Relieving boredom

Kyuubi materialized into the net, stretching happily. "As much as i like makeing you suffer, i prefer being in here." Kyuubi commented offhandedly as a window appeared beside him.
"Good to know i'm loved, maybe i should leave you in there. All i would have to do is smash the PET." kage responded with the same sort of dry humor. Kyuubi chose to ignore that particular jibe as both knew they where only messing with each other. The window closed, though kyuubi knew Kage was still monitoring as the navi let his playful side slip and his serious nature come forward while he started looking around getting accustomed to this network.
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Kyuubi hadn't gone far when the typical welcoming delegation came trundling out of a building on the roadside. They were three helmeted viruses toting pickaxes. They stopped dead at the sight of the Navi, then formed up into an uneven line, determined not to let him through.

Terrain: 95% Normal, 5% Metal

MetoolA: 40 HP
MetoolB: 40 HP
MetoolC: 40 HP

Kyuubi.EXE: 100 HP

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Kyuubi looked at the welcoming party and allowed a small grin to appear on his face as he drew his swords. "Kage you ready?"
"Always." Kage responded.

"Kitsune Bi!" Kyuubi said with a wave of his hand, sending a fireball right at MetoolA. He barely watched his fireball fly as he held out a hand.

"Shotgun battle chip slot in!" Kage called out as he inserted the chip.

Kyuubi's hand formed into the weapon. He brought it down in the blink of an eye and began firing at MetoolB. Before jumping away to try and avoid the metools' ground based attacks.

1. Kitsune Bi: 30 Fire Damage to MetoolA [1 TCD].
2. Shotgun: 50 Null Damage to MetoolB.
3. Dodge.
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1. You have 3 actions per turn, I'd use all of them.

2. Provide a turn summary after the RP section of your post. example below:
1. Katsune Bi: MetoolA (30dmg Fire + 2TCD)
2. Dodge
3. BattleChip/Sig: Target (Damage and effects)

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Kyuubi quickly went on the offensive, torching the first Metool with a fireball before he drew a firearm on the second, quickly bringing it down with a loud blast. The third attempted to retaliate by slamming its pick into the ground and send a shock wave towards the fox Navi, but it proved to be completely ineffective, since the Navi simply jumped out of the way.

Terrain: 95% Normal, 5% Metal

MetoolC: 40HP

Kyuubi.EXE: 100HP
Kyuubi grinned even as the Shotgun faded. "well that was easy." The antho fox navi commented offhandedly.
"Get your head back in the game." Kage commented, "we're not done till the last one is gone."
"I know i know." Kyuubi grunted, a little annoyed his playfulness had been bounced back. Kage was going to find a new hole in the seat of his pants latter.
"Lets end this with a quick one two." kage called as he prepped a battle chip.
"On it!" Kyuubi took a step and jumped aiming to jump over the mettol in front of him and land behind it. "Tsume ya kitsune!" kyuubi brought down his swords on top of the virus.
"and for extra insurance. cannon, battle chip, slot in!" Kage cried as he sent the battle chip to is navi.
Kyuubi held out both swords as they reformed into a single cannon fire at close range it mettolc.

Tsume ya kitsune 30 dmg null to metool c
cannon battle chip 40 dmg null mettol c
(( "Kage was going to find a new hole in the seat of his pants latter." what does this mean? -_-'

Also, you only have Cannon, Shotgun, and RageClaw in your chip library (no sword chip), you don't have any other battlechips))
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The fox Navi quickly leaped over the Metool as it canted its helmet upwards. Its comically large eyes could only track the Navi for a short while before he was obscured by the massive blind spot created by the rim of the virus's helmet. Fearing the worst, the virus instinctively dashed forward in an attempt to move away, then turned around to face its attacker. Its attempt was successful in avoiding Kyuubi's sword strike, and it quickly retaliated with a shockwave-producing swing of its pick, but the cannon round hit its mark before the shockwave reached the Navi.


Terrain: 95% Normal, 5% Metal


Kyuubi.EXE: 90HP
Rewards: 150z
(i know, i dropped the ball this time, i'll do my best not to let it happen again.)

Kyuubi winced as the attack struck his leg, and reached down to grip it. "Note to self, virus attacks continue after I've deleted the little pains." he muttered.

"you don't say." Kage commented, "think you can still keep going or do you need to be healed?"

"Please I'd be a very poor navi if i couldn't take some basic viruses after getting hit once." Kyuubi boasted as he stood up and started walking yet again, ignoring Kage''s chuckling.

[battle two start]
The commotion in the normally quiet area of ACDCNet did not go unnoticed, and as Kyuubi addressed his minor wounds, a trio of viruses started to converge on his position. The light clunking of metallic feet on the tiles alerted the Navi of the viral presence, and upon turning around, he saw a pair of metools flanking a red quadrapedal Beetank. Their eyes were focused on the Navi, and the Kabutank lowered its large cannon barrel towards him, ready to fire.

Viruses Identified!

MetoolA: 40HP [on metal]
Beetank: 80HP
MetoolB: 40HP

Terrain: 90% Normal, 10% Metal

Kyuubi.EXE: 90HP

-(Battle #2 Ready, Fight!)-
Kyuubi at first brushed off the sounds of the viruses as he did one last check of his leg. When he turned his attention to the trio Kyuubi paled so fast at the sight of the cannon aiming at him even his fur went white at the sight of the cannon aiming at him. "Kage i need some weaponry!" the fox like navi cried.

"Big guns," Kage started as two battle chips appeared in his hand "on their way!" he finished slotting the two in.

