ACDC things go splat!

In a magenta beam of light, the martial arts Navi materialized in the cyberworld of ACDC Town. She looked around for a bit, before starting to walk straight. "Like I said, all we need to do is go straight, and we'll find whatever it is your old man wants!"

"And like I said, I have no idea why Father's keeping what it is a secret."

"I can think of two reasons. Either it's actually a surprise for you, or you'd get mad and not do it if you knew what it was ahead of time."

"...Yeah, it's probably the latter. I think I can feel my blood pressure rising already..."

"Either way, we might as well do it since we're here. Let's go!" Martia picked up her pace, entering a light jog as she proceeded.

(Searching for Battle #1)
Venturing forth into the truly terrifying network that was the ACDC's calming leisurely park like network. The brave lone martial artist navigator would find herself coming up to a truly interesting sight.

For there up ahead it almost looked like an exhibition area was set up, as a large circular ring made of metal was uplifted from the normal terrain all around. And following the steps up one would fine three headband sporting helmet viruses hoping and bouncing around. Their picks smacking and clanging together as if they were all caught up in some odd little play time on a grand stage. Naturally though, soon the navi would be spotted, and the trio clicked their picks together before pointing them towards her in a challenging manner.

Metool A: 40HP [Metal]
Metool B: 40HP [Metal]
Metool C: 40HP [Metal]

60% Metal [Lifted circular platform]
40% Normal [All around round platform]

Martia: 150HP

TokenBattle 1, Start!—
Well, so far, so good. "Nothing so far. At this rate, we'll get there without a single fight!"

"Lame! We've gotta get at least one in!"

"There's not much I can do about it, though. If they're not here, they're not here."

"Oh, sure there's something you can do! Just shout, 'Hey, viruses! Who wants a piece of me?'! And then I'd probably quip, 'Who wouldn't want a piece of that? Just look at you!'! And then you'd shoot me an annoyed look and keep moving."

"Yeah...let's not and say we did. Hmm? There's something in the distance. Might be what your father wanted us to check out."

"Also lame! But, if we're here, we might as well do whatever it is he wanted to do. So, go ahead."

"Right!" Martia raced over to the metal circle, where she ended up noticing exactly what her operator had hoped to find. "...Yeah, I'm pretty sure this isn't what we were supposed to find."

"Maybe not, but it couldn't hurt to spar for a couple rounds, now could it?"

"Not at all!" The fighter Navi climbed up the steps, adjusting her headgear as its chin strap and mouth guard materialized from nowhere. Since it appeared to be a ring of some sort, and since they seemed to be challenging her, she silently bowed at her newfound opponents, before assuming a basic fighting stance. "I accept your challenge, Mettaur trio! Let's do this, Leslie!"

"You know, I just thought of something. How can you talk through that mouth guard?"

"Not a good time, Leslie..."

"Just thinking out loud. All right, let's start by testing your basic form." And, well, there was only one chip they had that was close range, in order to do that..."BattleChip, RageClaw! Slot in!"

Gold ring formed around Martia's wrists, which then each shot out four blades, each following her hand to the first knuckle, before protruding around another six inches or so. With her weapons materialized, she carefully made her way to one of her helmeted foes, which somehow managed to be even smaller up close. Maybe it looked bigger from the other end of the ring? Either way, the helmet looked really hard. As in, shatter her claw weapon hard. Deciding that that happening would be very bad, the pink Navi clenched her fist, and made a U motion punch that barely avoided scraping the floor, to strike the Mettaur with a hard, razor sharp uppercut. The move had a bit more force than she expected, causing her to nearly accidentally jump. Though she managed to avoid doing so, and did a good job at making it look like it was intentional all along, her breasts bounced slightly, unable to be completely reined in like her other body parts, to the undoubted joy of her operator.

If the Navi noticed that, she made no outward signs of showing it, and instead moved over to another of her targets. One thing that she had definitely noticed, however, was how her claws were conducive to the act of throwing. Instead of clawing at it, she instead reached down to pick it up, using her claws to facilitate grabbing and holding it, and flip it over her shoulder to slam it down...but not into the ground, but the other Mettaur, to shake both of them up. Deciding that throwing was the easier and more natural way to deal with these foes, she attempted to get behind the other virus, use her left claw to trip it up, then grab it with her right claw and shove it into the other pickaxe wielder.

And if all of her moves went off without a hitch, that was that. But..."You know, those were some good moves just now."


"But, you know you just left yourself wide open, right?"

"..." Well, shoot. She'd gotten so focused on working on her offensive technique that she completely forgot about defense. If she had screwed up even once, this would sting a little...

[Order of Turn:
1-RageClaw1 chip attack on MetoolA (40, Slashing)
2-RageClaw1 chip attack on MetoolB and MetoolC (20, Impact)
3-RageClaw1 chip attack on MetoolC and MetoolB (20, Impact)]
The Metools blinked as the Navi bowed to them in respect of the battle to come. The Metools looked at each other for a moment, then moved to surround her. After she was surrounded, they turned toward the Navi and also bowed. Clang!

