Charles Weatherbey and CrushMan


Name: Charles Weatherbey (The Third)
Age: 22
Gender: Male

Appearance: At all times, Charles demands that his personal appearance be impecable. "First impressions and all that you know." His luxurious black hair retains a wind-swept look to it and a reassuring smile is often seen on his face. His skin is flawless, free of injury or blemish, and fair almost to the point of being pale. Charles is always dressed in what he considers the height of fashion, though he favors long sweeping garments and light colors, such as blue or white. He finishes his look with a thin pair of glasses framed about his sharp green eyes, a final show at elegance, nobility and intelligence.

Personality: If his physical description weren't enough to get the message across, Charles is incredibly vain. Beyond that, he appears to most as a calm, charming, forgiving and even romantic young man. This is all an act however. At heart, Charles is cynical, snide, deprecating, devious and above all, arrogant. He does his best to hide this from others, but it often has a habit of breaking through his mask of kindness. Raised in the trappings of luxury and wealth, Charles tends to have a lesser view of, well, everyone. He is rather proud of his Navi, if for no other reason than the amount of time and money he has divested into the project.

PET Modifications: Steel in coloration, his PET also has built in camera, still and video options, and cell phone capabilities.

Net Navi

Name: CrushMan
Gender: Male
Element: Normal
Type: Break

Appearance: CrushMan is a huge Navi with an overall humanoid look and structure to him bearing a straight steel color scheme. At a little over twice as tall as the average Navi, and just as wide, CrushMan was built to inspire respect and fear. To draw an adequate picture of CrushMan's size, let's say the average Navi is five feet tall. That would place CrushMan at a little over 10 feet tall, making him about as tall as a hosue, if he were in the human world. His mammoth arms stretch down past his knees, giving him the overall look of a great ape in metal plating. Heavy, thick, spiked metal plating, of course. Charles would stand for nothing less. With terrible barbs jutting out of his knees and elbows, fists and heels, even the back of his head, the image of some inhuman dread knight of fantasy tales overlaps CrushMan's image fairly well, a fact Charles is well aware of. The final details lie in his chest, where the emblem of a black rising bird of prey on a white backgroup is surrounded by wicked spines.

Personality: Slow sums up CrushMan rather well in all aspects. Slow to act, CrushMan generally does little on his own accord simply due to a lack of reason to do otherwise. He follows order well though. Slow to speak, for fear of displeasing 'the young master' and for, again, lack of reason. Slow to think, because there are others to do the thinking for him, others more apt at the process, as Charles is so fond of reminding him. Charles is the brains and Crush is the brawn, that's what he knows and it suits him well enough.

Custom Weapon: Spiked Gauntlet/Spike Missiles (Melee and Ranged basic attacks, respectively)

Signature Attack: Bear Hug - CrushMan picks up an enemy and crushes them in his arms while jamming the enemy's body on the spikes of his chest. 60 Damage, 3-turn cooldown.

(Phew, think that should do it. Thanks for the review Mods. A little serious for my tastes, but it's nice and focused. Also, concerning the legacy items, I believe I am eligible for that, although if so, not much. I'm not sure if I need to remake Azel to claim the items or not, but I suppose I'll find out soon enough. If I am eligible however, all I'm able to get is the sword, although that is nice. Really, that's all I had that I won't have available upon rejoining and that's available at Higure's. I had two guards and one of those cool Amaretsu things, but those aren't up for grabs. If I can get copies of shotgun and cannon as well, since I did have those previously, that'd be fantastic. It'd get me back to level 2 and everything, heh.)

Legacy Items: Swordx1 (Cannonx1, Shotgunx1)
You can pick one more of the legacy items.
(Ahh, I thought I could only pick the option if I'd had it previously. I really didn't have any navi-custs, besides the basics again. Still, they're something. Although now that I think of it, didn't I have an HP +50? I'm not sure, although I think that was part of the starting package. Anyway, revised list.)

Legacy Navi-Cust: Rapid+1, HP+50 (Attack+1 if HP+50 unavailable)

(Thanks Woog. Heh, I see you're a Mod now. Nice! Grats.)
You hafta wait for an official, but everything seems in order. Keep in mind that it is no longer 3chip=1level but rather 5chip=1level
(Ah, I see then. Well, that'll put me at level 1 at least then, eh? Heh. And good to see you too Fenix. I'm assuming it's you anyway, from the title. Still hard at work? I imagine you're still topping the list for posts per day. Still can't see how you do it, blows my mind. Good to see familiar faces. Well, not faces, but I'm sure you understand what I mean.

Although I must say, one thing surprises me. Not a word on his height, which I imagined might be the biggest problem with the character. I was more than willing to give a little and make him smaller, although there's never really been anything in the rules about it, so I'm really surprised with the overall acceptance to it. Rather pleased about to.)
Druidman, while nowhere near that tall, is a tall navi as well. Crushman is probably in the range of 10-11 'feet' tall, whereas Druidman pushes 7 There isn't any mechanical benifiet to being big, just some fluffy stuff to RP with.

As for the legacy, the three chips you picked are okay, but your NCP's can't be worth more than 5000 zenny. HP+50 alone is 5000, so you'll have to narrow you're choice.

Other than that, I see no problems. Just get back to me on that NCP and it'll be approve city for you.
(Right, right. I'll just fall back to my first idea then.)

Legacy Navi-Cust: Rapid+1, Attack+1

(Alright, that should do it then. Thanks guys.)
You sure about that? You don't come with an Hp+50 in the basic navicust as of this time and age.
(Ahh dang it. Gotta make me second guess everything, huh? Heh, as much as I'd like the base damage plus, I gotta admit, the +50 hp does go better with the character. The huge bruiser thing only works if it takes a while to take him down. So, one last time.)

Legacy NaviCust (Final): HP +50
So you want your three original starter chips and the HP+50, right?
(Beyond the HP+50, I really don't have much of a choice I'm afraid. The only other chips I had were guards and that one odd chip, the Ama Hama. Should do it, thanks guys.)
Well, then...


GET CHIP: Cannon, Rageclaw, Shotgun
GET NCP: Undershirt, Rapid+1, Attack+1, Charge+1

LEGACY: HP+50, Cannon, Shotgun, Sword

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