Kyuubi held out his swords as they became a Cannon and shotgun. "All right!" He cried as he brought the cannon to bear upon the beetank, and with a light pull of the trigger fired right at it. The anthro fox navi wasted no time, as he moved to the side bringing the shotgun up, trying to line metoolb up with the beetank before he pulled the trigger on the shotgun. The force of the shot snapped Kyuubis arm upwards as both the shotgun and Cannon disintegrated, leaving Kyuubi with his swords, and he brought both to play. The fox navi twirled his swords into a X shape, Thus triggering Kyuubis shield ability, as he put up a back barrier up between him and any incoming attacks, hoping to block them.

cannon 40 dmg null beetank
shotgun 50 dmg null metoolb + spread
shield ability
Kyuubi quickly went into action, starting off with a well-placed cannon shot to the dead center of the BeeTank, causing the virus to reel back, and its retaliatory shot went way off target. Kyuubi proceeded to line up the Mettol and the reeling Beetank, and managed to wipe out the metool though the Beetank's stumbling fall managed to evade the attack spread. The remaining Metool retaliated with a shockwave attack, but the Navi's shield took the brunt of the attack and left him completely unharmed.

MetoolA: 40HP [on metal]
Beetank: 40HP

Terrain: 90% Normal, 10% Metal

Kyuubi.EXE: 90HP

Kyuubi grimaced as the beetank avoided destruction, That could make things complicated, considering aside from his kitsune bi he would have to get up close and personal, and with a virus that looked like an artillery cannon he wasn't looking forward to that.

"Kyuubi put up your swords and move in." Kage stated as he pulled out his last battle chip.

[color=grayquot] Kyuubi demanded of his operator.

"Trust me will you. I have a good idea what I'm doing here." Kage resonded.

"a good idea he says." the fox like navi muttered as he sheathed his swords and shared forward, his tails weaving and fluttering behind him.

"Yes a good idea, i hope." Kage muttered that last part as he waited before he kyuubi got within range. "Here comes my idea!"

Kyuubi paused for a second as his paws morphed to resemble massive bear paws. "Kage you might be crazy, but you know how to make a navi feel special." as he swung one paw down on top of the remaining mettol before unleashing a one two strike towards the beetank.

1 RageClaw1 40 dmg Slashing null mettola
2 RageClaw1 40 dmg Slashing null beetank
3 RageClaw1 40 dmg Slashing null beetank
Thanks to the battlechip data, Kyuubi was rapidly outfitted with wickedly curved claws, sharpened and steeled for battle. Quickly putting them to good use, he brought one of his claws down on the remaining Metool, quickly ending the virus's existance before rapidly switching targets. His first strike swung wide as the virus jolted back slightly to fire a cannon shot directly at the Navi. As the round exploded over Kyuubi's shoulder, his other arm struck out against the virus, finally bringing it down.


Beetank: DELETED

Terrain: 90% Normal, 10% Metal

Kyuubi.EXE: 75HP
Rewards: Guard1, 50z
"whew. I knew that going again a virus that could probably stand against your kinds artillery cannons was going to hurt." Kyuubi grumbled as he massaged his shoulder. Kage didn't respond as he was busy downloading the new chip data. "If i get deleted, I'll blame you you know." Kyuubi stated not seriously in an attempt to get Kages attention.
"you have a good point, i better update he back up data shouldn't I?" Kage stated absentmindedly, intentionally deflecting the fox navis comment.
"I hate you, i really hate you. Kyuubi growled as he opened a window to see a rather large grin on Kages face. He pointed a claw at it. "you will suffer for that."

[battle 3 start]
In the distance, Kyuubi's canid ears managed to pick up the metallic clanking of viruses moving about. A quartet of viruses, two Beetanks flanked by a pair of metools, were moving across the network space. They hadn't noticed the Navi yet, and continued on their way slowly, their stubby legs don't get them places very quickly.

--Viruses-- [2 movement actions away] ((this means you must use two movement actions to get within melee range of these viruses, but you can still use ranged attacks))
MetoolA: 40HP
BeeTankA: 80HP
BeeTankB: 80HP
MetoolB: 40HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Kyuubi.EXE: 75HP [Unseen by viruses]
Kyuubi was still ranting at kage. I don't care if i have to hack my way into where ever you take your next shower or order food, i'll make you suffer. Kage was grinning as Kyuubi ranted before movement caught his gaze.
"Viruses." he commented lightly.
"i know and i don't.......damn you." Kyuubi swiveled his attention to the viruses. His eyes immediately locked onto the two beetanks. "i hate those things." the navi grumbled before he held out his swords. Nodding as Kage slotted in the appropriate chips, and watched as his swords became a cannon and a shotgun He lined up the cannon and fired at one beetank allowing the force to spin him. No this wasn't anything fancy he just needed a second to dissipate the cannon. "kitsune bi!" he called as he swung a paw sending the fire ball at the other beetank, before darting to the side. He carefully aimed down the sights as he tried to line both beetanks up and pulled the trigger.

1 cannon 40 dmg null beetanka
2 kitsune bi 30 dmg fire beetankb
3 shotgun 50 dmg null+spread1 beetankb
Kyuubi decided to take the initiative by immediately attacking, leading off with a cannon shot towards the lead Beetank. Unfortunately, Kyuubi didn't lead his moving target, and hit the area where the Beetank used to be. However, Kyuubi quickly adjusted and pegged the other Beetank with a fireball before he switched to his shotgun. After quickly lining up the Beetanks, the following shotgun blast peppered both viruses, bringing down one of them while leaving the second severely injured.

The metools turned in response and attempted to retaliate, but both shockwaves missed their marks, as well as a wayward cannon shot fired by the wounded Beetank.

--Viruses-- [2 movement actions away] ((this means you must use two movement actions to get within melee range of these viruses, but you can still use ranged attacks))
MetoolA: 40HP
BeeTankA: 30HP
MetoolB: 40HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Kyuubi.EXE: 75HP