With a usual burst of light, SplashLady once more arrived in a Net she knew well...in a place she'd never even seen before. "Wow, it looks totally empty in here...I guess not many people have business all the way out in Rogue Nets."

"Yeah, the fact we're alone here even though it should be one of the busiest times of day proves that we've come a long way! ...But I'm still kinda nervous about coming here. It could get rough..."

"Well, that's why it's called Rogue Net..." The Aqua Navi took a few steps forward, and started to survey her surroundings. "But since we're here, might as well see how we do!"

"...Right. Go ahead!"

And so, with her operator's blessing, she started to venture into the depths of the depths of the Net, in search of 'sparring partners'.

(searching for Battle #1)
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SplashLady would soon find herself ankle deep in water.

And it was here that she found her sparring partners. The first sign came when she heard a faint buzzing. After only a moment, it became clear that she had been approached by viruses. As she found herself on the RogueNet, it was likely that they'd be trouble.

The viruses consisted of two red colored bees and a dark blue cloud.

And worst of all they seemed ready to attack her!

Battle Summary:
SplashLady.EXE: 275 HP

EleWaspA: 130 HP
EleWaspB: 130 HP
ClouiderA: 140 HP

100% Sea [Everywhere]


...Hoooo boy. There were only three viruses, and yet the power they were emanating might be greater than the hordes of ordinary ones she had seen in ACDC not long ago. And with two of them being electrical...it might be wise to finish this before she could get stung or rained on. Sometimes being a Navi could be rough. "Well, here we go..."

"No point in standing around talking against viruses like those...let's delete first, and talk later!" And thus, the first chip sent to Yoka's Rogue Net in a good while was slotted in, its data having begun to be transferred. "First up, the Cloudier! Battlechip, Arrow! Slot in!"

"Right!" SplashLady raised her spear slightly, as a spark began to form at its tip. It quickly grew, and grew...until the lower form of EleWasp, EleBee, fluttered in place. However, without warning, it bolted from the Navi's space, and headed straight for the umbrella-wielding cloud, as if subconsciously ignoring its more powerful bretheren. As it approached its target, it raised its sharp stinger, crackling with thunderous energy, and attempted to plunge it into the dangerous, semi-sentinent water vapor.

But that was the easy part. The existing eletrical insects would be incrementally more insidious to eliminate. They were quick, so if there was a way to stop them in their tracks-er, flight paths...aha!" "SplashLady, get ready to move and attack! Battlechip, AreaGrab! Battlechip, Blizzard! Double slot in!"

The mermaid Navi disappeared without a trace, granting the EleWasps a moment of silence. Or so it would have appeared. She suddenly reformed behind the electric vespids, her right arm now replaced with what could possibly pass for an old air conditioner, with a large vent in front to blow cold air upon those in front of it. This proved to be truer than anyone could have possibly imagined, as a gale of icy wind swirled forth, spreading as it moved ahead, and potentially blasting the twin insects with icy energy. The fact they were directly over easily chillable water wouldn't make the experience any more pleasant...if they remained within range, anyway.

"And now for the final blow...I hope!" Sabrina sent over the chip data for one final attack, this chip featuring the picture of a Lark virus. "Battlechip, WideShot! Slot in!"

The vent glowed for a moment, as it transformed into a wide-mouthed, light blue gun, with a pink mouth. There was no further delay in the attacking, as in the blink of an eye, a blast of water emerged forth from it, capable of rending multiple weak viruses from its sheer force. But considering the craftiness of V2 viruses, there was neither room for error, nor relaxing if one had managed to avoid any of the various elemental attacks. And thus, SplashLady began to step back from where she had last seen the EleWasp and Cloudier, to give herself more room to evade attacks if need be.

[Order of Turn:
1-Arrow1 chip attack on Cloudier (100, Elec, Homing)
2-AreaGrab chip to behind EleWasps (teleports user)
3-Blizzard chip attack on EleWaspA and EleWaspB (100+15, Aqua, makes Ice terrain, boosted chance to freeze on Aqua-element terrain)
4-WideShot1 chip attack on EleWaspA and EleWaspB (60+15, Aqua)
5-Dodge like heck (if necessary)]
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SplashLady started off with some fancy archery skills, basically blasting the Cloudier out of the air with her electric arrow and singing it to nothing. And EleWasp took this chance to CHARGE STRAIGHT AT HER. Fortunately, she Areagrabbed right out of the way and appeared behind the second EleWasp.

