When 2 "new" Navis team up,

((From NetSquare))

A large beam of light, larger than usual, streaked down from the sky and crashed upon the netscape below. Out of this light stepped ResQ and her ANGEL, slowly moving a few paces forward and out of the net transfer zone. Her amber eyes scanned the surrounding area carefully; she handn't been on a public server for over a year, it wasn't the time to let her guard down. "Good," Alexander chimed in, "Stand by here, Dullahan should be here shortly." "Duh..." ResQ muttered under her breath.

She continued scanning over the area, waiting for her new busting partner to arrive.
A brief spark and a spray of black, powdery mist found its' way around an immaterial, humanoid form, revealing the not-exactly-veteran veteran Navigator, Dullahan. Dusting off his mantle, he gave a brief nod to ResQ, deciding that it was a better choice to have her take the lead.

"Just to be safe, Birkenhead-- learn your tools well," the Navigator started, bringing up a shared window with his Operator on his arsenal. The lucky thing was that Birkenhead managed to obtain these many chips and upgrades at a steal-- whoever who sold them off must have been very desperate for money. "Already ahead of you... I think. Not that I know what any of these jargon mean."

A pause. "Also, uh, the network looks surprisingly grounded on physics? Like somewhere that can exist in real life," Birkenhead added, now aloud. Dullahan just quietly allowed the lecturer to explore the world alien from his, even as he eyed his surroundings-- much like ResQ was doing-- for any immediate threats.

"Do you have a clue where to go, lady?" Dullahan addressed his partner.
Dullahan arrived on site without issue, and prepared his NetOp. Alexander took the time to prepare his Navi, "I'll have all of our chips on standby, let me know once you need them. Keep the rotor system offline for now, now's the time to get used to basic combat maneuvers." ResQ nodded her head multiple times as he spoke, as if annoyed. "Yeah yeah, basic stuff."

Her partner inquired as to where they should go, luckily she still knew the basics for virus busting, and the fact if you went any direction far enough, you'd eventually run into viruses. In fact, standing still for enough time would eventually draw the attention of a virus or two. She looked down at her partner before looking back out on the horizon. "Doesn't really matter where we go. We'll find something eventually."

She started to ease the ANGEL forward, taking a casual stroll forward into the network, slow enough to allow Dullahan to keep up. What they'll find out there, no one knows just yet.

((Ready for Battle #1))
Dullahan raised an eyebrow at ResQ, but did not question her seething sarcasm-- after all, there was no need for them to get along too well to function sensibly as a team. Thankfully, however, his 'partner' did not choose to speed off on her mechanised monstrosity, and allowed him to keep a steady pace behind her without being left behind.

[[Ready for Battle #1]]

It's a stampede!

BunnyA: 50HP
BunnyB: 50HP
BunnyC: 50HP
BunnyD: 50HP
BunnyE: 50HP
BunnyF: 50HP
BunnyG: 50HP
BunnyH: 50HP

100% Normal

Dullahan: 140HP
ResQ: 150HP

~Battle 1: Start!!~
Dullahan would be lying if he were to say he wasn't surprised when a flock of virii suddenly appeared and was charging head-first at ResQ and himself.
"Move away," Dullahan called to his partner, his hands already moving to meet the threat. Drawing an arrow and scratching the tip across the network floor quickly, much like lighting a match, the smoke-driven arrow was nocked and released almost immediately -- the Navigator's first bow fire in ages.

Even as the weak incendiary travelled towards the stampeding bunnies, the large volume of smoking emanating from it beginning to prove its' worth-- Dullahan quickly decided to move out of their path, following his own advice given to his partner earlier. He tumbled rightwards from the Bunnies' path. "You already have a strategy, I'm assuming?" he asked his Operator. Sure, he had his own ideas, but Dullahan was pretty sure that he held no liberty over what data would be given to him-- as such, he had to ride it out based on Birkenhead's judgement.

"Not really, no, but I'm up for some experimentation," the Operator replied, finding the slot for the chips and did just that. Thankfully for the both of them, the chip of choice was a sound one-- because it had the word 'bomb' in it. And there were many bunnies.

Dullahan, drawing a different-colored arrow from his quiver, watched as the data materialised itself on the tip, forming a rounded object that exploded upon impact. Drawing a deep breath and holding it, Dullahan steadied his arms as he pulled at the bowstring, shifting his focus to aiming, and letting loose the electrified projectile to a landing point slightly in front of the charging bunnies.