And then there were three less Metool bodies, but three more yellow helmet-shaped mounds. Unfortunately the helmets were heavy, and the motion of bowing caused them to pitch forward, covering the Metools in their hard shells just as Martia stepped forward and launched her first uppercut. Her claws made a nails-on-a-chalkboard discordant sound as the blades scraped along the side of one helmet, causing enamel to peel off. But no damage to the virus inside.

Switching tactics, she moved her blades around and swept at one of the Metools' undersides, attempting to grab it up and pile-drive it into another Metool. This time she managed to get a firm hold on the Metool and, with muscles straining, managed to lift the virus up and over her head. She flipped it over her and slammed its protected head down upon the other Metool's helmet, causing the first to bounce off with a reverberating crack.

She then flipped the second onto the first in the same way. If Metools had necks, they would need physical therapy after this.

The three Metools wobbly got to their feet and brandished their pickaxes. Now it was time for the real fight.

Metool A: 40HP [Metal]
Metool B: 20HP [Metal]
Metool C: 20HP [Metal]

60% Metal [Lifted circular platform]
40% Normal [All around round platform]

Martia: 150HP
Well, that was some defense those Mettaur had. Even her claws couldn't cut through that helmet..."Well, at least I got a little judo practice with that throwing..."

"Yeah...I guess those helmets aren't just for show. But, those throws showed that once you get past their defenses, they get hurt just like anything else! So, try that some more, and you'll have fewer enemies to worry about!"

"Right!" Martia raced forward, not wanting to give all the Mettaur a chance to use those sharp looking pickaxes. Using her claws to assist her, she grabbed a virus by the helmet with her right hand...and one with her left hand in the same fashion. She raised them to chest level, exhaled...and slammed their vulnerable bodies against each other, causing their data to crumble into useless (for them; useful for her) bits. However, she could sense something to her side...something with ill intent. A quick glance revealed the surviving virus, trying to rush her with its weapon. It wasn't exactly a speed demon, however, and thus she elected to show off by elegantly backflipping over the virus, avoiding a desperate swipe as she did so, and managed to get off a perfect three point landing. Even her operator was impressed. "Wow, Martia...that was just amazing! I didn't even watch you jiggle when you landed. It would've been totally crass of me to wreck a beautiful maneuver like that!"

...Yeah, like things ever went that perfectly in battle. Like now, for instance. Even though it hardly took any time for her to envision that scenario, it was still her being a sitting duck, almost begging for them to strike. With that, she began to dash toward the enemy in reality, though her intent was the same: grab a Mettaur with each hand with help from her claw weapons, and SMASH! Or, if she only managed to snatch one, just toss it into the one that didn't get grabbed. And after that, even if she managed to miss both, she could work on sidestepping any counterattacks. Their attacks probably weren't all that painful, but appearances could be deceiving. After all, just look at her...

[Order of Turn:
1-RageClaw1 chip attack on MetoolB and MetoolC (20, B, Impact)
2-RageClaw1 chip attack on MetoolC and MetoolB (20, B, Impact)
Charging into battle with all the intent and training of a master of martial arts, Martia promptly grabbed hold of two viruses and in an instant smashed them together with a resounding clang of helmet against helmet, but it seemed to do the job as those viruses both seemed to visibly shake before helmets cracked and finally both burst apart into digital dust, deleting them outright.

Though upon noticing the last one she made a deftly leap over the little virus, but perhaps she thought it slightly shorter than it truly was as her perfectly executed leap over the little Metool, perfectly brushed her bust across the top of the creatures helmet and seemed to leave it stunned in surprise as she landed down beyond it perfectly. A shame there weren't any judges around to pass a perfect 10, but then, they'd probably be viruses anyway. Still the little virus seemed quite embarrassed by the whole ordeal and with a blushed hop it wheeled itself around on a single foot and flung its pickaxe towards her, but lucky for her, that embarrassment threw off its aim, or perhaps it just didn't want to hit the girl that gave him a free feel.

Metool A: 40HP [Metal]
Metool B: Deleted
Metool C: Deleted

60% Metal [Lifted circular platform]
40% Normal [All around round platform]

Martia: 150HP [Metal]
As she landed, Martia allowed her head to bend over slightly, so the momentum didn't completely stop all at once. However, it ended up giving her a slightly odd sight..."Uh, Leslie? I'm sure you noticed this, so...why does the armor on my chest have a couple of yellow specks on it?"

"Weeeell, I can either give you an answer you want to hear, or the truth. Which one do you want?"

"I want the truth, so it doesn't matter which."

"Well then, I'll put it nice and simple. You didn't get quite as big a jump as you were going for, so your rack brushed up against the Mettaur."