Activating a pretty powerful chip in her repertoire, SplashLady pretty much froze everything in front of her, except the other EleWasp, before knocking it out with a Wideshot.

Before she could move, the persisting EleWasp crashed into her, this time making its mark as it's stinger jolted 600 volts of electricity into her system, the sea terrain and her natural rejection to this kind of treatment only worsened the damage.

SplashLady.EXE: 95 HP

EleWaspA: 130 HP
ClouiderA: DELETED

30% Ice (Right in front of SplashLady)
70% Sea [Everywhere else]

Suffice it to say that between the water she was standing on and the water inside of her, SplashLady was completely and thoroughly zapped by the stinger of the EleWasp. She fell to one knee, panting from the sheer force of the yelling in pain. "Hah...hah...wow, that was...painful..."

"I've never seen a virus move that fast...guess the Rogue Net viruses are more than just powerful, huh?" Sabrina somehow remained calm, despite watching her Navi's HP drop by well over half in literally one fell swoop. Of course, that made deciding the next course of action a little easier..."Time to heal up! Battlechip, Recover120! Slot in!"

The mermaid Navi glowed pink for a moment, as the leftover electricity from the sting vanished, as did some of the injuries sustained by it. Now possessing the strength to do so with ease, she stood up, and pointed her spear towards the remaining insect. "Phew, now I'm ready to go again! Thanks, Sabrina!"

"Don't mention it!" Now for the plan she needed to make up. "All right, as far as I know, an EleWasp's only attack is to sting you. So, how about we try returning the favor? Wait for it to start charging, and then counter with your Aqua Ram! It should be safer while you're in that form, since you won't be hitting it directly." Hmm, not too shabby, considering the operator made it up as she went along.

A small amount of water began to spew from the tip of SplashLady's weapon, as she began to prepare one of her signature attacks. Now she just had to get a feel for the lightning quick virus's movements, which was easier said than done. But nonetheless, she attempted to read its motions as she tried to keep her spearhead trained on the cracking vespid, waiting for the moment where it began its-

Charge! As it appeared that the wasp was beginning its attack, the trickle coming from the spear erupted into a shower of water energy, and began to race forward at its own incredible speed, carrying its wielder and making her airborne from sheer speed. The two remaining battle participants dashed in the air at each other, with SplashLady eventually speed past it...and possibly right through it. However, before the effects of the spear rush wore off, she performed a wide turn, landing gently on a more solid panel. ...She wasn't sure why she did it, but there she was.

But suffice it to say that there were lingering doubts about the deletion of the EleWasp. And that meant it was time to turn to the chip folder once more. "All right, back up plan in case that didn't work! Battlechip, IronShield! Battlechip, AquaSword! Double slot in!"

Naturally, a large shield formed on the ice in front of the mermaid Navi...looked like heading for the ice panels was a good idea, after all. At the same time, the spear's head radically changed, becoming razor sharp, and the length of a short sword. Now, for her role...she turned her back towards the IronShield, though taking care not to touch it, and prepared her weapon to stab or slash whatever stinging insect might try to race towards her again.

[Order of Turn:
1-Recover120 chip on SplashLady (120, Recovery)
2-Take aim/wait for EleWaspA to begin its attack
3-Aqua Ram sig attack on EleWaspA (130, Aqua, Impact, Knockback); land on Ice panel
4-IronShield1 chip (2-hit shield)
5-AquaSword chip attack on nearby EleWaspA (80+15, Aqua)]
SplashLady soon recovered herself with a powerful healing chip and got back to work. She lay in wait for the EleWasp's next attack, which happened sooner than expected, but the aquatic battler wasn't about to give up.

Charging her spear with the power from the ocean, SplashLady took the virus head on, crashing into it and deleting it successfully with no damage to herself.

And rewards fell from the sky.