If anything, Dullahan prayed that this was sufficient to deter the bunnies and escape-- murdering was not exactly on his list of exploration activities. His eyes shifted to his partner for a brief moment, wondering how well she will hold up against a stampede. ... Not that he would have to worry much, he assumed, considering she did have a size advantage over himself. ... Also, not that it meant anything in the digital realms.

Even as he watched the crowd of bunnies closely, he loosened his cloak slightly, readying for any retaliation that may come at his way.

Summary of actions:
1. Signature: Cover - Blast 2, Blind - Center of Bunny stampede
2. Dodge
-. Passive: Focus - Take Aim for next attack
3. Battlechip: MagBomb1 - 30DMG, Blast 2 (+1 from subtype), Stun - Accuracy D - Towards the Bunny stampede
4. Signature: Decoy Activate - Trap(Projectile Attack): (2-hit Shield) then (Confusion + 20 Strengthen)

Passives in action:
1. Recover - Passive 15HP Heal
The pair indeed encountered viruses, but it was surprising to see an entire troop of bunnies stampeding towards them straight out of the gate. ResQ stopped and lower her stance slightly, causing the foot struts to extend and hold the suit steady. Alexander was watching carefully, and had already started to pull chips out of their cases in preparation. Luckily for her, one of the many checklists her NetOp required her to read included an updated library of on-hand battlechips, so she knew what tools she had available.

Dullahan had already started to engage the viruses, urging her to take evasive action. It looked like a good call, since the Bunnies didn't appear to be slowing or changing course. ResQ pointed her right arm towards the left side of the formation, the ANGEL's own arm mimicking hers with zero noticeable lag. "Cannon," she ordered coldly. Alexander responded quickly by slotting the chip through the PET, "Uploaded, stay mobile!" the NetOp warned. A large cannondumb-style gun materialized in the ANGEL's right hand, but the Bunnies were already bearing down on them. Knowing she wouldn't have enough time to pull off an accurate shot, she cursed under her breath as she made the ANGEL crouch down, almost causing the cannon to scrape against the floor before somersaulting into the air. The dark gray machine tumbled through the air with an almost unnatural smoothness and unwavering sharpness. Falling back on old technique, ResQ's legs kicked slightly apart, causing the feet of the suit to touch down one after the other, instead of the same time. However, she was quickly reminded this wasn't the old suit she was used to piloting, wavering and almost completely losing her balance. She huffed in frustration and quickly recovered her balance before turning back towards the Bunny horde she hopefully vaulted over.

She snapped the ANGEL's right arm and cannon into position and aimed the weapon towards the bunny on the flank of the group. ResQ herself also had her right arm extended forward, but she had her empty right hand in a "pistol" formation, her index and middle fingers straight out like a barrel, with her thumb raised like a cocked hammer. Without prompting, a holo targeting display opened a foot or two away from her face, giving her a nearly transparent cross-hair to place over the Bunny. Upon acquiring her target, she flicked her thumb down, commanding the ANGEL to fire the cannon. The weapon went off with a bright flash and a loud boom, causing a good amount of recoil, but the ANGEL's shoulder smoothly slid back to absorb the shock and barely giving its pilot more than a slight nudge.

The cannon quickly dematerialized, but the diamond-shaped targeting reticle remained active. ResQ moved her right arm back and her left hand forward, palm facing out with her fingers formed like an open, three-fingered claw. The ANGEL followed along instantly, brandishing its opened claw and pointed it downrange. She moved her arm to aim, and stopped as the reticle fell over the Bunny that was directly next to its previously targeted comrade. She rotated her wrist 180 degrees, causing the suit to do the same, activating its launch function. Three bright orange flames burst forth from the suit's left wrist, causing the entire claw to spin and rocket forward like a massive grappling hook, trailing a tightly woven metallic cable. She hoped to peg the Bunny with her rocket-propelled claw, and clamp its fingers around the virus before quickly retracting the cable and drag her target into a significantly closer range. Upon pulling her target a good distance, the claw would open back up, releasing its intended prey and slamming back into position on the ANGEL's left arm. ResQ couldn't help but be at least partially impressed by this new type of tech; had she thought about it before, her AL-E "Kat" would've used a similar mechanism to great effect in her less-than-legal pursuits.

