In need of Charge Power.

I'd like to trade my Rapid +1 for your Charge +1. I am working on my Navi's healing programs and could use this boost. Help me and we might help you out in a virus run. You wouldn't regret it.

- Area -
Charge+1 for Rapid+1....hmm, a fair trade for me. Hold on, I'm uninstalling my Charge+1



An excellent decision. I thank you for this trade. It will help my Navi greatly in achieving near immortality.

- Area -

- Attached: 1x Rapid+1 NCP
A simple swap.

Area gets: 1x Charge+1 NCP

Kai gets: 1x Rapid+1 NCP
Thank you Kai. Once I find the time to register an e-mail, I'll be sure to place it here. I'm currently occupied but if you need a healing Navi on your side, be sure to give me a call.

- Area -
Sure, I'll keep that in mind...Thanks anyway