SplashLady.EXE: 215 HP (Ice)

ClouiderA: DELETED

30% Ice (SplashLady)
70% Sea [Everywhere else]

Get: Arrow2, 1000z
...That went well. The data that appeared was quickly accessed, and its hefty rewards known. "We've got some new chip data in here! Its data signature's like a EleWasp, so I guess it's an upgraded Arrow! I'll send it over now!" The cash and chip data once more became skyward, this time to leave the entire Net proper.

A red-tinted electrical bee appeared on Sabrina's PET's screen, which copied itself onto a blank chip, and shot forth from the chip slot right into the operator's hand. "Arrow2...sweet! Guess we don't need the 1 anymore..." A quick switcheroo was performed, with the lesser version finding its way into her spare chip pocket. "All right, two questions. First, wanna keep going? I can understand if you don't want to move on after that..."

"It's okay, I'm fine with moving on! Though I could use a little more healing, I think..."

"Roger that!" Time for a pouch Sabrina virtually never accessed...the SubChip pouch. Pulling a single chip from it, she inserted it into her PET, watching as her Navi was healed up a bit more. "That good enough?"

"Yep! Thanks!" More or less as good as new, SplashLady stared ahead for a moment, trying to fathom just what could possibly be lurking further in...but that wasn't going to help, so she simply kept moving, on the lookout for more potential enemies.

(1 MiniEnergy SubChip used, searching for Battle #2)
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Swimming further into the water, SplashLady noticed something else swimming around her and stopped. Narrowing her eyes, the mermaid shifted and flipped out of the way as Piranhas with erupted from the water and peppered her with tridents. The Piranhas resubmerged into the water, circling SplashLady.


Piranha2A: 120 HP
Piranha2B: 120 HP
Piranha2C: 120 HP
Piranha2D: 120 HP
Piranha2E: 120 HP

100% Sea

SplashLady.exe: 265 HP

For some reason, SplashLady hadn't consciously realized it by now. But now it just seemed obvious...Yoka's Rogue Net made its regular Net look like a desert by comparison. Of course, with the beefed up Piranha viruses now surrounding her, there was little time to appreciate the fact...but, unlike most Navis, she could use said fact always take the fight to them. And so she did, by taking a dive beneath the waves, allowing her to see them at eye level. "Guess we get an underwater battle, huh Sabrina?"

"Well, we COULD try to delete them from up top...but eh, that's not as fun!" Yep, there was truly nothing quite like battling in the depths. At least that's what the operator figured was the case for aquatic Navis. "Well, they've got us surrounded. Guess that means we should just break through the line! Battlechip, DashAttack! Slot in!"

The mermaid Navi's left hand faded, allowing for the formation of a Fishy virus in the space it usually occupied. Almost immediately, its wings spread, causing the attached Navi to be dragged along, albeit with full control over the direction they were soaring in. But, it seemed like kind of a waste to just blast through maybe one virus with a perfectly good attacking chip...so she tilted the green bird a bit left, allowing her to circle the entire group in an onrush of potentional pain. One revolution was all the attack had in it, though, giving SplashLady just enough to get away from the needle spitting fish. "There, that oughta weaken a few viruses!"

...Okay, that was NOT part of her gameplan. Needless to say, Sabrina was less than pleased. "Hey! That's not what you were supposed to do! ...But I guess there's no point in getting mad about it now. Fine, if that weakened them, go ahead and use this to get rid of a couple for good! Battlechip, AquaNeedle! Slot in!"

The Navi made a motion with her spear, as if deliberately pointing towards the viruses in order to tell someone else something. And the reason for it soon became clear, as a faint 'PLUNK' noise could be heard overhead. And then another 'PLUNK'. And a third. A look up quickly revealed the source: three needles had dropped from unknown origin, their path straight and true towards a trio of the Piranha, rushing to their appointed targets like they were missiles.

...Uh, shoot. Sabrina suddenly recalled the previous battle, where by repeatedly attacking, an Elewasp got a powerful shot in. Maybe it was better to call off the hounds before finishing the job? "Um, SplashLady? I think we should stop attacking for a minute, so you can focus on avoiding as many needles as you can..."