1. Dodge
2. Cannon: BunnyH (60dmg + Knockback)
3. Grapple Claw: BunnyG (20dmg + Stun + Pull + 2TCD) [+Gust Pull]
Dullahan smoke bomb exploded amongst the horde of viruses, blinding all of them with thick clouds of smoke. The Bunnies went berserk upon loosing their sight, launching electric rings seemingly at random. Thanks to the smoke, only one managed to get anywhere near a Navi, and ResQ managed to dodge out of the way of the errant ring of sparkling energy.

As the cloud settled, the Bunnies could be seen rubbing their eyes in vain to get the soot out of them. Which gave the Navis the time to launch their attacks. Dullahan launched an explosive arrow into the midst of them, while ResQ shot at one of the outliers with her cannon. Five of the Bunnies were caught in the blast. And one of them that was caught in the blast was also struck by the ANGEL's heavy shot and was reduced to a fine mist of raw data.

Dullahan readied a trap as a defensive precaution for when the Bunnies regained their sight and came after him. But ResQ was not done yet, and launched ANGEL's Grapple Claw at one of the wounded viruses. The claw crushed the Bunny in its iron grip and released the crumpled lump at ANGEL's feet.

BunnyA: 50HP [Blind]
BunnyB: 20HP [Blind]
BunnyC: 20HP [Blind]
BunnyD: 50HP [Blind]
BunnyE: 50HP [Blind]
BunnyF: 20HP [Blind]

100% Normal

Dullahan: 140HP [Signature: Decoy Activate - Trap(Projectile Attack): (2-hit Shield) then (Confusion + 20 Strengthen)]
ResQ: 150HP
Dullahan visibly cringed as he saw the crumpled form of the well-expired Bunny at his partner's feet, even as he quickly re-shoved his expression down his programming. He eyed ResQ's expression; granted, knowing how most Navigators were made for the purpose of basic antivirus capabilities, she was probably okay with it.

Judging from Birkenhead's appreciative whistle, Dullahan doubted he could find solace in his Operator, as well.

"This one will probably be handy," he heard his Operator say, and true enough, Dullahan eyed that an additional arrow had found its' way into his quiver.

Judging from arrow's make, it was something that the Navigator rarely used, even in his older days.

"... Catch this, lady ResQ," Dullahan called to his partner, removing the cloth tinder wrapped around the arrowtip. If anything, the joy of the digital realms was that the users could just manipulate the appearance of data, making things amazingly cross-cultural. Nocking it, he fired it at ResQ's direction, slightly away from her to avoid unnecessary trouble.

"How noble of you to just lend something like that to a stranger, even if it is a lady," Birkenhead chided. "Chivalric code of some sort, eh?" "... I doubt that, honestly," Dullahan admitted, finding his own sequence of actions irrational. Insane or not, he was programmed to be bound by the train of thought of the author of his source material.

Turning his attention to the healthier Bunnies, Dullahan bursted into a quick sprint, closing their distance. Attempting to make his way around the closest Bunny, he extended his gauntleted hand and attempted shoved it forwards-- hoping to knock it back and disable its' electrical rings... ears... thing.

Almost immediately after, he tumbled out, attempting to get out of the Bunnies' range.

Summary of actions:
1. Battlechip: PhoenixShot1 - Pass over to ResQ
2. Tactical Movement - Towards BunnyA
3. Signature: Disarm - Feint (behind BunnyA) Then Disarm + 20DMG + Knockback - BunnyA
4. Dodge

Passives in action:
1. Recover - Passive 15HP Heal

Actives in action:
1. [Signature: Decoy Activate - Trap(Projectile Attack): (2-hit Shield) then (Confusion + 20 Strengthen)]

1. Cover - 2TCD
ResQ grinned in satisfaction as her two targets were reduced to bits of fragmented data. It had been nearly a year since the last time she went busting, but it appeared her skills were potent. Alex's voice chimed in through her earpieces, with barely any transmission squelch. "Good kills. Uploading the last of our ranged chips now, keep them at a safe distance," the NetOp ordered as he slotted his Shotgun and AirShot1 chips into the PET. ResQ thought she could take advantage of the blinded Bunnies and crush them underfoot, but her train of thought was derailed as she heard Dullahan called out to her. She turned just as the Navi nocked and loosed an arrow in her direction.

