In Pursuit of Panelgrab, Part 1

The coordinates that SharpMan and Hector had received sent the navi into an unpopulated area of ACDC net, where a strange satellite dish, almost the size of a building, slowly rotated. Several monitor screens, each about the size of a navi, were positioned around, along with many esoteric charts. It almost looked like a science expo with no people.

There was one figure, however. A navi wearing brown and black armor, lined from head to toe with various dials and speakers, was seated at the base of the radio dish, fading out and in to vision thanks to the spinning apparatus above her head. Several antennae stuck off from her armor in directions slightly off from 90 degree angles. She had a pretty face with intelligent, dark eyes, which were currently involved in rapidly moving between the many screens situated around her.

Noticing SharpMan show up, she suddenly stopped moving her eyes and looked momentarily alarmed. Standing up from where she'd been sitting, the navi swapped into a .GMO, dressing her in a brown suit jacket and skirt, along with black high-heels and a quaint radio head-set. Her hair was black and frizzy, extending down to slightly below her shoulders, and her eyes were covered with small, circular-framed glasses. Her body wasn't bad to look at either. "You must be the mission applicant! Hello, my name's Radio. It's great to have you here in the studio," the woman introduced herself, seeming strangely more like she was speaking in to the headset mic than to SharpMan. "Ready to make some dreams come true?"

The woman's voice had a smooth and practiced tone, which again influenced SharpMan to imagine she might be speaking to some audience more than she was him.
As soon as he set foot in ACDC, SharpMan began to look around, noting all the fancy technology. "Hmph...a lot more hi-tech than what I'd expect from Hippie Boy."

"I get the feeling our client isn't a hippie at all..." Hmm? He noticed another Navi in the distance, and if that was who he thought it was..."Actually, I don't think there's any part of 'Hippie Boy' that's accurate..."

"Huh? What do you mean?!" ...And then the Navi noticed the other of his kind, who likewise saw him, and changed into a more conventional outfit. Exactly why she seemed bothered by being seen like that puzzled him a bit; he couldn't really chastise her for having metal objects sticking out of her armor. But in his line of work, there were two rules to follow above all else, and one of them was 'never ask unneeded questions'. Thus, he simply walked up, somehow not letting his gaze pass below her neck...though he mentally thanked the heavens for giving him a client much easier on the eyes than he anticipated. "Yeah, I'm SharpMan. I take it you're the mission requester." ...Hoo boy, more garbage about dreams. Yep, this was definitely the place. "I'm here...I trust that answers your question!"
"Good then, SharpMan. I wouldn't want a stranger walking around the studio, but now we're properly acquainted," she replied with a smile; she started to reach out to shake his hand, but then mentally reconsidered, as it seemed like it'd be fairly difficult to touch the guy without suffering some grievous blade wound. "I'm pretty good at reading faces and tones, by the way. It's part of the job," she replied with a coy smile, apparently sensing SharpMan's inhibitions about the "dreams" portion of the job description.

Sitting back down where she had been before, she waved off the issue. "You don't need to worry about that. Your reward isn't going to be fulfilled dreams; not unless you happen to share those dreams, anyways. Your reward, as mentioned earlier, will be paid out in immensely satisfying, undeniably useful panelgrab chips," she explained, making the chips sound a lot niftier than they actually were. "And on the way through, you'll help everyone else achieve their dreams. Speaking of which, let's talk to the Dream Master himself, connected to us live over textual chat!"

All at once, the many monitors surrounding them switched images. Anti-climatically, however, the images simply displayed an ordinary text-based chat. Words began to quickly stream down the box, almost faster than SharpMan or his operator could read them.

Quote ()

you're the applicant ???
that's cool
like the armor very sharp just what i was looking for really
we're gonna make some dreams come true
you and me
mostly you
radio's gonna be sitting here
monitoring the poll waves
from which all dreams spring

the poll waves
are all the charts you see around you
i collect people's opinions and stick them on those charts
faster than you can blink
i'm good at it
probably the best
the poll waves are updating
today we're looking at an awesome pollwave
this pollwave is measuring what everyone's been wanting
ever since they were a kid
searching the tv
for little bites of hot girls
little bites that show up for a second
then quickly go off the screen
so fast they were barely worth looking for

we live in a good time sharpman
net's full of girls
hot girls
like bangin hot
and you have the tools to give those little boys
those poor channelflippers
everything they've wanted since they were little
your mission
should you choose to accept it
yeah that's cliche
shut up
your mission
should you choose to accept it
is to go around the net
cutting the clothes off of girls
it's illegal but a lot of what i do is
i'm good at covering tracks
the np will never connect this to you
and you'll be quick
cause you don't have to delete anyone
just cut off their clothes

see this sort of thing is within our power
nobody else does it
because they're not dreamers
i am a dreamer
so i'm gonna make sure it happens
because people want it to happen
it's an unspoken wish
but a big one
the poll waves show us so
are you going to help ???
i've got lots of panelgrabs to give you
if you help

