Change-over into Rogue

After jacking in, Tennisman found himself in a foreign part of the ACDC network he had never before explored. Considering the amount of time he had logged on this network, he found it very unusual that everything seemed a little darker.

"You still okay?" Desmond checked again.

Tennisman nodded and proceeded to survey his surroundings to get his bearings straight.

((Battle 1))
Wasn't long before Tennisman ended up with viruses. Strangely enough (or maybe not), it was more than familiar-looking. Almost like traveling back in time. Except that you ended up in an alternate universe where the intro-battle Metools get pumped more than twice their strength. So yeah, let's battle.

Metool2A: 100HP
Metool2B: 100HP
Metool2C: 100HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

"That's not right... Those are Metools." Desmond stated.

Tennisman nodded and prepared an Ace Serve to dispatch them but was stopped by his operator.

"No, I mean that's NOT RIGHT. They have too much health and they have twos at the end of their names. This is really weird."

Tennisman noticed they were coloured differently as well but didn't pay much attention to that minor detail until now. He had encountered EX versions before but theses were something completely different. He didn't want to take chances and decided to raise his defences before engaging them seriously. Deuce steeled his frame as Tennisman blocked off his weak points with his racket's face.

"Magnum." Tennisman said, glaring down the trio of viruses.

Desmond was still a little bewildered but complied with a slur, "Uhhh... Right. Got it."

The single Magnum round split itself in the chamber of his buster as he took aim. It was a basic triangular formation and he took into account for their relative distances and movements. Raising his arm and dividing his attention between all three viruses, he discharged the weapon in a powerful burst that nearly toppled him. He skidded back a few steps and readied himself to sidestep a counterattack.

"Did you get them?" Desmond asked.

Not content to leave his victory to chance, Tennisman requested another chip, "BigHammer."

A large mallet appeared in his free hand as he deftly wielded his racket in the other. The heavy head of the hammer made it difficult to hold up but Metools weren't exactly known for their speed. If any of them had managed to survive, Tennisman was ready to finish the job.

Deuce - Armour Junction (160 HP casing)
1 - Rally Defence + Reinforce (6-hit shield)
2 - charge Magnum
3 - charge Magnum
4 - Magnum Metool2A, Metool2B, Metool2C (120 damage + break + panel break)
5 - dodge
6 - BigHammer Metool2B (160 damage + impact + break)


Terrain: 100% Normal

TennisMan.EXE: 290 HP
Deuce.SP: 180 HP

As he collected his rewards and was about to move on, something stopped Tennisman in his tracks. Something suddenly twinged in his chest forcing him to wince.

"What happened? Did one of the shockwaves get through?" Desmond asked.

Deuce was quick to answer for him, "No... That's not it."

As the feeling subsided, Tennisman was left wondering what it could have been. The only conclusion he could come up with was the residual effect of fighting with Squalo and the beastout program that lay dormant inside of him.

"We good to go?" Desmond asked, "If not, I'm going to move some chips around."

Tennisman nodded absentmindedly and moved on, partially enticed by what the new network had to offer but mainly spurred on by a calling that he could only describe as a desire to hunt.

Quote ()

Folder Edit:
-Zapring Out
-Fireburn Out
-HolyPanel Out

-IronShell In
-RemoteBit In
-N.O.Beam1 In

((Battle 2))
TennisMan walked through the Rogue ACDC, finding this place to be lot more hostile compare to its normal counter part. He found him self at the base of a hill with a pretty steep slope upwards. If climbing up this hill wouldn't suck now, five viruses proudly stood at the top of the hill, looking straight down at their target and began to prepare their attacks!

-King of the hills-
Beetank2A: 120 HP
Beetank2B: 120 HP
Beetank2C: 120 HP
Cacty2A: 150 HP
Cacty2B: 150 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal [Upward slope]

TennisMan.EXE: 290 HP [Bottom of the hill]
Deuce.SP: 180 HP

Spotting the viruses atop the hill, Tennisman considered what kind of chips would be best to deal with the situation, but his operator had other plans.

"Alright! Let's test out some new chips!" Desmond stated eagerly, "Let's go N.O.Beam!"

The battlechip was slotted in and Tennisman let the data load. Recalling the virus that had dropped the chip data, he readied his buster to fire, assuming that it was a beam of energy like the name suggested. He took aim at the group of Beetanks, believing he would be able to take advantage of the Cactys' inherent weakness to fire later. He braced himself for the recoil as the energy levels peaked in the chamber of his gun. A bright light gathered at the tip of his barrel before finally unleashing a magnificent...


