The First Test

A flash of blue light and a hint of cold air marked Tundra's entry to the ACDC Net. The icicle-bound Navi examined his surroundings curiously before plunging into the Net, frozen blade at the ready.

"I'm glad that you're comfortable, but don't you have work to do?" Tundra asked.

"It can wait. The consulate wanted me to look into the ACDC Net anyways, and we haven't busted in weeks." replied Iakov with a shrug.

"I'm not complaining."

(Requesting first battle!)
Also not complaining were the trio of Metool hanging around, now finally spotting something they could invite on a picnic. Or delete. It was hard to tell which. Though the way they were brandishing those pickaxes, it could be a seriously painful picnic. And unless Tundra was a serious masochist, he might be better off getting rid of the viruses either way.

MetoolA: 40 HP
MetoolB: 40 HP
MetoolC: 40 HP

Tundra.EXE: 150 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

"Alright, looks like we're warming up slowly," Tundra commented with a slight smile. "I don't really feel like getting up close and personal. Mind giving me some guns?"

"Done," Iakov replied, slotting in a pair of chips with one swift hand motion.

Nodding his thanks, Tundra turned to face the viruses and let his ice blade shatter to make room for the incoming Cannon. As the hefty slab of metal slid forward from his wrist, a layer of ice shot forward to encase it in a sort of protective surface. With one arm held loosely by his side, Tundra squinted down the barrel of his...wrist and took a shot at the center Metool. Just as the recoil forced his arm upwards, he allowed the Cannon to dissipate and used his free hand to shoot a large streak of ice along the panels to his right. Without missing a beat, Tundra dodge-rolled into the ice path he'd created, coming out of the roll into a sort of slide on the slippery surface.

When he regained his balance, Tundra equipped the Shotgun in the same fashion as the Cannon and took aim at the Mets which he was now flanking. Squinting again, he steadied his arm until he deemed the shot straight enough to hit both viruses and fired. After he finished shooting, Tundra took a few steps backwards and looked carefully towards the viruses' position, waiting for any signs of life.

"Need the RageClaw?" asked Iakov, crossing his arms and peering at the PET screen expectantly.

"Eh, it should be fine," Tundra shrugged, "but we'll see if I messed up deleting Mets."


HP: 150
1. Cannon > Metool B (40 DMG)
2. Dramatic ice-dodge-roll to flanking position (dodge, line up Shotgun)
3. Shotgun > Metool C, Spread > Metool A (50 DMG)

Sigs: Ready!
Showing no worry in the face of the Metool trio, Tundra aimed his received Cannon at the viruses and fired, the blast reaching its target in an instant and deleting it just as quickly. Frightened, one of the viruses smashed its pick upon the ground and shot a shockwave at Tundra, but he was already sliding away down some temporary ice. From his new position, the viruses had been lined up sufficiently for him to fire the Shotgun and eliminate both in one neat attack.


Terrain: 100% Normal


Tundra.EXE: 150 HP

Smiling, Tundra gathered his reward data and examined the new BattleChip with moderate curiosity. "Hm, Guard1? Should be useful."

"Nice," agreed Iakov.

"Let's keep going," Tundra said as he plunged further into the Net.

(Requesting battle 2!)
Tundra soon came across a pair of fixed turret viruses positioned seemingly in the middle of nowhere. A Champu virus was also nearby, using its flaming fists to jab an invisible enemy. There wasn't much point in wondering why the viruses were even there, and since they picked up on Tundra fairly quickly, there wouldn't be time to anyway.

CanodumbA: 50 HP
CanodumbB: 50 HP
Champu: 60 HP

100% Normal

Tundra.EXE: 150 HP

"I always found it odd that mounted turret viruses exist," Tundra commented.

"It makes you wonder if someone put them there intentionally... oh well. How would you like to dispose of them?" asked Iakov.

"Let me try out the new chip, and then I can get in their personal space with the Rageclaw," Tundra suggested, examining his blade pointedly. (OOC: pun intended)

"It is done," Iakov replied, giving the Guard1 its first trial in Tundra's battle routine and the RageClaw an opportunity to shine. "Let me know if you need anything else."

Nodding curtly, Tundra quickly activated the temporary shield in front of his torso.

"You should probably flank them," Iakov added, peering intently at his PET display.

"I'm on it," Tundra replied, and began advancing in the direction of the leftmost Canodumb, preparing his RageClaw for use once the shield was hit by something or other. Once he'd gotten within a panel or two of the defense installments for absolutely nothing, Tundra shifted into a flanking position on the viruses' left side and unsheathed the RageClaw. His frozen blade had been replaced with five jagged, angular talons of ice which protruded in a hand-like formation from his wrist. He calmly began moving forwards and slashing with the claw, increasing speed and ferocity as he continued; if his shield had been destroyed some time during the advance, he certainly hadn't noticed.

"You are not exactly the model of self-control today," Iakov chuckled, stroking his goatee thoughtfully. "I hope that claw can deflect bullets."

Tundra acknowledged Iakov's worry and halted his slashing progression, pausing to see if either Canodumb had survived the onslaught of ice. "Well, if I was shot, I didn't feel it," he shrugged, examining himself casually while maintaining a careful watch on the battlefield.


HP: 150
1. Activate Guard1, advance to flanking position (if hit, up to 60 DMG in line towards CanodumbA, piercing)
2. RageClaw > nearest Canodumb surviving (40 DMG)
3. RageClaw > nearest Canodumb surviving (40 DMG)
*: Free dodge/parry, mostly watching for sneaky Champu motion

Glacier Blast: Ready!
((Try not to direct attacks at "surviving" targets. If one of your attacks gets directed at a deleted virus, the mod will (or at least should) redirect it to something else, provided it makes sense.))

Tundra advanced forward quickly with the Guard raised before him. He managed to get fairly close to one of the turrets before one fired, hitting the shield and receiving the attack back in full. Tundra hit the virus a second time with his claw before moving to the other turret and striking it as well. Still wary, he managed to sidestep the Champu as it warped to him and tried to punch him. He moved back a bit, but it seemed the weakened Canodumb was already preparing to lock on.

CanodumbA: DELETED
CanodumbB: 10 HP
Champu: 60 HP

100% Normal

Tundra.EXE: 150 HP