"Well, what do you think?" Radio asked, smiling and looking composed as if the request was perfectly natural.
SharpMan listened to his employer with a completely and utterly emotionless face, not particularly caring about fulfilling dreams, and basically there because it was the mission assigned to him. Though, he did raise an eyebrow momentarily when she appeared to pick up on this. He wasn't looking super interested, but he was pretty sure he wasn't looking bored, either...

This changed somewhat as he was blasted by text, as he struggled to keep up with it. He had quick eyes, but geez...hmm? Wait, did he read that right? His mission was basically to induce involuntary stripping? Okay, NOW they had his attention. He gave a rather menacing smirk, knowing he was the perfect Navi for this mission. " that's my mission?"

"Must be nice to get paid for misdemeanors instead of felonies for once, eh SharpMan?"

"Oh, I'm looking forward to it! Should be a good way to tune up my blades!" He looked over at Radio, with a fire in his eyes that he hadn't exhibited before. "Sounds like fun! When do I start?"
"So now we have your attention? Good," Radio laughed in response. "Your enthusiasm's going to come in handy. We're going to start you off nice and easy, working out of ACDC. Newbie navis are everywhere, but our keen Radio station radars have picked up one outside of the NP's watch zone. It should be easy to ambush them and... advance your objective, let's say," she finished, crossing her arms and trying to remain professional.

"If you succeed on this one, your reward will be a panelgrab chip. If you fail, no panelgrab. Either way, we're moving on to tougher business after this one, so take this time to learn the ropes," she encouraged the unreasonably sharp navi. "Remember that we're making people's dreams come true, here. That means that you're free to do whatever you like, so far as you think the guys on the other side of the broadcast are gonna eat it up, but I'll give you a hint: physically injuring the civilians isn't going to cut it, pardon the pun. If you've really got to get touchy grabby, I'd suggest you drop about a pound of blades or... whatever it is you do when you don't want to cut everything you touch." Despite her suggestion, she had a feeling that her associate must like cutting just about everything he touches; otherwise, he certainly wouldn't dress that way.

"We all clear? Oh, and one more thing: a lot of these girls aren't going to give it up peacefully. So uh, even though you can't hurt them, don't expect yourself not to get injured," the host finished.

((In this mission, slashing attacks are key to achieve mission objectives. Only slashing attacks will have the effect of stripping navis. For this mission, slashing attacks have no danger of hitting your target navis unless you specify them to do so. Other skills may be used, but if you injure a navi, it's game over! Be careful: other navis don't have the same rules about not hurting you!))
Again, SharpMan stayed quiet as the other Navi spoke, though he seemed to look annoyed at the quip about his blades. His hands weren't exactly bladed...just regular, gloved hands. Granted, anything above the hands was probably off limits. "Heh...this sounds like Navi deleting, but with less death and more induced stripping. Piece of cake!"

"I'll give you the benefit of the doubt, and assume you're just getting excited instead of being overconfident."

"No matter how meek the target, they'll put up a fight, no doubt. I'm fully prepared for whatever may come!" The bladed raised his forearms, quickly inspecting them to make sure they were 100%. Yep, they looked as sharp and sturdy as ever. "All right, just tell me where this Navi is...and consider her as good as revealed!"
"Now you're almost too eager," Radio chuckled, shifting her weight so that her hip leaned against the giant radio tower. "Remember, the element of surprise might be your best bet in this endeavor. It might not be as easy as you think getting that stuff off. Also, let's be honest: I'd like you to be thorough, but some things just aren't realistic. It'd be hard to cut off a tight formal glove without injuring the person wearing it. If things seem too hard to cut off, you're either going to have to hold the target, be some kind of comic book supervillain, or just abandon the endeavor."

"One last thing: take this device. It'll allow you to rejoin me back at the Radio Station when you're done. The signal should be untraceable by the NP, so that ought to help cover your tracks," the host finished, transferring data to Hector.

