Gadget 'n' Nitro in ACDC

Nitro appeared in a flash of green light within the ACDC network. Taking a look around, Nitro noticed that this section of the Net seemed to be in a similar condition to the area of the real-world park Chris was in. Kicking a stray piece of junk data aside, Nitro waited for his latest partner to arrive.
Building himself from random fragments of data, Gadgetman took a little over a minute before his lengthy jack in procedure had finally completed himself; this was due to the incredible amounts of data that the navi needed to survive coupled with the obsolete technology that John refused to upgrade.

Turning on the spot as he patted himself down, the navi mumbled a few words o himself, "Legs are still there.... Containment units running at average....", it was only after a few moments and a relieved sigh that he turned his attentions to the nearby area. Walking around in a circle, the navi appeared to be watching the dirty floor as he went and after a few rotations proceeded to crouch down and rummage through the various small bits of debris that he had amassed in the circle.

Midway through his examination of the digital representation of a crumpled piece of paper, the navi made a small exclamatory gasp as he remembered his actual purpose to his being there. Turning his head slightly to face Nitro, Gadgetman spoke enthusiastically, "Remarkable isn't it? The base components of all the items around us are all of the same materials and are considered waste products to boot, yet they have so much potential, I had been meaning to come up with a useful way to re-integrate such a precious resource back into the greater net at large...", the navi's mind then snapped back to reality, he quickly switched the conversation away from the rubbish, "Well, er I suppose you wouldn't really want to discuss my theories on waste management now would you? My names Gadgetman by the way, pleased to meet you", he then stood up, dusted himself of and closed the distance to a respectable talking length between the two figures.
"Pleased to be met," Nitro replied. "I'm Nitro, and I'll be your partner for this busting run." Nitro walked over to the pile of junk data, and picked up what looked like a piece of a broken weapon, possibly a Rageclaw. He looked at the dull piece of metal appraisingly.

"You think that they could do something with all this?" Nitro inquired. He stooped down and picked up another piece of data similar to the one he had, and began to try to fit them together. "Junk data's just fragments of random code that happens to make something physical, isn't it?" Nitro inquired as he fiddled with the junk. Not being able to fit them together in any recognisable way, he tossed them back on to the pile. "I think you'd be hard-pressed to find any pieces of junk data that reacted in any significant way. All it really seems to do is look unsightly and take up space."

Nitro straightened up and dusted off his hands. "But that's enough about that," Nitro said. "What'dya say we turn some viruses into junk data?"

((Ready for Battle 1))
With the two Navis properly introduced to each other, Nitro and GadgetMan set out to find some viruses. It didn't take very long before the sound of an explosion reached the duo. Searching for the source, they soon came across a host of tank viruses bombing the ground at random seemingly out of boredom. Before the Navis could confront the viruses, a ghostly virus popped up above the Navis and stuck its tongue out while laughing loudly.

That was certainly enough to alert every Kabutank and Beetank to the Navis' presence as the Spooky disappeared and reappeared above the tanks.

KabutankA: 50HP
KabutankB: 50HP
KabutankC: 50HP
BeetankA: 80HP
BeetankB: 80HP
Spooky: 30HP

Terrain: 70% Normal, 30% Cracked (intermittent where the viruses are)

Nitro.EXE: 140HP
GadgetMan.EXE: 150HP

Team Battle 1 Start!

"...And that's when I used the welding torch to melt the Navi to the ground," Nitro said, retelling one of his previous adventures. "So then, I pulled the spike out of my stomach, which hurt like hell, by the way-" Nitro's arm suddenly shot out as the sound of explosives met his audio receptors. "Hold on a minute, did you hear that?" Nitro started listening hard for the sound to repeat itself. Sure enough, the sound of bombs on panels was repeated. "There's some viruses up ahead, I'm sure of it. Sounds like... Kabutanks. About five of them- no, make that three Kabus and two Beetanks. They're on... normal terrain, but the explosives are cracking some parts. There doesn't seem to be a pattern... I think they're just doing it for no reason. They're in a general..." Nitro began spinning on the spot trying to determine the whereabouts of the viruses. "That way... direction."