Her right arm swiped outwards, causing the ANGEL's own to whip back as the arrow whistled through the air. She clamped its metal fist over the arrow as it passed by, plucking it out of the air. Her eyes narrowed sharply, and her clawed left hand snapped aggressively, initially reacting to what happened as an act of hostility. However, as the arrow fragmented and reshaped into what looked like an awkwardly-shaped gun, she realized the Navi was simply transferring one of his chips for her own use. Maybe her own paranoia was getting the best of her? So far every 'threat' she identified since leaving NERF were just false alarms... She shook it off and gripped the weapon properly in her hand before swinging it towards the Bunnies, not bothering to thank the Navi. The weapon looked like a pistol, but the barrel was a wide, flat rectangle that extended outward like a fat chevron shape. From her screen, it was apparently a PhoenixShot chip, a flame-based chip with a wide blast area. "Perfect," she mused as she focused her aim closer to the center of the group, hoping to wipe out a bunch of them with a single shot.

After putting her cross hairs on one of the bunnies near the side of the group, she fired the weapon, sending a spreading horizontal wedge of flames burning through the air. The bright orange and red projectile left a slight trail of black smoke as it rocketed towards the bunnies. "Huh..." she subconsciously muttered with a mixture of amusement and awe. The weapon fragmented slightly, changing to a more conventional shape, namely that of a tactical-looking heavy shotgun. She tossed the shotgun up, followed by quickly grabbing it by its metal charging handle before popping the weapon down and up, cocking it with a satisfying *ka-chak* sound. She flipped the shotgun again, this time catching its handle and putting a metal finger on the trigger. ResQ swung her hand towards what remained of the Bunny horde, pointing her index and middle fingers forward like a gun, prompting the ANGEL to do the same. She picked out a pair of Bunnies that were fairly close to each other, hoping to bring them both down at once. She focused her aim on the closest of the two Bunnies and fired, sending a gradually spreading swarm of energy shot, which glowed a bright yellow.

Not bothering to eject the spent cartridge, she deactivated the shotgun from her control displays, activating the AirShot chips in its place. The Shotgun swelled up in size slightly, but the barrel went through several step-downs to a smaller bore, and it didn't appear to have any sort of magazine or ejection port. She aimed towards the last Bunny she hadn't targeted previously, sliding her holo crosshairs over its spherical body. With a surprisingly loud percussive boom, she fired off a shot towards the virus. Though the projectile wasn't at all solid, the air was so highly pressurized it was partially visible, and it acted like any standard projectile, making a beeline towards its target. The air itself wasn't as damaging as a solid projectile, but it contained enough kinetic energy to knock a target a significant distance away, possibly into one of its comrades or outside the battlefield altogether.

1. PhoenixShot1: Bunny D,E,F (70dmg Fire + Wide Attack)
2. Shotgun: Bunny B,C (50dmg + Spread1)
3. AirShot1: BunnyA (40dmg + Microburst)[/color]
As the blinding effect left the Bunnies, the two Navis continued their assault. Two bunnies launched rings of lightning out as Dullahan passed ResQ a chip. Both struck the mechanized frame of ANGEL and caused it to start shorting out. But ResQ managed to get off her shots without problem. The wide swath of flame issued forth from her weapon, claiming three viruses, and melting them into scrap data.

Dullahan ran at the lead Bunny while ResQ took aim at the remaining two. The Bunny whom Dullahan engaged shocked him with a ring of energy. But his cloak absorbs the punishment, leaving him unharmed. He followed up with a counterattack during the resulting confusion of his enemy. He struck true, knocking the Bunny for a loop and disarmed its electric-generating subsystems temporarily.

ResQ shotgunned her two viruses down as the one of them that hadn't attacked missed her. Then she blasted the wobbly Bunny away from Dullahan. Then her systems started shutting down from the electricity coursing through them. It would take a moment to reboot.


100% Normal

Dullahan: 140HP [Trap Broken!]
ResQ: 130HP [Stun x2]

~Battle 1: Victory!!~
Dullahan: Zapring1, 270z, +2 FXP
ResQ: 480z, +2 FXP
Though her ANGEL's systems were being overloaded by the surge of electricity coursing through its metallic frame, it still performed admirably. By the time the suit finally succumbed to the power surge, the battlefield was effectively swept clean of viruses. ResQ wasn't unfamiliar with electrical lockdown, so she deployed the foot struts and took a neutral standing position as the suit began to shut down. The arms stopped following her movements, the ANGEL going quiet. Alexander watched very carefully, but didn't see the need to speak up, as she did took the right steps to keep the suit from toppling over as it shut down. With her suit immobile, and a battlefield scattered with loot, ResQ chose to dismount rather than wait for the ANGEL to reboot.