((Coordinates and RadioStationKey.dat received!))

"Your first target's name is Parka; you'll know her when you see her. I'd tell you more, but there's really not a need for information here, is there? Happy hunting!"


SharpMan found that the ACDC coordinates he'd been sent to were suprisingly different; it was clear that he must have been sent far away, since the spinning dish was no longer visible. The weather had also changed; a light rain poured down around him.

A little ways in the distance, a woman was standing in the rain. She was dressed in a light blue rain slicker that obscured most of her form. Several monitors were opened in front of her, including one large and many other small. She spoke to them, struggling to raise her voice loud enough to outmatch the rainfall. "I hope you kids have learned a good bit about virus battling in today's class. Dr. Watershed's been a great teacher, hasn't he? Let's give him a hand!" she requested, clapping her own hands to spur them on.

The kids all cheered for the unseen Dr. Watershed, being as enthusiastic as they could and trying to out-clap each other.

"Do you kids have any questions?"

A kid asked a question that SharpMan was unable to hear. Fortunately, the navi repeated the information for him.

"What to do if a navi attacks? Well, after four battles with viruses, we'd be pretty unlucky, wouldn't we?"

The children laughed. Someone asked another question.

"A navi that uses water? Well, as you can imagine, my raincoat keeps me well protected from water. I'll be comfortable in any amount of water!"

More giggling. Another question.

"A navi that uses wind? My raincoat is also quite resistant to the effects of heavy wind. It's designed to withstand even hurricane force winds!"

The kids all cooed in admiration of their teacher's magnificent raincoat. The teacher laughed, waving her hands to motion for them to calm down.

Parka: Full Raincoat, Wet Boots (2 movements away)

SharpMan: 150 HP

Terrain: 90% Normal, 10% Sea (scattered puddles)

"...Ha! You underestimate me, chica! I might be a bit rusty at it, but I assure you, I can travel miles without being detected! Something like this is well within my abilities!" SharpMan accepted the offered data, and transferred it ASAP. "If you don't believe me, then see with your own eyes!"

"That's true, but like you said, you're probably rusty. Still, you should be in good enough condition to do it without breaking a sweat." And, coordinates and returning data obtained. "Ready to send you over when you are."

"All set here. Let's get started!" The bladed Navi let off a menacing grin as he vanished, heading off for the destination...

...And one look told him that it was quite a ways from the radio station. ...Actually, come to think of it, why was a radio station doing something that quite obviously required a visual medium? ...Meh, didn't matter. For all he cared, it was an elaborate scheme hatched by some perv that got off on this sort of thing. But so long as he got paid, there was no need to ask.

Not that he could at the moment, what with the rain. Luckily for him, the water falling on him wasn't creating much noise, since he was streamlined to produced very little noise in even the most extreme circumstances. And that was doubly good due to the fact that it appeared his target was dead ahead. And while he was used to giving that term new meaning, this time he'd get to enjoy a less morbid task.

SharpMan listened quietly to the Q&A as he slowly began to creep up to the woman from behind, taking extra care to avoid splashing in any of the puddles. Granted, the rain might mute it out, but that wasn't a risk worth taking. He smirked as she remarked about having encountered four virus battles beforehand...apparently, she didn't go deep in the Net much, or else she'd know to be VERY careful right about now.

As he drew near, he slowly extended the lower blade on his right arm, angling his body in the process so that it remained hidden behind himself. Now he was just about in striking range...Hector had better have something ready to send...

And wordlessly, the operator did just that, transferring a single BattleChip.

The extended edge gave off a momentary shine, which the bladed Navi quickly used to tear at the Navi...'s raincoat. The cut was simple: straight down the back, a location unlikely to be moved into the blade, and if done perfectly, a place that might even take a moment to notice. And that was all he'd need, as he reached around to her stomach, and gave her parka a good pull, to hopefully remove the entire thing in one swift movement...

And this was usually a good time to skedaddle. Throwing down the raincoat if he had managed to take it off completely, SharpMan beat a quick retreat, now that there was no element of surprise...and possibly no element of visual modesty from his target...