"That was pretty impressive, Nitro," Chris said. "What colour are the bombs?"

"Black- now how the hell would I know what colour they are?" Nitro said. "Anyway," Nitro continued. "This seems like a fine opportunity to get some practice in. Let's go get 'em, Gadget!" Nitro raced forward to meet the viruses.

The viruses soon came into view, and Nitro readied his buster. Suddenly, a wicked, cackling face appeared in front of Nitro, and he fell onto his backside in surprise. Picking himself up, it seemed that every virus in the vicinity had turned its attention on him. "Okay..." Nitro said, his eyes scanning the area. "These guys shouldn't be too much hassle. Just watch and learn, Gadget. You are about to see some first class virus busting!"

Nitro took a battle ready position, then began figuring out what chips he should use. "Hmm... send me that CrossBomb, this seems like an excellent opportunity to try it out. Oh, and the Minibomb, might as well keep it simple for now."

"You got it, Nitro." Chris said, transferring the requested chips. The two weapons appeared in either of Nitro's hands, and Nitro quickly began doing what he did best. He lobbed the first and biggest of the explosives in the thick of the Kabutanks, aiming at the one in the middle of them. Nitro quickly jumped to the side, and pitched the smaller Minibomb at the two Beetanks. After he sent the Minibomb flying towards the two of them, a yellow shield popped up in front of Nitro- Chris had evidently sent him one of the Guards. Nitro took the shield, and held it in front of him. "Whatd'ya think, Gadget?" Nitro shouted to his partner. Can you top that?"

1: CrossBomb at KabutankB (50dmg + Blast4)(Mass Destruction activated)
2: Dodge right
3: Minibomb at BeetankA (60dmg + Blast2)(Mass Destruction activated)
4: Guard1 defending Nitro
"Wow...", Gadgetman gasped in awe as Nitro regaled him with tales of past exploits, due to his previous job in the research business, the navi rarely ever heard of such stories outside of internet rumours. As the other navi wrapped up his anecdote, Gadgetman began to speak, "I didn't think such constructs exis...", although he was quickly interrupted when Nitro noticed a nearby virus group, he quickly located them and began to announce the make up of the approaching foe, this prompted Gadgetman to question his operator, "How comes I couldn't hear them?",

"He must have his sensors inbuilt into his frame", John responded whilst fiddling with another portable screen, "Unfortunately your own sensors had to be built into your PeT due to space limits and all that",

"Aww...", the navi replied dejectedly, his self induced sulk leading him to almost completely miss Nitro's cues to stand back and take notes, "But his way is so much cooler...", he continued in the same sulky tone, completely ignoring the threat ahead, to Johns dismay.

"Quit your moaning, your making me look bad", the man spoke to the navi, he then grabbed two chips from the small pile he owned before inserting them into a free hanging chip port, "I'm sending you that new quake chip, watch Nitro and aim for whatever he leaves behind",

"Roger that", the navi replied, his body suddenly exuding an air of professionalism, "Initiating battle procedures", as soon as the navi spoke those words, the arms on his back immediately sprang to life, pulling the ample amounts of junk data from the vary air around himself and reconstructing them to form his signature cannon on his shoulder, the arms making sure to spend extra time to re-enforce the base structure of the weapon. Once the construction was complete, Gadgetman proceeded to jump to the left, attempting to dodge the inevitable bombardment by the hosts of tank virii, although the first thing that bombarded him was the goads from his partner and predictably, the navi rose to the calls.

"Watch this!", Gadgetman shouted as he arched backwards before lobbing a small, inconspicuous grenade above the virus group, centred on the Spooky, although when it reached the peak of it's flight, it immediately transformed into a large concrete block of a virus which proceeded to do it's thing, he then followed up this move with a quick firing from his cannon at the Spooky just in case.

