70 cap.

I'd say blind is worth 10 damage, so you're ten damage over the cap. The good news is that if it's brought down to 70 damage equivilent, it'll be four turn cooldown.

Also, Guards aren't for sale in Soryu's shop, and thus, are ineligible for legacy.