[Order of Turn:
1-Quietly sneak up on Parka, specifically avoiding puddles
2-Sword chip attack on Parka's parka (Slashing)
3-Pull Parka's parka off
"Now kids, if you're interested in raincoats, there's a few things you ought to know! Putting on a raincoat is easy, but it might seem tricky if you try to do it yourself. All you need to know is this: do the buttons up like you normally would," Parka taught her students, using her hands to mimic buttoning up the parka. As all of the children's eyes went wide, she assumed they must be anticipating her next words. "Then pull the hood up over your head! Now your raincoat is securely fastened and-"

As if guided by wings of irony, the teacher's now severed raincoat flew off as soon as she was finished speaking, now one long, ghost-like sheet fluttering in the wind. The kids all gasped in surprise, while their teacher just stood there in the rain, trying to make sense of what had happened. Quickly, she turned around and located SharpMan, who had barely made it an arm's length away from her. "D-Dr. Watershed! There's a strange, creepy navi slinking around right there!" she exclaimed, pointing out the glinting figure.

Now derpived of her parka, the navi wore a white bodysuit with frills running from the collar to just below the center of her busom. The suit continued down her legs, forming tights, while a blue, knee-length skirt attachment covered her lower body. Her brown, wavy hair was done into a neat bun, completing her school-teacher look. Her body made it pretty obvious why people had voted on her, as did her increasingly soaked and clingy white bodysuit.

The navi armed herself with a blue umbrella, its covering made from a similar material to her formerly secure raincoat. "Kids, er, sometimes navis do attack you while you traverse the net! Heelnavis and Mafia folks! The best strategy is usually... fight them! Make sure you beat them!" she assured the kids, although she didn't look terribly certain herself. "Y-You'll get valuable zenny and chips if you can defeat strong attackers in combat!"

The kids spoke up, all trying to ask questions at once. The teacher quieted down, squinting as she tried to follow SplashMan's shape into the rain, which had started to pick up.

SplashMan hadn't really made enough of a retreat to be considered safe, by any means. She'd see him coming if he turned around and attacked her again. Alternatively, he could go ahead and get out of there by using the Key he'd been given.

Parka: Hair Ribbon, Full White Bodysuit, Full Skirt Attachment, Wet Boots, Umbrella

SharpMan: 150 HP

Terrain: 90% Normal, 10% Sea (scattered puddles)
" dare you lump me with those guys!" Unfortunately for Parka, SharpMan was neither a generic HeelNavi nor a member of the NetMafia. "Now, if you insist on teaching the kids a lesson, come! I suppose I can help a little!" And he would help...himself. he could care less about the kids. As would be shown by him continuing to make it less of a virus busting class, and more of an impromptu anatomy class...

The blades on his right arm suddenly became less shining, as the ones on his left arm acquired their gleam, as the Sword data exchanged sides. He then raised his duller arm, extending their edges a bit...and waited patiently as he faced the other Navi. If she took the bait, she'd try to wasn't important, only that she did. And once she tried to deliver a blow, he could simply parry the attack, and counter by rushing in for a quick slash. Of course, in this case, it would be less of a damaging cut, and more taking out that skirt.

And regardless of that, he prepared to race in, and tear apart that umbrella with his shinier blades. That'd soak her real nice. And as he knew very well, soaking wet women with nice bodies were hotter than not soaking wet women with nice bodies. It was some kind of natural law. Unfortunately, he wouldn't be able to admire the results much, as he'd promptly attempt to get as much distance between her and him as possible once his cut-fest was over...

[Order of Turn:
1-Razor Shield sig attack (1-hit shield; Slashing after shield is hit)
2-Sword chip attack on Parka's skirt (Slashing)
"Excuse me, but if you come out and attack me while I'm teaching a bunch of children how to fasten a raincoat, I-I feel like I have the right to think you're a HeelNavi!" Parka restated, raising her parasol awkwardly to use it like a sword. SharpMan was anticipating such an attack; blocking the hit easily with one arm, he used the other to slice apart her parasol. Several limbs of the slender silver webbing broke, along with a good portion of the sheet; an umbrella like that was fairly useless even as an impromptu bludgeon, so she tossed it aside.

SharpMan came in for another attack, but she was prepared this time. Quickly, she raised up a large, blue sheet, which puffed out like a sail, as though air was shooting out behind it. The sheet managed to rebound her shield, defending her temporarily. The force of the impact knocked SharpMan down, causing him to fall into a puddle. He quickly retreated, putting some distance between himself and his target.

"Did you kids see my rain sheet in action? Using techniques like that, I can slowly but surely defeat my ambusher!" she assured her kids. But SharpMan was far from defeated...