The light faded and the chip data had been expended. All the Beetanks were still alive and looked as if they were about to attack.

"Oh shi-" Deuce muttered.

Desmond's shouting muffled the racket, "MOVE! MOVE! MOVE!"

Tennisman darted to the side in a panicked scramble but kept his eyes on the viruses just to see exactly what he was avoiding. He knew that Beetanks lobbed bombs and given their added height on top of that hill, their arcs would be higher allowing him ample time to react. However, the Cactys would more than likely benefit from the slope and gain momentum much faster. It was a trade-off he was willing to cope with as he secured his defences and considered what to do.

"HeatBreath." Tennisman said, practically holding Deuce over his head like an umbrella.

Desmond called back, "Man, what about the other chips? I wanted to try those out too!"

"Test them when we're not getting wailed on!" Deuce retorted.

Waiting for the Cactys to roll down, Tennisman breathed in and let the Heatbreath take form. Cold air sparked into flame as he spat out rolling inferno in a blazing display. Even after the fire died down, the haze remained over a patch of fresh lava panels.

1 - N.O.Beam1 (nothing)
2 - dodge
3 - dodge
4 - Reflex Volley (80 HP barrier)
Deuce - Armour Junction (160 HP casing)
5 - Take aim or move appropriately
6 - HeatBreath Cacty2A, Cacty2B (90 damage) x2
To the viruses' surprise, they found themselves unharmed by the N.O. Beams that TennisMan was preparing. The Beetanks raised their barrels up in the air and began to fire volley of bombs towards their target and Cacty hurled their heads down the hill. TennisMan tried to dodge as much as he could, but he was unable to suppress all of the attack and inevitably had to activate his Reflex Volley to knock one away in the last second.

The Cacty's head was quickly coming in to finish what the Beetanks were doing crashed directly at their target!...However, they realized that their attacks didn't inflict any damages as TennisMan redirected the attack in the last second and blasted the two virus with his heatbreath.

-King of the hills-
Beetank2A: 120 HP
Beetank2B: 120 HP
Beetank2C: 120 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal [Upward slope]

TennisMan.EXE: 290 HP [Bottom of the hill] [Barrier Destroyed]
Deuce.SP: 180 HP [Defense]
Even with the added distance, the Beetanks were still too much of a threat to deal with from his position. They weren't accurate but they certainly made up for it with their tenacity and blast radii. Tennisman craned his neck up at the viruses and knew he didn't want to fight this literal uphill battle while his enemies rained explosives down along his path.

"Well, we could always take a short cut." Deuce suggested.

Tennisman was inclined to agree and prepared to perform a Split Step to ambush the viruses from behind. He considered it optimal if he could do it just as they attacked and before they had a chance to reload to better his chances at surprising them and hunched down in preparation.

He gave two quick practice breaths and asked for a chip, "Katana."

The sound of cannons unloading another volley of bombs acted as Tennisman's cue. He pushed off the ground and leapt through the expanse of space, reappearing behind the Beetanks with his sword ready. Targetting the viruses individually, cross slash combinations were unleashed in rapid succession upon two of the unwitting Beetanks. The Katana's form began to deteriorate and fall apart, leaving Tennisman with only Deuce in hand. It was enough for him as he followed up his flurry of sword strikes with a cluster of tennis balls. The navi was quick to execute his signature Ace Serve before the final shattered remains of his Katana hit the floor.

Deuce Casing - Brace (halves damage of one attack)
1 - Split Step up the hill (teleport)
2 - Katana Beetank2B (2 x 60 damage), Beetank2C (60 damage)
3 - Katana Beetank2B (60 damage), Beetank2C (2 x 60 damage)
4 - Ace Serve Beetank2A (4 x 30 damage)
5 - dodge
6 - dodge
The Beetanks started off their cannon fire just as Tennisman initiated his Split Step maneuver, moving out of range of their deadly bomb barrage. Their deaths were not dragged out, as the katana in his hand moved gracefully through the air, ending the short life of two of the rounded artillery viruses. A flurry of tennis balls followed suit, blasting the remaining 'tank with impunity.

-King of the hills-
Beetank2A: DELETED
Beetank2B: DELETED
Beetank2C: DELETED

Terrain: 100% Normal [Upward slope]

TennisMan.EXE: 290 HP [Bottom of the hill] [Barrier Destroyed]
Deuce.SP: 180 HP [Defense]


- [CactBall2] Battlechip
- 1200z
- 15+34 BugFrags
Fueled by his victory and an unseen force, each of Tennisman's breaths grew louder and more intense. His body tensed as he seemingly restrained himself from lashing out.