1) Activate Gadget: L.A.S.E.R (Summon 15 Hp object with passive 15 elec DMG, Light, 45 Sig points, 2 TCD)
*Activate Masterwork (Add 21 hp to Gadget: L.A.S.E.R)
2) Jump far to the left of the virii (Dodge)
3) Throw Quake1 above Spooky (100 null DMG+ Impact + Medium Area Cracked Terrain, C acc)
*Fire L.A.S.E.R at Spooky (15 elec DMG)
Nitro began the assault with a vengeance, hurling a CrossBomb into the group of Kabutanks. A shockwave erupted from the explosive, its force ripping apart two of the beetle-like tank viruses. The third managed to waddle away from the first explosion, only to wind up near the source of the second. The Minibomb went off, deleting the fleeing Kabutank and injuring one of the Beetanks.

The Beetank fired a small bomb back at Nitro in response, but the Navi held up a shield that absorbed the explosive blast. Nitro's shield flashed briefly and a surge of energy arced across the battlefield and struck the Beetank, injuring it further. It looked rather angry now.

GadgetMan constructed his shoulder cannon from the data around him, the weapon forming in but an instant. The cannon fired a shot at the Spooky; however, the ghostlike virus vanished from GadgetMan's field of view. The Navi had sense enough to dodge away, barely avoiding a long tongue that lashed out from behind him. GadgetMan summoned a massive weight that fell from the earth, crushing the Spooky and taking a good chunk of the panels with it.

Seeing its allies injured or defeated, the second Beetank launched a bomb of its own. The explosive knocked Nitro from his feet. Luckily, the Navi was able to avoid the panels crashing around him. He would have to be careful to avoid falling to his death.

KabutankA: DELETE
KabutankB: DELETE
KabutankC: DELETE
BeetankA: 5HP
BeetankB: 80HP
Spooky: DELETE

Terrain: 33.3% Normal, 33.3% Cracked (intermittent where the viruses are), 33.3% Broken (intermittent, on both sides of Nitro)

Nitro.EXE: 125HP
GadgetMan.EXE: 150HP
L.A.S.E.R: 36HP
"Ouch...", Gadget winced as he watched his partner get bombarded by various explosives, he couldn't help but gawk at the spectacle, although this was picked up by his Op almost immediately,

"Shouldn't you at least try to help him out?", John said in a voice obviously put on for his present company, in an attempt to come across as the caring type completely catching the navi by surprise,

"Don't you usually tell me not to think about others?", he asked innocently, completely un-aware of his Op's intentions, "Like that one time with that old lady and the..."

"He-he-he, you're such a kidder!", the man interrupted, his final words spoke in such a way that the navi knew not to continue,"Anyway", he continued, "From the scans of the battlefield, the structural integrity of the stage is not holding up to well, I'm going to send you a shotgun and a shield, hold your position", John then inserted the chips, leaving the rest up to the navi.

Bracing himself on the solid ground he was fortunate enough to be left with, the first thing Gadgetman done was to shout out support to his downed partner, "Come on Nitro! You can't let a few explosives keep you down! You can't let a few minor virii beat you!", he then hefted up his shotgun in the direction of the stronger of the two tank like virii, "Watch this!", he called out before firing an almighty buckshot at the target, whilst he was doing this, his shoulder cannon had a thought it prudent to also fire its shot at the weaker of the pair. Gadgetman finished up by crouching down slightly before hefting up a large yellow shield in front of him as a precaution from potential explosive fire.

1) Shout support to Nitro
2) Fire the Shotgun at BeetankB (50 DMG, spread to BeetankA, null damage)
*Fire L.A.S.E.R at BeetankA (15 elec DMG)
3) Use Guard1 as defence (1 Hit Shield) + (Reflect up to 60 + Piercing + Line Attack)
Nitro slid across the ground after receiving the brunt of the virus's attack. Once he came to a stop, he picked himself up and dusted himself off. He then took stock of his current situation.
"Holes..." Nitro noted, looking around. "Holes everywhere. Hey, Chris!"
"You lookin' for some-"

"He- he- he, you're such a kidder!"

