Lazy day

After spending more then a few hours making adjustments and upgrades to her precious navi, Mira was feeling extremely lethargic. While Nyan was bent on testing out the new modifications to make sure everything was working as intended, Mira lazily rested her head against the back of her chair. She began to mumble to herself as though she was already falling asleep, until the words of her Navigator cut in.

"Mira! what are we doing in ACDC of all places? I thought we were going to test out the new upgrade." Nyans stern tone was all Mira needed to know she wasn't pleased.

[I'm just going to sit here and relax for a bit Nyan. I worked haaaard on the upgrades... Just take it easy, k?]

The feline navi just let out a sigh at her operators attitude, and how she could go from being abnormally hyper to a sudden crash without the use of caffeine or any other sort of stimulus. She had wished for a more worthy training ground, but unfortunately she would have to make due.

"Ugh... just pay enough attention to make sure you give me the right chips at least." Reluctantly replying as she ventured off into the network.

((battle1, ready))

Also, one of them was carrying a green crystal.

BunnyA: 50HP [Carrying GMD]
BunnyB: 50HP
BunnyC: 50HP
BunnyD: 50HP

GMD: 20HP [Carried by BunnyA]

100% Normal

Nyan: 150HP

~Battle 1: Start!!~
Nyan's tail swished back and forth as she sized up her enemies. She was a little put off that she was fighting something with an affinity for electricity, but the fact they were small fry put her at ease. Her tail began to sway a bit faster however as she noticed a very familiar looking green crystal.

"It's too bad you're tired Mira. These enemies are carrying another shiny thing, and if you're not paying attention i might not be able to grab it." Nyans attempt to coax her operator, though a bit underhanded, seemed to work like a charm as Mira perked up instantly at the mention of shiny things.

[Huh? Shinies?! Let's go Nyan! No time to be wasting just standign around and taking note of these guys, just get out there and take that crystal! go go go go go!] Mira was once more her enthusiastic self, leading Nyan to believe that she had been less tired and more unmotivated than anything else. That or Mira had the capability to store energy somewhere in that tiny hyperactive body of hers.

[Ok, sending in that new chip we got, plus a sword so do what you usually do and shred them up! heeheehee]

of course Nyan didn't need Mira to tell her that, she was already on the move as she began initiating the Metagel1's data, taking what appeared to be a ball of the same silver slime as her last foe into her hand. Not wishing to let it remain in her grasp much longer she launched it into the sky above, watching as it seemed to grow in size and multiply. Amassing to three separate blobs of a semi-metallic liquid, the chip proceeded to slam back down to the panels below as though trying to crush the bunnys beneath it.

Nyan didn't wait for the dust to clear however, instead opting to make a dash for the bunny carrying the true prize. A set of icy claws formed from her fingers as she closed in on her prey with little warning, her eyes keeping track of every movement the bunny made. With one swift movement her blade-equipped hands aimed to fillet the virus with two precise strikes simultaneously, before leaping back to asses the battles outcome.

"That should be more then adequate for the likes of them."


1) Metagel1 - 90+5 aqua + Slow + Drop Attack x 3 Targets - B accuracy @ BunnyB, C, D
2) Move action - get closer
3) Aquaknife - 60+5 Aqua + slashing, 6 uses - A accuracy @ bunnyA
4) Aquaknife - 60+5 Aqua + slashing, 6 uses - A accuracy @ bunnyA
* Subtype passive - free dodge
Summoning up the same metal slime creature that she'd only recently slain, Nyan tossed the micro version of the beast up before it suddenly split up and grew. Something the Bunny's seemed to find fascinating, right up until the gel's came crashing down upon them, smashing them into digital dust.

The fourth virus saw the events and started to run off, but by then it was too late as the navi girl was already up in its face, and with some very aggressive slashes, Nyan easily deleted the virus, if anything it was by pure luck that her energetic sword slashing missed the GMD that dropped to the ground in front of her.

BunnyA: Deleted
BunnyB: Deleted
BunnyC: Deleted
BunnyD: Deleted

100% Normal

Nyan: 150HP


—Battle 1, Victory!—
Nyan: 360z

Open GMD? [[b]Y/N?[/b]]
[Shiny thing~ Shiny thing~] Mira sang to a delightful tune as Nyan mopped the floor with the viruses hastily. She hadn't expected them to pose much of a challenge seeing as where they were, of course but stranger things have happened. She gathered up the zenny left after the battle and knowing full well Mira was waiting to see the contents, Nyan approached the GMD.

"Alright, lets see what we got in here..." A bit curious herself after the nice reward recieved the last time. Her tail waved back and forth in anticipation as she began to unlock the contents from its crytalized prison.

((open GMD))
Shiny thing, shiny thing, oh such a pretty little shiny thing the GMD was, at least until it was touched. Upon which it seemed to let out a strangely maniacal laugh as the crystal split open, little eyes and arms popped out as it pushed the navi back before lifting its arms high.

In a flash, reminiscent of an old science fiction series, four viruses teleported in as if forced there against their wills. None of which seemed thrilled about the idea until they realized how and the crystalized foe pointed the command to attack the bothersome navi that'd bothered its naptime.

Champu A: 60HP
Champu B: 60HP
CannonDumb A: 50HP
CannonDumb B: 50HP
Green Mimic: 200HP

100% Normal

Nyan: 150HP

—Battle 2, Force Start!—
"it was a lie!" Mira exclaimed as the shiny thing she had been so interested turned out to be some sort of trap, summoning more viruses to the fight. Mira was certainly surprised, but she wasn't going to let some silly crystal make a fool out of her, even if it was shiny. Grabbing a set of battle chips in her hand, Mira prepared to sic Nyan on them.