"...Dude, chill. We won already." Desmond said with mild concern in his voice.

"More..." Tennisman grumbled and snapped his head around, searching for something in the air.

"What's wrong with you?" Deuce asked, "Your grip is all wrong. That's not like you at all."

Mysterious vapor trails began to spread from his body and mouth before he took a sudden interest in something in the distance. His eyes opened wide and he took off in a dash to give chase like some wild animal, dragging Deuce in tow.

"He- HEY! Where're you going!?" His operator shouted.

((Battle 3))
Moving onwards into the ACDC Rogue network, Tennisman came across a rather decrepit area. Cracked here and there, and even a missing panel somewhere in the mix. Wasn't the problem of the viruses that approached him, however, which were flying red Fishy and similarly-colored Powies, all of which were completely immune to the terrain. The same couldn't be said about the guy fighting them, though.

Fishy2A: 150HP
Fishy2B: 150HP
Fishy2C: 150HP
Powie2A: 140HP
Powie2B: 140HP

Terrain: 60% Normal, 35% Cracked, 5% Missing

TennisMan.EXE: 290 HP
Deuce.SP: 180 HP

Tennisman's eagerness to fight seemed to build at the sight of the new viruses. Normally a collected individual, his haggard breaths and hunched appearance marked him as a crazed madman.

"...Ow, OW! Gripping too hard! Too hard!" complained Deuce as the navi fingers crushed into his racket's handle.

"DUDE! GET A GRIP!" Desmond shouted before realizing the irony of his statement, "...Sorry Deuce. No, seriously! CALM DOWN!"

His breathing slowed and the mist from his body subsided as Tennisman slowly regained control of his senses. Practically ashamed of himself, he covered his face with one palm and wiped an almost unnatural amount of moisture beading along his brow.

"What is happening to me?" He muttered to himself.

Deuce quickly snapped him out of his contemplation, "You can think about that later! Viruses first!"

Tennisman nodded and came up with a quick plan of action, "Moonblade and two Kunais."

Temporarily ignoring the Powies in favour of dealing with the Fishy viruses first, Tennisman braced himself as he charged into the fray, taking careful note of the large gaping chasm on the battlefield. His free hand, still drenched with sweat, spawned a small blackened Moonblade. With a spinning sweep of his arm, he painted a thin steel arc that wrapped around his body. Keeping with the momentum of his attack, he attempted to slip past the viruses before arming himself with an array of tiny daggers. Flicking them at his targets one at a time, the bladed projectiles were sprayed with deadly precision.

"Damn, you're like a freaking ninja." commented his operator.

Deuce - Armour Junction (180 HP casing)
Deuce Casing - Brace (halves damage of one attack)
1 - Reflex Volley (80 HP barrier)
2 - Movement (away from missing)
3 - MoonBlade Fishy2A, Fishy2B, Fishy2C (90 damage)
4 - dodge
5 - Kunai1 Fishy2A, Fishy2B, Fishy2C (30 damage)
6 - Kunai1 Fishy2A, Fishy2B, Fishy2C (30 damage)
As confused as TennisMan was, his sword work still proved its worth when the circling slash managed to his all three targets. He proceeded to rain the wounded Fishys with throwing knifes, but his accuracy wasn't so perfect as he only managed to finish off one. The viruses began their counter assault with the Powie catching TennisMan off guard and descending straight down to crash against his barrier. The Fishy came in next as it broke through TennisMan's defense and crashed against Deuce!

Fishy2A: 60HP
Fishy2B: 30HP
Powie2A: 140HP
Powie2B: 140HP

Terrain: 60% Normal, 35% Cracked, 5% Missing

TennisMan.EXE: 290 HP [Barrier Destroyed]
Deuce.SP: 145 HP [Armor]
"Good thing you didn't take out those Fishys," Desmond said, "Almost forgot I had this chip: Pickpocket!"

At the mere mention of the chip's name, Tennisman immediately turned to thoughts of having to sacrifice his own safety to satisfy his operator's greed. He wasn't opposed to using it if it meant adding another formidable battlechip to his folder, but he wasn't too keen on the idea of having to defend himself against four opponents while he issued his commands. He gritted his teeth and activated the chip with a swipe of his hand. A cluster of data congealed in the empty panel in front of him, taking the shape of pudgy little creature. The model grew more defined and clearer as the data compiled properly - finally taking shape as a brand new Bandacoon. The little raccoon minion sniffed the air and darted its head from side to side wondering which virus to go after. Desmond had his eye on the Fishys so Tennisman was quick to point to the more injured looking of the two, hoping its battle damage would hinder its ability to evade his thief. The Bandacoon locked onto the red wedge in the distance and scampered off.