"Wha?!" The fighter Navi's face became flushed as she noticed that her remaining opponent was basically the same. "...Um, if you want to stop, you can walk away now...I don't think either of us really wants to keep going after that..."

"Tell me about it...why can't that kind of stuff ever happen to me?"

"...Not you, Leslie..." The pink Navi gave the pickaxe wielding virus a few moments, to let it slink off with a couple of small victories ingrained in its memory. She didn't entirely let down her guard, however, as any tries for a free shot would be met with a leap away from the attack...strictly to the side, that was. If she tried the same type of dodge again and has similar results, she'd probably find out if Mettaur could get nosebleeds. And that was information she really didn't want to know if she could help it...

[Order of Turn:
0a-Give MettaurA chance to flee
The Metool looked on questioningly at first, if still looking flushed over the whole ordeal. Still the offer seemed sound enough, and after letting out a few squeaks and non-understandable sounds, the virus turned itself around and quickly bound off the platform and deeper into the network.

Which left the martial artist navi being the last one standing upon the platform, which of course meant spoils of war were to be had, and a quick glance around would find not only rewards of a monetary fashion, but the left behind pick the little runaway Metool had left behind.

Metool A: Escaped
Metool B: Deleted
Metool C: Deleted

60% Metal [Lifted circular platform]
40% Normal [All around round platform]

Martia: 150HP [Metal]

—Battle 1, Victory!—
Martia: 180z, Shockwave

Quote ()

Damage: 40 + Line Attack + Ground Attack
Accuracy: C
Description: Sends a narrow, but long, shock wave rolling in front of an enemy. Slow, but difficult to jump over due to its length.
Duration: Once
Element: Null
"Phew..." Martia was incredibly relieved to see the Mettaur decide that enough was enough; after an incident like that, she really had lost her will to fight. After looking around to make sure no one else was in the area, she began to rub on her chest armor, to remove the yellow specks she'd received from...that incident. "And phew again, it came off easily!"

"Yeah, phew..." Leslie appeared to be slightly disappointed at how easily her Navi's armor was cleaned off. Luckily, her gaze was interrupted by the clusters of data that were appearing near her Navi. "Eh? Hey, look! There's that fabled reward data!"

" it just shows up when you're done? That's convenient." The pink fighter extended a hand, accessing and transferring the reward data. "So, for that, we got a little bit of cash, and a ShockWave BattleChip. Not bad for a battle's work, I think!"

"Yo! What's going on up there?!" A HeelNavi climbed up on the arena, apparently peeved at all the commotion. "My customers like it quiet on the outside!...Whoa, hello pretty lady!"

"Um...hi. Can I help you?"

"In lots of ways...but first of all, what are you doing on top of my highly reputable establishment?"

"Establishment? Wait, this is a building?"

"The one and only ACDC Wasteland! If you wanna get wasted, we've got something for that!"

"Well, sorry, but there were viruses on your roof. I took care of them for you, though!"

"Easy on the eyes and a fighter, nice...hey, hang on a sec! Your name wouldn't be Martia, would it?"

"Er, yeah, it is. ...Why?" A slow sense of dread began to flow through her Navi, as various pieces began to fall into place for her...

"Heh, one of my best customers talks about a Navi called Martia sometimes. A smokin' hot chick that can take you down in two seconds flat if she feels like it! We always thought he was full of BugFrags, but I guess he wasn't kidding!"

"Er, hang on a sec..." Martia uploaded her coordinates, and what she had slowly suspected was indeed the truth..."...Hey, Leslie? Guess where the coordinates are...?"

The operator adopted a look of shock, which quickly turned into disgust. "...You mean we're errand girls just to pick up booze for his Navi?! That...father of mine!..." With a growl, the young woman punched a tree to her side, leaving a small dent in the tree...and not just from a loss of bark. "...Ugh, fine, whatever. Pick up whatever he wanted, I don't freaking care!"

"...Well, sir, I think he wanted us to pick something up. Is that right?"

"You got it! Wait here, I'll go get it!" A minute or two passed, before the HeelNavi returned with a rather large crate. "This oughta keep even him happy for a while!"

"Yeah...I think I'm just going to refrain from commenting...though, we don't have to pay for this ourselves, do we?"

"Nah, the guy paid up front. Said your operator would blow a fuse if she had to pay herself!" The faint sound of glass breaking could suddenly be heard underfoot, causing the HeelNavi to sigh. "Bah, this is supposed to be a place to relax! Drunken fighting is completely prohibited! Well, I've got a bar fight to break up, so if you'll excuse me, beautiful!" He raced down the stairs, at which point Martia could no longer tell where he was going. There probably was a door somewhere, but she sure didn't know where it was.

"Well, guess we just need to take this home...we can grab something for supper on the way back, I suppose."

"Whatever...I'm jacking you out right now."

"Yeah, I don't believe he made us do that, either..." And in a pink beam, Martia ceased to exist in ACDC Area.

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