After removing her helmet and hanging it off a bracket on the ANGEL's right shoulder, she tapped her own shoulders, causing the restraint belt clips to pop open, retracting into their associated slots above the padded back rest. She opened similar clips on spar-like control panel curved in front of her, and swung the halves open before freeing her legs from the protective sleeves built into the armor. As she did so, she noticed her legs were nearly numb from the electrical current that was introduced into the suit. As she gingerly climbed down and off the armor, the thighs of her jumpsuit flared out like military breeches, and her single black "drill" pony tail materialized behind her head. She hopped down to the ground, but her legs wobbled slightly from the numbness, causing her to wince slightly from the odd sensation. "Feeling alright, ResQ?" The Navi stretched her back before doing her best to assume a normal walking stride out towards the rapidly decaying debris strewn over the battlefield. "I'm fine. Now if you'll excuse me, I have loot to gather."
Dullahan bent over to the ground, a hand reaching for his fallen cloak-- and his share of the loot. I'll need more work on this, he mused, dusting digital dust off the fabric. Making a light sprint towards his ally, he quietly observed ResQ as she made her way down from her jammed exoskeleton. He moved forward slightly when he caught sight of ResQ wobbling from her landing, but progressed no further as the latter straightened herself, her eyes on the loot.

"... The lady is not exactly... ResQ-y, no?" Dullahan addressed Alex, draping the cloak over himself once more. "Mind me not if I am wrong, but aside from the grappler, I see no other traces of her being an immensely helpful Navigator."
As ResQ started gathering up zenny data left over by the Bunnies, Dullahan was doing the same, and brought up a good point to his Operator. Though her name is supposed to denote a helpful, support role, her ANGEL seemed to be more of a stomping doom machine than an ambulance. Alexander couldn't help but overhear Dullahan, and opened up a window nearby. He didn't take offense to the Navi's observation, she didn't seem very Rescue-esque, especially with her abrasive attitude. "You make a valid point. She's only running with a basic loadout, since this is our first trip into the Network."

"And whose fault is that?" ResQ had silently approached, and now stood with her arms crossed, glaring at the back of Alexander's popup window. He raised an eyebrow and spun the window back to his Navi. "Learn to walk before you run, ResQ." "Hmph," the Navi huffed. "Or you're just holding me back," the Navi thought to herself.
Dullahan folded his arms, brows furrowing slightly. "Makes sense? Though that explains not her design, nor personality," he noted, shrugging slightly. "Surely, Dullahan, you're not one to talk," Birkenhead chipped in, followed by a boastful laughter. The Navigator shrugged.

Dullahan decided not to interrupt "I guess we both just have to learn to play our roles better," he addressed ResQ, with a small smile. Though he felt no inclination to be overly nice to his temporary partner, Dullahan had decided to make the best out of it. After all, chances are that she's been more active in recent years than I was, he mused inwardly.

"So ideally, you would have a more 'complicated' loadout? I'm supposing that is your purpose for venturing into the Network," Dullahan inquired, even as he began walking towards a random direction. No point staying in one place.
ResQ herself was also somewhat incredulous as to what she was destined to do; she had been given a basic briefing on her new assignment upon her "graduation" from the NERF facility, but her current equipment seemed quite effective at being a strike/assault weapons platform, not so much search and rescue. Dullahan gave her an encouraging challenge of sorts, causing her to give a slight smirk. Before she answered, the Navi also inquired about her advanced loadout(s). She didn't know all of the specifics, but she coudl see her suit was at least partially designed to accommodate specialized equipment. She spoke calmly as she climbed back into her suit, "If you must pry, yes. I'll have plenty of tools to my disposal."

She continued to climb into the ANGEL, sliding her legs into the protective armored sleeves and buckling herself in. "That reminds me, what's your role?" she inquired coldly. Her question was part prod, part genuine curiosity; she had seen a few knight/medieval themed Navis before, but Dullahan didn't seem to conform to the often cookie-cutter mold. She started to reactivate the suit, causing it to purr to life, its small turbine engines spun up quickly. The suit came to life, causing its limbs to mimic her own and moving her slightly behind Dullahan as he moved forward.