Tennisman was ready to engage in his own way and made his first request, "Firehit."

Fire sheathed his hands like ethereal boxing gloves as he took aim for the Fishys his Bandacoon was not running after. He let loose a straight right, flinging the majority of the fiery aura free from his fist. It soared through the air like a projectile streaking a trail of ash. He could see his Bandacoon already returning from its errand, prompting him to unleash his attack at the second Fishy with equal ferocity. Another fireball was thrown at the virus in an attempt to delete it before it had a chance to retaliate.

"Nice, nice..." Desmond muttered, caught up in the excitement.

Tennisman was excited too and the feeling of launching those two attacks proved too much for his willpower to handle. The remaining embers around his wrists turned to steam and a ring of blue energy swelled around his feet while more and more mist exuded from his body.

"Wait! What's- ARGH!" Deuce screamed before his voice was silenced in an instant by a forced jack out.

"TENNISMAN!" Desmond shouted, trying to reach his navi before it was too late.

A flare of azure light shot up from the ground below his feet as Tennisman let out a primal howl that shook the network. The strange energy that engulfed him seemed to warp into a pillar of water before exploding outwards, splashing the landscape with a lake's worth of water. Tennisman was back out in the open and his form had changed dramatically. Shark fins protruded from his extremeties and his general appearance had taken on a much more feral look. The lines along his collar seemed to flutter open with each breath like gills and even the bandage on his nose had been replace with a wicked x-shaped scar. The short tennis net that adorned his waist now stretched far behind him, weaving gently through the air like a massive tail.

His operator was in a state of shock, only managing to whisper, "...Tennisman?"

He took one step forward and immediately dove into the water. His streamlined form allowed him to slip in perfectly without a splash, instantly obscuring him from view.

"Yo, Tennisman! You still there? Yo! Come on!" Desmond called out, trying to reach his navi.

A large dorsal fin slowly rose out of the sea, cutting through the water's surface and headed straight for the two Powies.

"Dude, if you're still you, then you can still fight." Desmond said, "Slotting in Aurahead and Windracket. Let's see what you can do."

There was no reply but that wasn't exactly out of character for Tennisman. The fin picked up speed as it approached the viruses, practically on a collision course.

"...Come onnn..." whimpered Desmond.

Tennisman savagely burst from the water in a sudden eruption that completely undermined the grace of his entry. While Tennisman was ramming straight ahead, Desmond could recognize parts of the Aurahead data partially formed in his navi's ferocious rush. It wasn't a perfect execution of the chip, but it meant that a part of his navi was still in control and that was good enough. While still in mid-leap, Tennisman spun around, allowing his tail-like net to slap across the Powies in a powerful wave. A burst of wind and water emulated the Windracket in the most unorthadox method Desmond had seen.

Tennisman landed on his feet after his attacks, quivering as he fought to stay in control.

Deuce Casing - Brace (halves damage of one attack)
1 - Pickpocket Fishy2B (steal zenny/chip)
2 - Firehit Fishy2A (60 damage)
3 - Firehit Fishy2B (60 damage)
* - SQUALO BEASTOUT (Deuce automatically unsummoned) (heal 50 or 50 HP barrier)
4 - Flood Court (1/3 - 2/3 Sea Terrain + Movement)
* - Movement used to submerge
5 - Aurahead Powie2A, Powie2B (90 damage + break)
6 - Windracket Powie2A, Powie2B (100 damage + microburst)
Letting a Pickpocket-summoned Bandcoon scamper off to steal some things from the Fishy, Tennisman began to lose his mind rather slowly. The Bandcoon raced up to the Fishy and knocked one on its side, nearly missing. The Fishy hissed at the pseudo-virus, causing it to flee in terror back to Tennisman, dropping a few zenny along the way before dropping what remained of its catch on his feet. It disappeared moments before the Fishy realized the source of the Bandcoon and dashed off towards him. Unfortunately, this had rather bleak repercussions for the both of them, as Tennisman threw a couple of fiery punches, hitting the bird viruses dead-on and deleting them. The Powies came up to him in anticipation of an attack, but were taken aback as the Navi let loose the Cybeast's coding from inside him. The change was drastic, as Squalo's power surged through his processes. A blue aura appeared to engulf him as he disappeared into the pool of his creation. The Powies were left hanging, but not for long, as the tennis player whacked the living tar out of them. However, one of them had the sense to leap away very quickly as Tennisman's "tail" whipped across the both of them.

