Starting Fresh and New (Continued)

(Jacked in from here)

A beam of light shone down on ACDC, marking HarpoonMan's arrival.

HarpoonMan looked for his homepage. He then talked to his operator, Cole.

"Hey, Cole, where was the homepage site again?"
"It's just to the northeast. And I don't want you to lose track of it. I payed a good amount of zenny for it!"
"Didn't you get the homepage as a birthday gift, though?"

HarpoonMan sighed at his operator's comments. Clutching his spear, he set off to the new homepage site, not knowing what blocked entry.

[Battle 1 Requesting]
On his way to the homepage, three metools were specifically lined up to block the path from HarpoonMan. Swinging their pickaxes violently, they were almost hell-bent on not letting the navi pass...

MetoolA: 40 HP
MetoolB: 40 HP
MetoolC: 40 HP

Terrain: 100% Noromal

HarpoonMan: 150 HP

"Seriously? These pipsqueaks are whats standing in the way of me and my homepage?"
"I don't know HarpoonMan. We're out of experience and they might have backup."
"You worry too much about them, Cole. I can handle them, just watch!"
"How am I going to watch you kill viruses if you don't have anything to fight with?"
"Oh, right! Let's see, send me in a RageClaw, and a Shotgun!"
"It's obvious what your going to do, it's most likely going to fail.."
"Just send the battlechips in!" HarpoonMan was getting impatient with his operator.

Cole sent in the RageClaw1, and the Shotgun. They were downloaded to HarpoonMan, who's hands turned into a claw holding a spear and another one in the form of a shotgun. HarpoonMan threw his spear to the back of him, then quickly slashed at the Metool in front before it could get a hit in. He waited for his remaining opponents to line up, as he jumped in midair to dodge the shockwave attacks. Then, he shot his shotgun at the remaining two metools.

Action 1: RageClaw1 (Target: MetoolA) (Damage: 40) (Effect: Slashing) (Accuracy: B )
Action 2: TACTICAL MOVEMENT: Wait for MetoolB and MetoolC to line up, while jumping to dodge the shockwave attacks.
Action 3: Shotgun (Target: MetoolB, spread onto MetoolC) (Damage: 50) (Effect: Spread1) (Accuracy: A)
Leaping at the nearest Metool with his new RageClaw, HarpoonMan abandoned his namesake and slashed it to pieces with his claws, deleting it. The Metools then smashed their pickaxes to the ground, trying to catch him in his charge, but the Navi merely leapt upwards and out of harm's way. He then pointed the Shotgun arm he had on at the Metools, but couldn't find a conceivable way to line them up properly. Thus, he had to resort to firing on only one Metool, deleting that one as well.

MetoolC: 40 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

HarpoonMan: 150 HP
"Alright, time for the final shot! Send me in a Cannon, and I'll handle the rest!"
"Okay, but could you not miss like you did with that Shotgun?"

Cole inserted a battlechip, and a cannon appeared on the hand that he used for his shotgun.

"Don't worry. I have this in the bag, Cole. You can trust me."
"Alright. Oh yeah, I'm surprised you didn't lose any HP. Usually you always lose HP."
"Be quiet, your going to make me lose my focus."

HarpoonMan ignored Cole's new comments. He waited for the right time, and then leapt in front of the Metool. He quickly fired a shot, and incase of extra precautions, and in case his operator was right, he quickly did a cartwheel away from the Metool. He also picked up his spear, which was recently jammed into the ground, just in case he also missed with that shot.

Action 1: TACTICAL MOVEMENT: Wait for the Metool to be vulnerable, and leap in front of it.
Action 2: Cannon (Target: MetoolC) (Damage: 40) (Effect: Knockback) (Accuracy: A)
Action 3: TACTICAL MOVEMENT: Cartwheel away from the metool.
Bang, it died.


Terrain: 100% Normal

HarpoonMan: 150 HP

-- BATTLE 01, VICTORY!! --


[Guard1] Battlechip, 160z

[PS: You're =/= Your. Yes, I am going to drill this into you until you learn it.]
"Nice virus busting out there, HarpoonMan! And look, we got chip data too!"
"Be careful, though. There are better viruses out there."
"Yeah, but they won't attack us yet. So, where were we? I forgot what we were doing after all the action."
"I was going to work on the homepage. You were going to eat chips and drink soda and shout orders at me like a human slave."
"That's not true! I download data to you!"

HarpoonMan sighed, and went into his homepage. He worked on it for several hours, as Cole was being lazy. HarpoonMan just finished putting up the Backround.DATA when he turned around and found viruses tearing at the floor!

And of course, there were viruses tearing at the floor. Or, well, more appropriately, smashing it to bits; there were a couple of rather overexcited Powie jumping around in their hefty forms, cracking the floor everywhere. Of course, it didn't help that a couple of Kabutanks were joining in the fun as well, laying down explosives.

Kabutank A: 50 HP
Kabutank B: 50 HP
Powie A: 50 HP
Powie B: 50 HP

HarpoonMan.EXE: 150 HP

80% Normal
20% Cracked (between viruses and HarpoonMan)

"Viruses that smash. Ain't that a bit funny, HarpoonMan?"
"What do you mean, Cole?"
"I mean, that viruses are actually breaking your homepage, AND they are breaking viruses!"

There was a pause for Cole's lame joke.

"That had to be the suckiest joke I have ever heard since your dad's crappy joke about my programming."
"Just shut up and take these chips!"

Cole inserted a Guard1 chip, and a Shotgun chip. Realizing what he had to do, HarpoonMan quickly morphed his spear into a Metool's helmet. He took a few steps backward, and, peering around his shield, aimed a Shotgun at the nearest Powie. He blew the smoke off his Shotgun, and got back under his shield.

Action 1: Guard1 (1-Hit Shield) (Damage: Reflect up to 60) (Accuracy: A)
Action 2: TACTICAL MOVEMENT: Take some steps backward.
Action 3: Shotgun (Damage: 60) (Effect: Spread1) (Accuracy: A) (Target: PowieA)
[Guard1 is S-rank, and Shotgun is 50.]

Bombs and dolls started flying, as the Kabutanks fired a series of bombs at HarpoonMan. The Guard he put up was good for one bomb that reflected the damage back, and he managed to backpedal away from another that landed where he was. A Powie managed to reach his position, but was foiled when a Shotgun blew it clear out of the water (or homepage.)

Kabutank A: 40 HP
Kabutank B: 50 HP
Powie B: 50 HP

HarpoonMan.EXE: 150 HP

70% Normal
30% Cracked (between viruses and HarpoonMan)