Chris raised an eyebrow at John's somewhat forced-sounding laughter. Pausing for a moment, he returned his focus toward Nitro.
"Sorry. Anyway, you lookin' for some chips?"
"Yeah, projectiles would be nice. The ground isn't exactly in pristine condition."
"Hmm... I'm gonna send you the Shotgun and the Heatshot. Oh, and the Recover10, just to be safe."
Nitro recieved the chips Chris listed, the Heatshot within his buster, and the Shotgun on his free hand. He also felt a slight warmth as the Recover chip took effect, healing his minor wounds. He then heard Gadgetman's words of encouragement.
"Ha!" Nitro laughed. "Me? Letting explosives get the best of me? You obviously don't know who you're talking to!"
Nitro whipped up both of his weapons, and fired them simultaniously at the strongest of the Beetanks. The buckshot and flames intermingled as they flew towards their target. Nitro then readied himself to jump away from any incoming attacks, deciding on a spot behind him and to the left.

1: Recover10 healing Nitro
2: Shotgun at BeetankB (50dmg + Spread2)(Mass Destruction activated)
3: Heatshot at Beetank (40Fire (+10 Elemental Affinity Bonus = 50Fire) + Spread2)(Mass Destruction activated)
4: Dodge Back,Left
Tag-teaming the remaining Beetanks was easy for the two Navis, once they got the hang of it. A Shotgun duo killed the first healthier one, while the second was deleted by Gadget's laser or something I dunno. Bombs were fired but they just sorta fell into the holes from that Quake earlier.

KabutankA: DELETE
KabutankB: DELETE
KabutankC: DELETE
BeetankA: DELETE
BeetankB: DELETE
Spooky: DELETE

Terrain: 33.3% Normal, 33.3% Cracked (intermittent where the viruses are), 33.3% Broken (intermittent, on both sides of Nitro)

Nitro.EXE: 135HP
GadgetMan.EXE: 150HP
L.A.S.E.R: 36HP



Nitro: 300z, +2 FXP
Gadget: [LilBomb] Battlechip, 225z, +2 FXP
Nitro straightened up as the virus was erased from the net. He carefully walked over the ruined terrain, and scooped up some of the data left behind by the virus. He then turned to face his partner. "That went rather well, don't you think?" he said. He paused for a moment, taking in his surroundings. "This place seems a little dull, don't you think?" Nitro remarked. Without waiting for an answer, he continued. "I'll bet if we look around, we'll find somewhere interesting to bust viruses. I actually ended up in an abandoned mine one time, that was a great place to get some training in." He took another look around, trying to locate any interesting landmarks. "What'ya say? Want to go sightseeing?"

As the last of the viruses disintegrated, Gadgetman collected the reward data that had been left to him, "Excellent, more firepower to add to the arsenal!", he exclaimed as he examined the chip data, he then sent the rest of it back to the PeT.

Clambering from panel to panel in Nitro's direction, it was only after a few near falls that he was within earshot of the navi, only managing to catch the end tail of comments, although he did hear about the navi's previous exploit, he decided to interject, "From what you have been saying, there seems to be a veritable mix of different net spaces", the navi said in a happy tone, although this quickly turned to a voice of mixed emotions when he added the next comment, "I've never really left the Scilab web space before...". After a few moments of quiet contemplation, like a man out of a trance Gadget perkily replied to Nitro's suggestion with a, "Lets go!".

[Ready for battle 2]
*Bounce Bounce*

The two walked along the 'dull' ACDC network, hoping to find more viruses to bust to pass their time.