Desmond's PET had warning signs practically everywhere as a message laced in red appeared across the middle of the screen.


Powie2B: 50HP

Terrain: 30% Normal, 65% Sea, 5% Missing

TennisMan.EXE: 290 HP [50HP Barrier] [SqualoOUT: 0 Turns Left/BeastOVER imminent]
Deuce.SP: Unsummoned

Pickpocket: 330z
Seeing that the Powie had managed to escape his wrath, the transformed Tennisman let out another bloodcurdling howl and leapt after the virus in an instantaneous flash of speed.

Meanwhile, Desmond had his own problems to contend with as more of those red warnings popped up on his PET screen. He struggled to understand the situation in futility, "What overdrive? Deactivate what!? WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!?"

Tennisman reappeared mid-air behind his target with his arms wide open. His once nimble fingers had grown into vicious bladed crescents, reminiscent of the effects of a Rageclaw. He was still out of melee range of the Powie, but that didn't stop him from unleashing a wide swipe that cleaved through empty space. The lengthy fin along his forearm produced a sharp yellow wave of light that sliced through the air as he completed his swing. Following up with another fierce slash from his other arm, a second wave was launched at the virus, followed in rapid succession by a third and a fourth. Out of momentum and finally reaching the apex of his jump, the navi descended back to the ground in a plummet before slipping back under the cover of his lake.

((Going into BeastOVER))
1 - Split Step (teleport)
2 - Ace Serve (4 x 30 damage)
3 - Submerge
With Tennisman going into the detrimental stage of the BeastOUT, there was no stopping him as his Ace Serve became a deadly wave attack of terror.


Terrain: 30% Normal, 65% Sea, 5% Missing

TennisMan.EXE: 290 HP [50HP Barrier] [BeastOVER - 0 Turns Left]
Deuce.SP: Unsummoned


- 1800z

Battle Effects:
- BeastOVER: 1 Turn Sig/NC/Folder Lock, Poison1 for next battle
With the deletion of the final virus, the battlefield turned eerily serene. Tennisman was no longer in sight and only a small amount of zenny floated on the water's surface like the spoils from a great ship wreck. The red flashing warnings on Desmond's PET closed on their own one by one until everything seemed back to normal.

"...Tennisman?" Desmond called out, almost afraid of the response.

A few bubbles broke the water's surface followed by a splash and a navi's body, gasping for breath. It was Tennisman. He had returned to normal.

"DUDE!" Desmond shouted in relief, "Hoooooly crap! DUUUUDE!"

In between deep gulps of air, Tennisman spoke, "I am... Okay."

Crawling out of the body of water that he had created, he collapsed on the hard floor in a heavy slump. Pain streaked through his body and wracked his mind. He groaned, succumbing to the harsh aftereffects of his exertion.

"Yeah, you totally don't look okay..." Desmond noted, "What happened? Was that the BeastOUT?"

Tennisman murmured something but didn't actually move from his position.

"...Yeah, you look like crap" Desmond said, "I'd jack you out but I don't want you drooling all over the inside of the PET. I'm going to send Deuce back in. Maybe you can use him as a crutch or something while you sober up."

"I can hear you." said the racket.

"My bad." apologized Desmond, jacking Deuce back into the network.

The support program appeared grip first in Tennisman's limp palm. It took a while, but he eventually gathered up the energy to hold the racket with his own strength and partially pick himself up, albeit crawling along like a baby to do so. It practically pained Desmond to see his navi like this and he was about to perform a jack out but unexpectedly found Tennisman locked in.

((Resummon Deuce))
((NCP locked, max HP -50)
((Battle 4))
With Tennisman limping further into ACDC, Desmond returned Deuce to his rightful place on his hand, and searched around for some viruses. And viruses did they find, bouncing and hopping around like there's nothing else better to do. The upgraded Melody, Hellody, bounced around on its spongy exterior, while the springy TuffBunny made tracks everywhere. This led to the disarray of a place already steeped in disrepair, and bad news for honest exploring Navis. More so for crippled and honest exploring Navis.

HellodyA: 140HP
HellodyB: 140HP
HellodyC: 140HP
TuffBunnyA: 100HP
TuffBunnyB: 100HP
TuffBunnyC: 100HP

Terrain: 60% Normal, 30% Cracked, 10% Broken

TennisMan.EXE: 240HP [NCLock1] [SigLock1] [FolderLock1] [Poison1]
Deuce.SP: 180HP