Parka: Hair Ribbon, Full White Bodysuit, Full Skirt Attachment, Wet Boots (2 movements away)

SharpMan: 110 HP (Sword: 5 uses)

Terrain: 90% Normal, 10% Sea (scattered puddles)
"Ha! Some teacher, to apparently not even know what a HeelNavi is! See, children, a HeelNavi is just another name for those mass produced, mean looking purple and black Navis you sometimes see on the Net. Maybe one of you even has one for their Navi! I, however, am hardly mass produced...heh heh! Oh, and don't go and say I'm a NetMafia Navi, either. Most of the Navis there are idiots! I'd never join 'em!...Now, just stand there and accept your fate, lady. Do so, and I can guarantee your safety!" He probably should've seen her own defensive effort coming, though, so SharpMan wasn't feeling overly intelligent himself. But what he said afterward probably worked for psychological warfare, or whatever.

"Well, she's soaking wet and in a skintight leotard. That good enough?"

"...Nah. Not yet!" Once again, the bladed Navi made his way to his latest target, again trying not to step in the puddles and make it more obvious where he was. As he approached, he extended his lower left edge, raised, then lowered it semi-gently, with the sole intent of utterly destroying her skirt. After all, who wouldn't want to see what was down there? He was a bit interested,'d be a nice compliment to her being drenched above the waist.

He wasn't done, however. Instead, he retracted his blade in use, and extended the other one on the same arm. He reached with it to try and get under her ribbon, and rip it to reveal her more natural style. After all, chicks were pretty much always hotter when their hair wasn't done up like that, especially when it wasn't in a very flattering style like that. Of course, even that would be better than if he did a full-on slash and gave her an impromptu haircut...that'd be an instant mission fail, for sure. Hence his safer alternative. Plus, it put him in an oddly good position for parrying a counterattack...

[Order of Turn:
1-Get back to Parka, avoiding puddles
2-Get back to Parka, avoiding puddles
3-Sword chip attack on Parka's skirt (Slashing)
4-Sword chip attack on Parka's hair ribbon (Slashing)
4a-Swordplay subtype ability (passive dodge)]
"Accept my fate? Safety? You mean you're not trying to kill me?" she asked, looking stupefied. She apparently hadn't realized what SharpMan's real motive was. "Dr. Watershed, what should I do?!"

"I-I don't know... What's he doing?" the professor asked, hidden by the white flickering panel of his monitor. It was so unclear in the rain that his visage wasn't possible to make out.

"I don't know! He's coming back over here though!" she cried, panicking once again.

"I can't see him!" the professor growled in frustration. "I'm sending you an AquaNeedle!"

She shot off the aquaneedle, unfortunately missing him completely. "Did I hit him?" she asked hopefully, as though she hadn't just watched the needles hit the wet panels of the net and shatter against them. SharpMan took the moment to strike, sliding his blade through to cleanly sever the skirt off of her body. She turned to see him, then fired an attack like a burst of water, but he neatly dismissed it with one arm and then plucked the ribbon from her hair. The hair fell from its bun, ending up in a wet mass extending slightly beneath her shoulders. It was nice if you liked the girl-in-distress look.

More importantly, perhaps: with the skirt out of the way, SharpMan could now make out the navi's shapely hips and cute ass. The wet skinsuit clung to her, erotically semi-transparent, but just slight of revealing the naughty bits. "H-He's going for my clothes! That's why he's not attacking me directly!" she exclaimed, finally figuring it out.

"I'm jacking you out now!" Dr. Watershed cried.

"No! What kind of example are we setting for the kids if I run away from this mugger?!" she protested, stamping her feet.

"What kind of example are we setting if you fight naked in the rain...?" he sighed. "I'm jacking you out, no buts!"

Despite her opposition, she was plucked from the net, leaving SharpMan alone in the rain.


SharpMan: 110 HP (Sword: 5 uses)

Terrain: 90% Normal, 10% Sea (scattered puddles)


SharpMan gets: Nothing.
Ah, shoot, the Navi was gone. Oh well, he was pretty much done with her at that point. If people were watching, they got what they needed to see. He knew he did. "Not bad, not bad..."

"So, is that directed at yourself, or her?"

"Either works, doesn't it?"

"Heh, guess so! I didn't see any reason to complain from either end, myself...on a more serious note, there's no need to stick around there any longer. I'll use that data to send you back to the client now."

