Beaming into the network, Freya turned her head to and fro, beginning her way into the network for viruses to take out.
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Freya didn't have to go far looking for viruses before four Metools popped out of the ground around her. She was surrounded!

MetoolA: 40HP [North]
MetoolB: 40HP [East]
MetoolC: 40HP [South]
MetoolD: 40HP [West]

100% Normal

Freya.EXE: 140HP [Surrounded!]

~Battle 1: Start!!~
Humming to herself as she soon found herself surrounded, the puppet looked about, each of the four main compass directions blocked off to prevent escape...but then again, why would she escape? These were some of the weakest viruses in the net, practically a staple for those who looked to become virus busters. Always three metools, always three to a first timer. She could handle this without a second thought.

Steph? Get the chips ready, these viruses are as good as dead. the puppet said, wrapping her arms around herself, the puppet chanting a couple words to herself as she opened a small portal beneath her feet. The puppet sinking into the ground as quickly as the metools had popped up. A second portal soon appearing to the left of the metool to the south, the puppet popping up into the air soon afterwards, a barrier and casing surrounding her wooden body.

As the puppet reached the apex of her teleportation jump, the navi heard two distinct clicks into her PET, data immediately hitting her core. As she curled her wooden fingers into the approximation of a fist, the navi quickly activated the first chip, a distinct fire shooting up around her fist quickly enveloping the wooden appendage with a orange-red fire. Hitting the ground, the puppet quickly thrust her fist out against the metool she had popped up next to, trying to slam her fist into it's weak body. When that was finished, her arm retracted quickly back to her side, the fire extinguished as she turned to the rest of the group in front of her, ready to quickly make work of their existence.

Darting off towards the north, the net navi bobbed and waved to and fro as she readied her next attack, the navi's feet stomping noisily against the normal panels of the network, towards the three viruses. Jumping over the metool that had closed her off to the north, the navi pulling out the second chip that her netop had sent to her, a small gun filled with a gooey white substance materializing in her hand. The navi quickly attaching what looked to be a scope to the barrel, aiming at the metools to the sides of her, quickly pulling the trigger thrice in succession, an acidic goo bursting from the barrel, flying through the air in concentrated spheres, splattering against the panels as the goop hit the ground and quickly forming what looked to be a spider's web, the navi hoping it was enough to go and delete her foes.

*Magic Armor (20 HP Casing)
*Magic Exterior (20 HP Barrier)
*Scope Attachment 1 (Passive Take Aim 1)
*Scope Attachment 2 (Passive Take Aim 1)
*Cursor Type (+1 accuracy to shot-type/gun based attacks)
*+10/+5 to Single/Multiple Target Wood Chips

1: Puppet Teleport to the left of MetoolC (Teleport, 3 TCD)
2: FireHit1: MetoolC (60 Fire+Impact) (Scope Attachment 1 Added)
3: Tactical Movement behind MetoolA
4: WhiteWeb1: MetoolA, MetoolB and MetoolD (45 Wood+Hold to three targets) (Scope Attachment 2 added) (Cursor Type Bonus added)
[Note: If you would be so kind as to include accuracy values to your attacks, it would be much appreciated and would speed the modding process.]

Freya slipped into her portal, coming up to the side of the southern Metool. Her wooden body was encased in a protective shell and a bubble of protective energy surrounded her. Her wooden fist caught on fire and she punched the Metool. The Metool took the flaming punch to the face and began to flail around on fire for a few moments before collapsing into junk data.

The three remaining viruses slammed their mattocks into the ground and sent out a series of shockwaves. Freya darted around the battlefield, jumping and weaving around each Metool and shockwave until she ended up behind another Met. She loaded up a gun with sticky resin and splattered webs all over the three remaining viruses. All three were ensnared and deleted.


100% Normal

Freya.EXE: 140HP [20HP Casing] [20HP Barrier]

~Battle 1: Victory!!~
Rewards: 480z
Freya breathed a sigh of relief as she picked up the remains of the viruses, a little zenny, but still better than nothing she supposed. She stretched her wooden body a bit more, still feeling the cobwebs of disuse on her form. So, with that, she wondered ever deeper into the network for more challenging game.

(Battle 2, 140 HP)
Continuing on, Freya ran into:

A ghost.
An animated coal stove.
An electric wire-bunny.
A fluttering paper doll.
And a half-bird, half-fish monster.

It was a literal rainbow of virus types... wrecking the Network.

Spooky: 30HP
Oldstove: 50HP
Bunny: 50HP
Powie: 60HP [AirShoes]
Fishy: 90HP [Omnishoes]

100% Normal

Freya.EXE: 140HP

~Battle 2: Start!!~
Alright then, lets get to work. The navi mumbled under her breath, eying the viruses. "Wait...SHIT. It's that time already?! Freya, get out of there, I have an appointment to keep! Her netop said, quickly eying the time. Seriously? Ugh. Fine. I'll get out of here. The navi mumbled back, quickly turning her back on the viruses.

Her body shimmering a little bit as she began to run away, her feet beating it away from the group before her signature attack kicked in, fleeing from the fight immediately and jacking out from the network as soon as she was far enough away from the group, hoping that the viruses wouldn't go chasing after her.

(Flee/Jackout, as per request from Rogan)