*Bounce Bounce Bounce*

As they continued walking, the constant noise of...bouncing was echoing towards them from a source not so far from where they stood. They found a group of Bunnies and Melodies bouncing all over the place along with one Spikey who was erratically trying to capture one of them for fun. Spoiling their fun was the two navis, who simply stood aside and watched, and they stopped their little parade and got a little serious...but continued to hop up and down.

BunnyA: 50 HP
BunnyB: 50 HP
MelodyA: 80 HP
MelodyB: 80 HP
MelodyC: 80 HP
Spikey: 90 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Nitro.EXE: 135HP
GadgetMan.EXE: 150HP

Nitro slowed to a stop as he began to hear the sound of playful bouncing. "Did you hear that?" Nitro asked his partner. He began searching for the source of the noise, and eventually located the playing viruses. "Huh. Looks like we just found our next fight. Hey, Chris, chips!"
"Alright, settle down, skippy." Chris replied. "Let's see... why don't we try a Minibomb and a Shotgun?"
"Sounds great," Nitro said. "I'll throw in the Molotov to keep 'em on their toes." Nitro examined the the Melody viruses closer. "Or... lack-their-of."

Nitro recieved the Minibomb first, and it was quickly hurled towards the hopping Bunnies. As the explosive flew toward the viruses, Nitro turned his attention toward the bouncing Melodies. Recieving the Shotgun, he began focusing intently on the rythym of their bouncing. Once he found an opening, Nitro fired the Shotgun, releasing a quick burst of buckshot. Finally, a green bottle appeared in his hand, sloshing with flammable fluid and stoppered with a flaming white rag. Before he threw the makeshift arson tool, he called over to his partner, "Hey, Gadget, you'll want to pay attention to this!" He hurled the Molotov into the midst of the viruses, waiting for the ensuing burst of lava to wash over the battlefield.

1: Minibomb at BunnyA (&B) (60dmg + Blast2)(Mass Destruction activated)
2+3: Take Aim and fire Shotgun at MelodyA, B, and C (50dmg + Spread2)(Mass Destruction activated)
4: Molotov Cocktail at Spikey (50Fire + Large Area Lava Terrain Change: Zone)(3tcd)

Molotov Cocktail: Used this turn
As the two slowed down to engage the approaching foes, Gadgetman seemed to be in a daze as he watched Nitro and Chris quickly set up their chips and battle formations, he couldn't help but gawk in awe at the sheer amount of explosives that the green figure proceeded to rain down upon the enemy groups. It was only after a few calls from John that the navi finally snapped out of his stupor, "...Wh-what? Oh yes! We need ordinance John, something to mop up the enemy forces!", he announced with a renewed vigour, although the same excitement could not be seen in his operator,

You could have beat him to the kill if you didn't just stand around looking like a helpless normalnavi!", the man replied in a surly tone, completely the opposite of the navi, ".... But nevertheless, I'll send you a few choice chips to do the job... How does that new bomb chip and Quake sound?",

"Er yes, we wont let up the pressure!", the navi answered, voice now a strange mixture of doubt and confidence, he then dropped into a battle stance, which was accompanied by his battle cry, "Activating battle protocals, energy containment units reduce strength by 30%!", although his wavering smile showed a certain doubt in whether the cry was a good one.

Holding a small bomb in one hand and a grey-ish ball in the other, the yellow navi arched his side which held the former backwards, calling out to Nitro with, "You're not the only one who can handle a few explosives!", before heaving it forwards with an almighty throw towards the group of bouncing virii, he then turned his attentions towards the large Spikey virus, completing a similar manoeuvre as before but with an aim for the area above the target instead. Gadgetman then took a large jump backwards, preferring not to be near when all those explosives decided to detonate.


1) Throw LilBomb at Melody B (50 DMG + Blast 2, C Acc)
2) Throw Quake1 at the Spikey (100 null DMG+ Impact + Medium Area Cracked Terrain, C acc)
3) Jump backwards (Dodge)