A gold light appears and shapes into the form of ExploderMan. He looks around anxiously for viruses so he can bust his first ones(he walks around cautiously,HP100[max]).
((You have 150HP due to the HP+50.))

ExploderMan started walking through ACDC Net, searching for viruses. It didn't take long before he laid eyes on a trio of them.

Metool A: 40HP
Metool B: 40HP
Metool C: 40HP

100% Normal

ExploderMan.EXE: 150HP

Battle 1 Start!
ExploderMan attacks with Cannon before dodging an attack. Then he quickly uses Shotgun and then Rage Claw.
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Also, you need to put a turn summary at the end of each battle post. This is used to indicate what you attacked. A typical summary looks like this:

1. Cannon: MetoolA (40dmg + Knockback)
2. Shotgun: MetoolB (50dmg + Spread1)
3. RageClaw: MetoolC (40dmg + Slashing)

so the formula is "Battlechip: Target (Battlechip damage and effects)" ))