"Right!" She, too, wasn't a fan of seeing herself get stuck with razor sharp arrows. And so long as they didn't move too quickly, they should be coming from the same general direction. With that knowledge in mind, she started to prepare to swim in an according direction, to avoid the inevitable metal spears.

[Order of Turn:
2-DashAttack chip attack on Piranha2A, Piranha2B, Piranha2C, Piranha2D, and Piranha2E (90, Impact)
3-AquaNeedle1 chip attack on Piranha2A, Piranha2B, and Piranha2C (20+15, Aqua)
4-Evasive swimming
5-MORE evasive swimming]
SplashLady commenced her attack, diving into the murky waters to do battle with the viruses.

Apparently the viruses didn't see this coming, but most of them definitely moved out of the way as SplashLady prepared her Dash Attack and rocketed toward them, crashing into only one virus.

The mermaid continued on her attack, sending Aquaneedles at three Piranhas and successfully skewering them for the moment. The surviving Piranhas did what they did best, fire needles, and boy did SplashLady swim away, one of them nicked her in the foot though.

Piranha2A: 85 HP
Piranha2B: 85 HP
Piranha2C: DELETED
Piranha2D: 120 HP
Piranha2E: 120 HP

100% Sea

SplashLady.exe: 225 HP
Mental note: DashAttack's steering works slightly different underwater. Also it's easier to avoid. Yeah...in retrospect, that probably wasn't the greatest idea. "I think we need to rethink how we fight these guys..." But what else could they do? The underwater aspect was nice, but it didn't stop it from being trickier than regular battles. ...And what was that ticking her nose? Probably just some leftover swirling water from the DashAttack, but...ah! That gave her a very, very nice idea. "Sabrina! That AquaWhirl we got from the BlarghShark...did you put it in our folder?"

Sabrina dug through her chips for a moment, before pulling out one with a picture of a crab-like thing inside a water tornado. "Yeah, it's in there. Why?"

"Well, I got an idea. We could use it, and it could make a sort of whirlpool to suck in all the viruses!"

"Hey, that's a good idea! I don't think that'll work on its own though...that's why I'm sending this, too!" One chip, inserted. Two chips, inserted. "Battlechip, AreaGrab! Battlechip, AquaWhirl! Double slot-in!"

SplashLady vanished from her spot, instantly moving and reappearing around the group of fish viruses. She floated there for a second, before extending her arms to each side, her spear even joining in on the perpendicular angling. And then...she began to spin. And spin. And spin. Before long, it was difficult to tell there was a Navi in that location, due to all the swirling water surrounding her and distorting the vision of outsiders.

But would that alone be devastating to the Piranha2? The operator had her doubts. Time to add a little extra force to the twister. "Get your spear ready, I'm going to give this plan some more power! Battlechip, AquaSword! Slot in!"

Though it was virtually impossible to see, the mermaid Navi's spear head disappeared, making way for a razor sharp sword to tip it. With that, the vortex began to widen in varying spots, influenced by the extended blade. And thus the combo was complete, with the Navi spinning, hopefully sucking in viruses, and slicing them in twain. Unfortunately, it couldn't last forever, and so around the time the sword faded due to use, SplashLady herself came to a standstill. At least, her body did. Her insides felt otherwise. "Uhh...which way is up...?" The obvious, yet overlooked downside of creating a whirlpool out of oneself; she was now dizzy to ridiculous proportions. If any viruses withstood the underwater typhoon, she was nothing short of a sitting duck for their attacks...

[Order of Turn:
1-AreaGrab to near Piranha2 group (teleports user)
2-AquaWhirl1 in same spot as SplashLady, to create a whirlpool (70+15, Aqua, affected by wind)
3-AquaSword chip attack on 3 sucked in viruses (80+15, Aqua, Slashing)
4-AquaSword chip attack on 3 sucked in viruses (80+15, Aqua, Slashing)
5-AquaSword chip attack on 3 sucked in viruses (80+15, Aqua, Slashing)]
((AquaWhirl doesn't pull the viruses in...but I'm tired and blah blah blah blah))\


Piranha2A: DELETED
Piranha2B: DELETED
Piranha2C: DELETED
Piranha2D: 120 HP
Piranha2E: 25 HP

100% Sea

SplashLady.exe: 140 HP