Selling Buster Parts

Yep, I'm selling off these NC parts for chips to broaden my Navi's range of combat abilities. Best offers get results.

Speaking of which my Navi has gone missing. If you find him, please contact Sci-Lab.

-- J.T.
For navi cust... Well, I could do two of the thunder chips Me and my navi have for a rapid +1 if you have one. And here is to hoping you find your navi.

~Virgil "Monty" Junker
I'd rather enchance my own strenght than hoard weak chips... Why use strategy when all what it boils down to, in the end, is who has more power, and greater will to win.

That said, I'd gladly trade this useless airshot and a guard1 for one of your Attack + 1 NCPs.

- Valkyrie.exe

You heard the lady. Airshot+guard1 for an attack+1 navi cust program. This doesn't seem like a deal I'd refuse, so I'll attach the chips in advance;

- Sieg

Attched: guard1, airshot
@ Virgil: I'll even throw in 500 Zenny since they're both Elec type chips. And thanks.

Attached: Rapid+1 NCP, 500 Zenny

@ Sieg: Nope, can't pass that up. Deal.

Attached: Attack+1

-- J.T.
Alright, well. I'll have to attach them after this fight in Sharo but I will have them up as soon a possible. Also, feel free to call me "Monty" if you want.

~Virgil "Monty" Junker
I'll take the other Attack+1 and the Charge+1. How much in chips would that cost me?
Folder data attached, so you can review it.


<Attached: Folderdata.dat>
Well, I can now attach the two chips now.

*Attach two Thunder 1 chips*
~Virgil "Monty" Junker
Thanks for the trade J.T. I'll keep my eyes open for your navi... although, some description would be helpfull.

- Sieg

I hope we will face each other one day and compare your "strategy" to my power. If you or your navi ever want to cross steels with me... well, just post a topic of challenge somewhere, I'll be sure to meet with you.

- Valkyrie.exe
I see...

Sieg loses: Guard1, Airshot. Get: ATK +1.
Virgil loses: Thunder1x2. Get: RPD +1, 500z.
J.T. loses: ATK +1, RPD +1, 500z. Get: Thunder1x2, Guard1, Airshot

Have a nice day.

Thanks for the trade.
~Virgil "Monty" Junker
...I understand how it feels to lose something. I don't understand why you're just selling crap instead of looking for what you lost, but-

I'll take that attack+1.

Offer Attached: Vulcan1, Zapring1
Better than one person keeping an eye out is several people keeping an eye out, yes? As for what he looks like... He's a 15 foot walking tower of steel and weapons. Kinda hard to miss something like that in a crowd. Still, try as I might, even with the gear I have at my disposal, the net's a big place. Finding one Navi without help would be nigh impossible, since he's malfunctioning. If you do see him, exercise caution.

I've used up enough of Tempoman's BBS space for this. I accept the trade. -- J.T.

Attached: Attack+1 NCP
Oh don't worry about it J.T. I've technically got nothing better to do...
Syne's going to kill me.

Erin Lose: Vulcan1, Zapring1. Get: ATK +1.
J.T Lose: ATK +1. Get: Vulcan1, Zapring1.