"No more nice Mira! Nyan, teach that treasure impersonator a lesson, ok?!" The operator acting like a kid whose candy was just taken from her. Nyan just let out a sigh and reluctantly resigned herself to her fate. After all she would have to defeat them regardless if she wanted to get out of here, most likely. " Alright, lets get started."

Leading off the fight Nyan opened her palm up as the first chip was downloaded into her possession. A small ball of liquid slime began to form, jiggling in her hand any time she moved even slightly. Nyan couldn't help but think the texture and feel was a bit weird, even if she was wearing gloves, as she launched the Metagel into the air high above her enemies. The goop split into three pieces upon reaching the apex of the toss and as though its weight suddenly changed it came crashing down on top of the two Champu and lastly the imposter MD.

"Now get in close and finish the rest of em off! heeheehee." Mira was starting to enjoy it, as she tossed in a helpful DashAttack to help out her navi. Nyan turned to face the Mimic specifically, but her eyes made sure to note the location of the remaining viruses as well. Having the layout of the fight taken into account, Nyan now burst forth with incredible speed, her claws extended as she slashed with precision any virus she passed by in her wake. As the feline navi came to a slow the claws remained extended, but now began to coat themselves in an icy shell as Mira once more sent another chip to her Navigator.

"Time to finish this." Getting straight to the point Nyan rushed the virus with her claws while still keeping a touch of grace and elegance in her movements. She had no idea what it was capable of so being light on her feet was a must in order to avoid a counter attack as she got in close. Two precision slashes were let lose toward the Crystaline enemy, before Nyan took a step back out of caution. "Let's see if that was enough."


1) Metagel1 - 90+5 aqua + Slow + Drop Attack x 3 Targets - B accuracy @ ChampuA, B, Mimic

2) DashAttack1 - 90 dmg + Impact + LineAttack(5) - Accuracy: C @ Mimic, cannondumbA, B, ChampuA, B (in order of highest to lowest priority)

3) Aquaknife - 60+5 Aqua + slashing, 6 uses - A accuracy @ Mimic

4) Aquaknife - 60+5 Aqua + slashing, 6 uses - A accuracy @ Mimic

*Subtype active: free dodge
As the MetaGels fell, the Champus teleported forward immediately towards Nyan. However one was crushed by the blobs before they could both begin punching Nyan. The Green Mimic was also struck by a falling blob, taking some serious damage.

Then there were punches. Thankfully Nyan was mobile and dodged around a flaming fist before tackling through. Unfortunately the only thing she was able to strike was an immobile CannonDumb. Deleting it before it could fire. The remaining CannonDumb fired on her, but missed.

Finally the Green Mimic charged up and fired a green beam at Nyan. Thankfully the dash and subsequent dodging made it just skim over her shoulder. Before the Navi set upon the Green Mimic with her icy claws. Rending the already bloodied virus into deletion.

Champu A: 60HP
Champu B: Deleted
CannonDumb A: 50HP
CannonDumb B: Deleted
Green Mimic: Deleted

100% Normal

Nyan: 150HP
With only a few enemies left Nyan relaxed a little, her main target now defeated. With only a Champu and a Cannondumb left she predicted the fight wouldn't be lasting much longer. Taking a breath, she prepared to strike down her last remaining foes.

With her free hand Nyan conjured up a new chip in the form of a ball of water, swirling back and forth as she attempted to mold it into something more solid. Throwing it high up into the air the liquid split into 3 pieces fashioning themselves like knives as they reached the peak of height, only to then rain down upon the Champu.

Following up with a secondary strike, a chilling wind began to circle around Nyans right foot as she pulled it back and shifted her stance. As the temperature began to drop further and further bit of moisture began to solidify and freeze. Putting all her power into a forceful kick, sending out a frozen slash to finish off the Champu had it survived her initial assault. Now all that was left was to deal with the Cannondumb.

"These should be more then enough for you." Nyan raising her claws as she closed in on the cannondumb. She watched the barrel closely and kept a calm demeanor, ready to evade if it decided to fire. The military feline dash forward leading with a fierce downward swipe as her initiator, following up with a strong upward slash in hope to take the enemy out in a quick session of movements.


1) AquaNeedle1 - 20 x 3 Aqua + Variable Targeting + Drop Attack - Accuracy: B @ Champu

2) IceWave1 (80, Aqua, A, Freeze) @ champu

3) Aquaknife - 60 Aqua + slashing, 6 uses - A accuracy @ cannonbumb

4) Aquaknife - 60 Aqua + slashing, 6 uses - A accuracy @ cannondumb

* Subtype: free dodge

((if battle is won, open MD))
The icicles fell, the Champu teleported, two icicles skewered the Champu. Champu deleted.

CannonDumb attacked, missed Navi. Navi slashed with icy claw, hit CannonDumb. CannonDumb deleted.

Green Mimic returned to normal GMD. Navi opens GMD...

Champu A: Deleted
Champu B: Deleted
CannonDumb A: Deleted
CannonDumb B: Deleted
Green Mimic: Deleted

100% Normal

Nyan: 150HP

~Battle 2: Victory!!~
Rewards: 270z, Firehit1
GMD: Shake1
Feeling satisfied upon collecting her prizes from the tough battle, Nyan let out a bit of a sigh. Odd crystaline monster aside, the enemies were far from a challenge for her and Nyan got the feeling that she would not improve her skills to any noticeable degree if she ventured any further today.

"Mira, i'm calling it here. You've barely been in a mood to train and I won't produce a significant result if that goes on."

With that being said, the Navi took her rewards and jacked out for the time being.

(( thread over ))