"Of course. There's never a need to stick around!" Plus, he had some nice mental images to admire while he was transported. "Warp me at will!" And, data activated. Now to report. They'd better get that bag of PanelGrabs ready...

(using RadioStationKey.dat)
The key instantly warped SharpMan back to the objective point: namely, Radio's station. His employer was right where he'd left her, leaning against the radio dish. "I don't know what you did, but poll reaction seems hot. Good job," she congratulated him. "Have you heard of positive reinforcement experiments, involving rats and food pellets? Well, nevermind. Enjoy your first PanelGrab."

Hector found that the PanelGrab was quickly transferred to his PET.

((Get: PanelGrab!))

"Why stop there, right? You want some PanelGrabs to give away as party favors or gifts to distant relatives, right?" she cooed, giving a sly smile. "Let's reveal your next target. This one's going to be tougher, so it's up to you whether or not you choose to accept. Next targets are part of a girl band, called Lit Fusion."

The host brought up an image on one of the large monitors nearby, showing four girls, dressed in eccentric clothing and playing on stage. "I'd say more about them, but you'll definitely know them when you see them. For this mission, I've got a little present to help you out," Radio explained, transferring SharpMan new data.

((Get: AirportSecurity.GMO))

"I'll take it back when we're finished," she laughed. "The coordinates I give you will put you in an airport, where the girls are hitting a flight. I know, sounds weird, right? Why do navis need airplanes and airports? There's something about the experience that people like, though; who am I to argue with what the people want?" she shrugged, smiling helplessly. "I can't tell you exactly what position you'll find yourself in there, but I think that the costume might give you an advantage. Head on out whenever you're ready."

((Get: Coordinates in Netopia Net))

((Topic opening soon))
All right, PanelGrab, er, grabbed. Now came the big question: he had his reward. Should he bail and call it good? Or should he keep going? ...Eh, he should at least hear her out before deciding. SharpMan quietly listened to the rest, frowning as he received the GMO data. It wasn't so much that he was above doing it, as it was the fact that he only performed tasks in one outfit: his own. Plus, that band name...Lit Fusion. Why did that sound familiar? "...Hey, Hector. Ever heard of that band before?"

"...No, it's new to me. I don't exactly follow groups like that."

"...Hmm...ahh! Now I remember! Dawn listens to them!"


"Yeah. She really likes their music, even though to me it's like scraping my blades on glass terrain..."

"...Ha! Bwa ha ha ha!" It wasn't often that the Whazzapian man burst into laughter, but this new information was just a little too much. "I can't believe straight arrow twin sister listens to girl bands! Unreal! Ha ha ha!"

"Yes, it's hilarious, I agree! But...that gives me an odd conflict of interest. If a band your sister liked was suddenly attacked by a mysterious Navi that specializes in swords, she'd get suspicious about us. And she's JUST vengeful enough to make things a real pain!"

"That's very, very true. I think we'll have to decline."

"I thought as much." The sharp edged Navi transferred Radio's second gift back to her, which essentially locked in his response. "My apologies, but going after that band would present some...odd problems for us. You'll need to either give me a different target, or give me your leave."
"An odd problem? SharpMan, my ability to cover your tracks is greater than you might be giving me credit for," Radio replied, looking skeptical. "I guess maybe I overestimated your abilities. The polls are our guide; they are the voice of the people. As such, the polls are final. I can't assign you another target," she sighed, leaning her side against the radio dish again, and sticking her opposite hand into her skirt pocket.

"I'll get someone else to help me finish," she finished, turning her head to look at new text incoming from the "dream master." "Return the .GMO and you're free to leave."

((AirportSecurity.GMO lost!))

((Coordinates lost!))
"And you underestimate my operator's sister!" Well, no point arguing about it now, anyway...wait, she did NOT just say what it sounded like. He angrily slashed the air, and pointed his blades at Radio. "I'm going to tell you this once, and ONLY once. My skills are unparalleled...but I can only work with the tools given to me. And right now, my options are but a small fraction of my potential. At the peak of my ability, if I wanted to kill you, you'd already be dead by now. That you even acquired the services of the likes of me should be viewed as a miracle!-"

"Remember what I said about being nice to the client? Yeah, that still applies. Now shut up and say goodbye."

"Oh, I'd love to say goodbye..." Again, SharpMan tore at the empty space in front of him, leaving a blurry silver trail of energy. "But in deference to my operator, I'll simply say farewell. I advise you not to make any enemies before we meet again, chica. And with that, he exited the Net in a beam of light...