Dullahan gave a reassuring smile to ResQ's feistyness in her reply, but his features took an immediate turn for the worse upon her rebuttal. Wrenching his attention from the negativity urging to surface, his head turned to the higher positioned Navigator. "That is a good question. For what purpose did I come into existence?" he shrugged. "... Hopefully, I'm no result of some imbecilic musings of a programmer." Birkenhead snorted, obviously bemused by Dullahan's unexpected snark.

The pseudo-medieval themed Navigator did not ease his pace. "Any one of your guesses would be as good as mine. Have any ideas to share?"
ResQ continued to move forward along side Dullahan, the subtle bell-like footfalls of the ANGEL indirectly punctuating their conversation. Dullahan appeared to be equally unsure of his role, musing a jab at his Operator before asking ResQ outright for her own assessment. She raised an eyebrow incredulously, glancing down at the Navi. "You're asking me? You know we just met, right?" They'd only just met minutes ago, and have only experienced one battle together; making a plausible theory about the Navi's role in that short a time seemed a bit absurd. However, from what she did know of the Navi, it was unlikely he'd retract his question.

[[i]Hmm... He's definitely not the cliche "Knight in Shining Armor" type, and doesn't strike me as the assassin type, too soft,[/i]] the Navi pondered, just barely furrowing her brow. [[i]However, he seemed to use tricky stuff like smoke bombs and disarming. A thief, maybe?[/i]] Could she have a fellow pilferer in her midst? His personality didn't seem to match, but he could be using a front just like her. Her first acquaintance is now a bit more interesting than she previously anticipated. She could call him out right then and there, but he could potentially react uncharacteristically, and from the battlechip he let her borrow in the previous battle, the Navi appeared to have a significantly higher repertoire of weaponry at his disposal. In his position, she'd react negatively if someone saw through her act, so she decided to avoid the confrontation. She tilted her head from side to side as if she were blindly guessing. "Uh... maybe scouting? You're not weighed down with heavy armor and seem to favor the bow, but you could probably use that smoke bomb to aid in escape and distraction," she surmised.

Alexander, who was quietly watching the exchange go down, nodded slightly as he thought to himself, mostly agreeing with his Navi's theory.
Dullahan raised an eyebrow at ResQ; he guessed that in his personal pursuit for his own identity, he got a bit overly hasty with asking such questions. She's right, Dullahan smiled bitterly, she doesn't know me.

Dullahan quietly assessed ResQ's offered theory nonetheless, mulling on the possibility of him being a scout. "That sounds about right," Dullahan said. He eyed a small window that popped up next to him; a private message from is Operator.

"You do know that historically, knights do everything under the sun, right? Not just wildly flailing a sword around on oaths of chivalry or whatnot," the message read. Dullahan raised an eyebrow.

"... Really?" the Navigator huffed, but not as audible to let ResQ hear it. He shrugged. He had assumed otherwise, given the number of Wookiepedia articles that Dullahan read. In all honesty, given the crowd-sourced nature of Wookiepedia's writing, Dullahan trusted the historian-turned-lecturer much more than the website.

Dullahan turned his head slightly to face ResQ. "Well, I suppose I should help you get a head start in plenishing your tools of trade," Dullahan offered. "If we find any battlechips in the next battle, I believe it is more ideal for you to keep them."
Dullahan seemed to agree with ResQ's assessment, then had a brief discussion with his NetOp. "See, you're already making friends," Alexander prodded with a smile. ResQ turned away from his pop up window, only giving him the occasional glance, huffing in defiance. Her attention was then requested from Dullahan again, this time offering to have her take all battlechips they come across, instead of distributing them evenly amongst the pair. While that was uncharacteristic of a thief, his generosity only made her more suspicious. He could be a scammer, a smurf, or even jacker; she'd run into plenty before she got caught, and knew to keep them at a safe distance. She took pride in being a *former* professional data thief, and the aforementioned undesirables were considered "bottom feeders" compared to smooth, high-risk/high-reward thieves like her.

That being said, she still could use as many battlechips as she could get, and if he decided to turn on her, any additional firepower would be helpful. If he was genuine in his generosity, then she'd be on the busting fast track. She turned back to Dullahan, "I don't really need your help, but since you're offering, I can live with that agreement." She didn't mention any reciprocation by offering a better share of zenny rewards from the battles to come, hopefully he wouldn't notice. Alexander's window turned to Dullahan as well, as he nodded politely, "That's very kind of you, we appreciate your generosity."