Who wants Plus Parts?

I'll be honest with myself; I don't like my Navi using buster attacks if I can help it, I'd rather use chip attacks if possible. So, if anyone wants an Attack+1, Rapid+1, or Charge+1, make me an offer. No real preference about chips or zenny, both are equally desired. So come on people, let's hear some offers!

-Brandon Jetto
I would like the rapid and attack for 3000 together, if that's possible.
I am willing to offer a shotgun chip, and up to three cannons total for the items. If you see anything else from my chip foulder that is particularly likable, feel free to make an offer.

One shotgun, both energy bombs, and a guard1 are currently on que for someone else, unless you make a better offer.
Huh...my brother originally made this post, and I have his stuff now. But eh, I don't have my Navi use buster attacks much anyway, so let's see...3000z for those works, Rein. And unnamed second person, I don't see any chips that really interest me. I have a ton of Shotgun chips, and nothing else really interests me, so...yeah.

EDIT: Oh crap, I forgot that I traded the Rapid+1 earlier. I'll sell the Attack+1 for 1600z, if you're still interested in that.

-Sabrina Jetto
I'll take it for 1500.

Specific, aren't we? Oh well, 1500z will do.

Attached: Attack +1 NCP
Indeed. Limited amounts of money will do that to a person.


Nice doing business with you.

Another acceptable trade for Rein. Quite insistent on price, aren't we?

Attack+1 >>> Rein
1,500z >>> Sabrina Jetto